Windows Store Apps: Tips & Tricks


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  • Join the Developer User GroupThe Developer User Group is a community driven user group of industry professionalWe meet on the second Tuesday of every month from 16:30 – 18:00 at Microsoft in Bryanston, JohannesburgWide range of topics – technology agnostic, from code to web technologies – Java, C#, Objective C, Javascript - the DeveloperUG covers anything of interest to developersVisit the to sign upFollow them on twitter @DeveloperUG
  • ArchitectureTalk about optionsEventingMVVMViewStateManager in defaultAlternativesETA: 15minMini-tricks:callermembername & setter for nav : 10min
  • DebuggingShow how to debug a background taskShow how to debug a share experienceShow VS debugging, break points, trace points, conditional breaksPerformance testingETA: 10min
  • Callisto – nuget, show for flyin mostlyStore stats & MarkedUpStore feedback & Feedback links
  • Windows Store Apps: Tips & Tricks

    1. 1. Windows Store appsTips & tricks from the fieldRobert MacLeanTechnology Specialist, Microsoft MVPBBD
    2. 2. Join the user group at the DeveloperUGMonthly user group meetings & workshopsRange of topics, from crafting code to web & apptechnologies
    3. 3. AgendaArchitectureXAML TricksDebuggingKey features for success3
    4. 4. WarningThis is not an intro session to Windows Store appsSome concepts will be mentioned briefly4
    5. 5. First tip – UPDATE VISUAL STUDIO!Better manifest designerMixed mode & ARM debuggingJavaScript memory analysis & profilingData-driven unit testsC++ unit testing
    6. 6. First tip – UPDATE VISUAL STUDIO!Unit testing on UI thread & Assert.ThrowsExceptionBetter XAML designerLatest App Certification KitHTML Visual ProfilerUpdated Blend for VS (WPF, Sketchflow, Store apps)
    7. 7. Architecture & Mini-tricksLook at alternatives from the out the box templatesMVVM & ViewStateManagerCallerMemberInfo & Setters for Navigation
    8. 8. Architecture & Mini-tricksImage ©TJFLEX2 on Flickr
    9. 9. Visual States without ViewStateManagerPage load:TreasureMapPage.xamlCurrent State:FullScreenLoad UI: Views.FullScreen.TreasureMapPageLoad UI: Views.TreasureMapPagePage binds ViewModel
    10. 10. Advantages of sans ViewStateManagerConvention based bindingCan make complex views easier to work withFallback means all states are handled
    11. 11. Disadvantages of sans ViewStateManagerNeed to re-implement navigation systemConvention based bindingCould result in ViewModel re-creations
    12. 12. MVVM FrameworksMVVM Light ToolkitAtomicMVVMCaliburn.Micro& many more
    13. 13. Review: ArchitectureEmbrace MVVMViewStateManager: Has loads of uses!
    14. 14. Review: Mini-TricksCallerMemberName: Solving MVVM pains!Setters for navigation, provides ideal code
    15. 15. DebuggingHow to easily debug background tasks, share & searchVisual Studio debugging
    16. 16. Debugging
    17. 17. Review: DebuggingBackground tasks – via the run optionShare/Search – via do not launchVS has a wealth of debug options!
    18. 18. Key features for successFeel like part of the OS!Track your appMove from reviews (1-way) to feedback (2-way)
    19. 19. Key features for successImage © Nick Sherman on Flickr
    20. 20. Windows Store: Crash & Ratings
    21. 21. Windows Store: Downloads & usage
    22. 22. MarkedUp: Version usage
    23. 23. MarkedUp: Installs by manufacturer
    24. 24. MarkedUp: Usage, crash, errors & logs
    25. 25. MarkedUp: Custom events
    26. 26. You always get reviews
    27. 27. Review: Key features for successCallisto – USE IT!Stats, embrace them! Use MarkedUp for additional stats!Get a two way feedback channel in your app!
    28. 28. Review: Tips & TricksGet the architecture correctDebugging is easyPrepare for success
    29. 29. you!