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Presentation meet the teacher


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Presentation meet the teacher

  1. 1. Welcome to Room 23 Happy Valentines Day.Here are some things we love in Room 23.
  2. 2. We LOVE literacy.• We LOVE reading. Help us by getting books and also other texts for us to read. News papers, cartoons, websites.• We LOVE writing. Think about what authors do when they write. Let us do some writing about the house, the shopping list, notes.• We LOVE seeing language around us. Signs, movies, television, songs.• We LOVE speaking to others. Talk to us. Ask what we think. We have HEAPS of opinions.
  3. 3. We LOVE maths.• We LOVE grasping our basic facts and using them to solve harder problems with bigger numbers. Help us with our basic facts.• We LOVE using maths everyday. Adding at the shops, working out the discount we get.• We LOVE finding problems we can solve with maths.• We LOVE finding new ways to solve problems. There are many ways to solve an equation.
  4. 4. We LOVE learning about the world.• We LOVE topic work that uses our reading and writing skills together.• We LOVE topics that we are interested in.• WE LOVE presenting in new ways.• We LOVE asking questions.
  5. 5. We LOVE blogging.• We LOVE that an audience sees and comments on our work.• We LOVE that we can own the ideas and cool things that go on our blog.• We LOVE that we are cyber citizens and know how to behave when using technology.
  6. 6. We LOVE Sport.• We LOVE to get outside.• We LOVE to move.• We LOVE to use new skills.• We LOVE to talk about the sport we do on the weekend.
  7. 7. We LOVE being Rototuna Learners.• We LOVE being Team players. We get along and we can negotiate in a group.• We LOVE being Self managers. We can think about our learning.• We LOVE being Risk takers. We can have a go and be proactive.• We LOVE being Communicators. We can explore language.• We LOVE being Thinkers. We can think about thinking and generate new ideas.
  8. 8. We LOVE our families.• Can you………….• 1. Buddy test in spelling???????• 2. Bring in some old towels???????• 3. Bring in some magazines and news papers?????• 4. Are you talented in any areas??????• Erg make sushi, play the trumpet, act, dance ETC…….
  9. 9. What our teacher LOVES.• Books and literature.• ICT.• Writing in all different ways and styles and for different audiences.• Having a class that is curious and asks diverse and rich questions.• Having fun.• Music.• Being organised and having good book standards.• Stationary.• Shoes.• Cooking and baking.
  10. 10. We LOVE you for coming.• Have a great 2013. We hope this year is filled with awesome thinking and learning with your children.• Room 23 are an absolutely gorgeous bunch of students. They have great questions, a thirst for knowledge and super enthusiasm.• ANY QUESTIONS JUST POP IN OR CALL• 021888475