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Poetry Anthology


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Poetry Anthology

  1. 1. Bugs
  2. 2. BugsBy CJ poems on Bugs
  3. 3. Bugs Smccann Creepy crawly bugs are they. They crawl up down left and right they tickle going up and tickle going down,Oh how can the bugs crawl everywhere.
  4. 4. ReflectionI used observation. It was easy to write this poem.
  5. 5. Bugs By : tibchris Stripes shapes polka dots tohow many shapes do they have . Red black green and blue so many they will show you!
  6. 6. ReflectionI used the memory door. This poem was a tad bit hard.
  7. 7. Bugs Marcos Teixeira de Freitas 36441020@N00/4980208041/ Big small I see them all small tall I see them allthere are so many bugs that look pretty.
  8. 8. ReflectionI used 6 room image forthis poem and it was very easy.
  9. 9. Bugs bansheed Bugs can fly, Oh so high so bright and gentle in the sky,They make me want to cry.
  10. 10. ReflectionI used my heart and thispoem is one of my easier poems.
  11. 11. Bugs e_monk 2246031164/sizes/l/ Bugs can bite, sting and even eat,so watch out for thembecause there hungry!
  12. 12. Reflection I used the poetrydoors and this poem was very hard.
  13. 13. ReflectionI liked writing these poems andlearning different ways to writepoems. Also it was cool to usekeynote. I had fun and learned a lot.
  14. 14. THEENDBy CJ
  15. 15. THEEND