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Kara's Poems


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Kara's Poems

  1. 1. Anthology Ordinary objectsBy ^tÜt
  2. 2. _xÅÉÇtwx Sour, sweet, Large, petite, Torture, treat,This is what I like to eat. A hint of mint, A bit of lime,It only costs one dime.
  3. 3. ReflectionI was inspired to write “Lemonade”because, when I was little I wanted tohave a lemonade stand. I used rhymein this poem. I chose to write in rhymebecause , poems that rhyme draw mein. This poem really, how should I putit? Flowed to me.
  4. 4. MagnetMagnet sticking on the wallI wonder why it’s there at all.Blue, yellow, white,It’s such a pretty sight.Purple, orange, red,The image has embedded it self inside myhead.Magnet sticking on the wallI wonder why it’s there at all.
  5. 5. ReflectionI was inspired to write “Magnet” because, Ihave a lot of magnets in my house. I alsothink magnets are really fun. I used rhymeand repetition. I used both these toolsbecause they draw me in. This poem tooksome thinking.
  6. 6. BookA book is like a brick, hard andempty.But when you open it, it’s like opening adoor to a new world.Once you start you can’t stop, you’rehooked until the last page.Then the Åtz|v is over.The book is like a brick, hard and empty.
  7. 7. ReflectionI was inspired to write the poem “Book”because, I love to read. The poem alsodescribes how I feel. I used observationsabout books. This poem flowed to me aswell.
  8. 8. DoorMetal, wood, oak,Eat a door it’ll make you choke.Timber, iron, straw,Then again you can’t eat adoor raw.
  9. 9. ReflectionI was inspired to write “door” because, There’ssomething mysterious about doors, you open them andyou don’t know were they’ll lead. I used rhyme AGAINbecause it draws me in.
  10. 10. BirdI singI flyI playI roostI sleepI cryWhat am I?A bird!
  11. 11. ReflectionI was inspired to write “Bird” because, I hearbirds every day. I wonder what kind of birds theyare. I don’t know why I rhymed at the end, thispoem just came to me randomly.
  12. 12. Attribution for imagesLemonade: By FloodKoff By stefan By Zitona By Jerrycharlotte By Danny Perez photography
  13. 13. My Anthology ReflectionI wanted to write poems about ordinaryobjects because, I knew that I wouldhave a lot of choice when writing aboutordinary objects. I learned as a poetrywriter I prefer silly poems that rhyme.
  14. 14. The EndThank you for looking atmy anthology!!!