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Putting the DOT in .NET - Dev/Ops/Test


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A high level tour of what DevOps is and how the tooling from Microsoft aligns & assists an organization move to DevOps.

This session was presented as part of the Microsoft South Africa Dev Day roadshow in March 2015.

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Putting the DOT in .NET - Dev/Ops/Test

  1. 1. Putting the “DOT” in .NET DOT = Dev, Ops and Test
  2. 2. Agenda This is a tour – high level, introductions to options What is DevOps? Azure Virtual Machines & Web Sites Team Rooms Work Items Source Control Build & CI Test Manager Cloud Testing AppInsights Feedback Client Release Management
  3. 3. Testers don’t hate me In most orgs: testers currently sit under ops or dev I am not ignoring you when I only mention on those two areas
  4. 4. Why DevOps?
  5. 5. Production Backlog Development 👯 👱 👷 👮
  6. 6. Production Backlog Development 👯 👱 👷 👮 Works on my machine We can only simulate 1/10th the load We’ll have servers next year How do I deploy this? Can I log onto production? How do we turn logs on? No one touches my servers Logs?! QA is just like production BUT It doesn’t work OPS IS SLOWING US DOWN DEV IS CONSTANTLY BREAKING THINGS NO ONE IS FIXING THESE ISSUES Isn’t agile supposed make us faster? My crystal ball tells me customers want…
  7. 7. Top Predictors of IT Performance Version Control All Production Artifacts Continuous integration and deployment Automated acceptance testing Peer-review of production changes High trust culture Proactive monitoring of production environment Win-Win relationship between dev & ops High job satisfaction Source: Puppet Labs State of DevOps
  8. 8. What is DevOps?
  9. 9. DevOps: the three stage conversation
  10. 10. What is DevOps? “Second decade of agile” - Sam Guckenheimer Requires: A shift in how we think about responsibilities, collaborations & a single life cycle end to end & high trust culture This is not single target – DevOps is a journey of constant build, measure, learn
  11. 11. Production Backlog Development 👯 👱 👷 👮
  12. 12. Myths This is for web only technologies & not for apps, desktop programs (.exe), servers Ops needs to learn to code for DevOps Devs need to learn networks & servers We need to hire DevOps/create a DevOps team Our compliance (ITIL, PCI) or regulations will prevent this Our dev is outsourced, so we can’t use it DevOps can’t scale DevOps means daily changes – our users will hate us
  13. 13. “DOT” + Azure
  14. 14. Hard to be agile with this…
  15. 15. Azure Azure is MASSIVE & continuing to grow Run your code Store your data Build virtual networks Authenticate your users Leverage our application services Free ebook: Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure 1 SETTINGS 1 ADD-ONS2 2 ACTIVE DIRECTORY 0 MANAGEMENT SERVICES 0 TRAFFIC MANAGER 0 NETWORKS 1 SQL REPORTING 0 BIZTALK SERVICES 1 SERVICE BUS 1 MEDIA SERVICES 0 HDINSIGHT 9 STORAGE 11 SQL DATABASES 7 CLOUD SERVICES 10 MOBILE SERVICES 2 VIRTUAL MACHINES 7 WEB SITES ALL ITEMS
  16. 16. Azure VM’s & Websites Demo
  17. 17. Azure VM’s & Websites Ability to easily run your code WebJobs let you run headless code Easy scale – scale & time to get up and running is really important for a healthy DevOps culture Providing the dashboards that DevOps teams need Providing the ability automate the process (scripting, config) Azure Pack: Similar functionality for your data centre
  18. 18. “DOT” + VSO
  19. 19. Team Rooms Demo
  20. 20. Team Rooms Enable communication & Foster collaboration Used by entire team: Dev + Ops + Test Build a history specific to your needs
  21. 21. Work Items Demo
  22. 22. Work Items Capture your work items in your way Kanban style boards Single version of the truth across the business
  23. 23. Source Control Demo
  24. 24. Source Control TFVC (client/server) & Git (DVCS) Can edit online – great for a quick fix Multiple Git repos – allowing everyone to use one project Proper Git pull request support Supports review workflow
  25. 25. Continuous Integration (CI) One button from source to prod Deployment is hard: if it is hard, DO IT MORE. “Can’t deploy this month, Andrew is at another client”: The risk in having an Andrew needs to be lowered Quicker turn around • Flickr 10x a day • AppFactory turn around in 30min by intern
  26. 26. Build & CI Demo
  27. 27. Build & CI The longer time between deployments, the greater the risk of failure Moving from hard to predictable Removing dependencies & lowering risk Configuration as a form of documentation
  28. 28. Test Manager Demo
  29. 29. Test Manager Giving testers the tools they need Feeding into the single version of the truth
  30. 30. Cloud Testing Demo
  31. 31. Cloud Testing Ability to build. Experiment & run locally Run in the cloud for scale – great hybrid cloud scenario
  32. 32. AppInsights Demo
  33. 33. AppInsights Enables: Build, measure, learn AppInsights makes getting information easily Stack traces & usage info Role based access in portal Works with JavaScript, ASP.NET, Java, Desktop, Store, Phone & Universal Apps - everything
  34. 34. Feedback client Demo
  35. 35. Feedback client The further the distance between the person requesting the work & the person doing the work, the greater the risk of failure. Ensure the iterative cycle is end to end Single version of the truth Actionable feedback
  36. 36. Release Management
  37. 37. TFS Drop Location RM DesktopRM Web QA DEV RM Server How it Works
  38. 38. Stage Stack
  39. 39. Wrapping up
  40. 40. Top Predictors of IT Performance Version Control All Production Artifacts: VSO/TFS Version Control Continuous integration and deployment: Build & CI, Virtualisation/Cloud Automated acceptance testing: MTM, We/Load Test & Feedback Client, Cloud Peer-review of production changes: Feedback Client, Version Control, Feedback Client High trust culture: Work items (single view of the truth), team room, role based access Proactive monitoring of production environment: AppInsights Win-Win relationship between dev & ops: AppInsights, Cloud High job satisfaction: Work with me  Source: Puppet Labs State of DevOps
  41. 41. More? DevOps Blog: Improving your DevOps: Me: @rmaclean |