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Kei's poetry anthology


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Kei's poetry anthology

  1. 1. Nature By kei
  2. 2. Birds Birds sining along the trees loudand clear easy to hear.
  3. 3. reflectionI like birds and i chose the theme naturewith a bird pome in it because i like natureand birds. I learned that if i amconcentrated words will just come out ofmy pencil. I think i kind of did wellbecause i didn’t write a lot. i want to flylike a bird that is why i want to writeabout a bird. i used rhymes as a tool.
  4. 4. Grass The grassis green and moist on the floor like magic.
  5. 5. reflectionI wrote about grass because it is in a naturetheme and it is green which is kind of myfavorite color. I learned that if i amconcentrated words will just come out ofmy pencil. I think i kind of did well because ididn’t write a lot. I like the grass it is soft ican just make a picture in my mind about thegrass just thinking a bout it. I used similyas a tool.
  6. 6. Sky The sky whitewith white stuffy clouds in the air
  7. 7. reflectionI like the sky and when ever i see or look upto the sky i will see puffy clouds in the airlike a soft bed. this why i wrote about thesky. I used free verse as a tool.
  8. 8. Sunlight The sunlight sparkling on the water, being reflected by the water, Sound of the water peacefully loud and clear,hearing fish jumping out of the water.
  9. 9. REFLECTIONI wrote about the sun because it gave mefeelings such as happy or sad. And it is in apart of nature. I used 6 room door as a tool.
  10. 10. Tigers Tigersking of the jungle big and strong smart and wild.
  11. 11. REFLECTIONI wrote about Tigers because it is strongtall and it graceful and the king of thejungle and it is about nature. I usedMetaphor as a tool.
  12. 12. Trees Trees are green tress are peaceful trees areenvironment friendly.
  13. 13. REFLECTION I wrote about trees because it helps ourworld and it is green. i can concentrate ontopics about nature because it is fun. I usedrepetition as a tool.
  14. 14. Ending reflectionI think i kind of did well because i had manyrhymes. But it was not the best because ididn’t have a lot. What i notice as a poetwhen ever i am concentrated words andrhymes will just spill out of my pencil.
  15. 15. Thanks for watching and listing. By kei
  16. 16. Credits for photos Heron by Jaci XIII Grass by Ville Miettinen Sky by trey Ratcliff Sun by Kıvanç Niş Tigers by maia C Trees by J RP