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Open Source Licensing


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This talk focuses on what open source licensing is, how it should be applied inside & outside companies. It also looks at how Open Source != Free.

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Open Source Licensing

  1. 1. Open Source Licensing 5 July 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Information Sharing Session What is open source? Is using products built on open source the same as using libraries or code? We will look at public domain (i.e. I got this from a website) We will look at creative commons (what StackOverflow uses) We will look at how all this applies to BBD We will look at suggestions to make sure your teams work with open source better
  3. 3. What is Open Source Origin from university when they had big/single machines Only those listed & approved by the OSI 69 Licenses* Permission from the developer for you to use their stuff Permission may contain conditions Open source applications does not always mean free Open source code is royalty free * As of July 2nd 2012
  4. 4. What can they restrict? Internal only use Distribution of software costs Disclose source code Disclose licenses Include license in code and/or software Block code in “DMCA-like” usage Can I combine with other code which is differently licensed Warrant & Liability exceptions Force modified code to be the same license
  5. 5. Software vs. Source Code Linux Kernel is GPL Apache Web Server is APL MySQL is dual license (Community is GPL) Difference is code linking vs. code using
  6. 6. Public domain Anything you find, anywhere, that is not explicitly license Not explicit license does not mean no license Actually means it is licensed & you have no rights to use it DO NOT TOUCH Or get permission from author & their employer
  7. 7. Creative Commons Not a code or open source license Meant for creative works (music, writing etc…) May impact your team: StackOverflow Key aspects: Can use commercially Can be modified Can force CC licenses Can force attribution StackOverflow uses Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Can use commercially Can be modified Must be CC license Must be attributed How do we apply this? Fair use snippets Attribute
  8. 8. Suggestions Approved OSI lists Document it and include to customers Attribute snippets in code Include license files in a central folder Education of teams
  9. 9. Questions?