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Digital mktgresources fromjoelbook


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Digital mktgresources fromjoelbook

  2. 2. DIGITAL MARKETING D RESOURCE GUIDE R DIGITAL MARKETING RESOURCES Online and offline publication geared solely to the needs of business-to- business marketing. Granddaddy of digital marketing advice sites. Direct Marketing news and insight. Digital marketing news, research, and advice. Online and print publication focused exclusively on content-related issues. Digital marketing news and advice from experts. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) daily newsletter. Great quick read on top stories. Digital marketing advice portal with expert columns. Owned by dmg media (ad:tech). Online and offline publication for web- based retailers. Great marketing community, training, and advice. Marketing research, case studies, and events. Great digital marketing news summary blog. Digital marketing news with advice from experts. Runs “Insider” and OMMA events. 2
  3. 3. G DIGITAL MARKETING E RESOURCE GUIDE Media veteran that offers daily top story videos. Online Marketing Summit (OMS) blog. Online and offline publication on direct marketing. Covers all web marketing-related news. CMO RESOURCES’s CMO Strategy section. CMO portal run by Adobe/Omniture with executive-level content. Great newsletters. Member’s only club for CMOs. Online community, annual summits, and local dinners. CMO membership organization. Variety of paid research reports and events. Forbes Magazine’s CMO section. From SmartBrief (publisher of IAB and IFA as well). Free daily newsletter on leadership topics. DIGITAL MARKETING RESEARCH Research Brief (Center for Media Research) MediaPost’s free research newsletter/blog. Digital marketing research aggregator. Free daily email, other larger reports for sale. 3
  4. 4. DIGITAL MARKETING D RESOURCE GUIDE R Site from Brightwave Marketing that aggregates email marketing research. Independent subscription-based research and consulting firm. Publishes Wave reports. Sister publication of MarketingVox. Daily email with charts from third parties. Research consultancy that does email, landing page and other digital marketing optimization. Free weekly stats email with digital marketing research charts from larger paid reports. EMAIL MARKETING BtoB’s newsletter on email marketing. ClickZ has several email columns by third parties. Deliverability blog with ESP contributors. Email Insider is MediaPost’s email publication. ExactTarget’s blog on email, mobile, social, and sites. Email-specific channel/newsletter featuring expert columns and occasional ExactTarget contributions. html Great email case study newsletter. ExactTarget blog on SR! philosophy. 4
  5. 5. G DIGITAL MARKETING E RESOURCE GUIDE EMAIL MARKETING THOUGHT LEADERS DAVID BAKER Razorfish’s David Baker’s thoughts on digital marketing, email, and Social CRM. MARK BROWNLOW.......... US ex-pat living in Austria. Long-time email marketing industry expert. TAMARA GIELEN Dutch-based email marketer (former Ogilvy). DELA QUIST ................. UK-based founder of Alchemy Worx. MATT VERHOUT Canadian-based email expert. EMAIL MARKETING ORGANIZATIONS DMA organization that promotes standards and best practices. Runs Email Evolution Conference. Email Sender and Provider Coalition. Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group. SOCIAL MARKETING NEWS AND ADVICE Social-specific channel/newsletter. The number one guide for social media company and application news. One of the web’s most popular web and social media marketing/technology blogs. From SmartBrief (also publishes IAB and IFA), this is a free daily newsletter on social media news. Contributor blog on social media topics. 5
  6. 6. DIGITAL MARKETING D RESOURCE GUIDE R Social Media Insider is MediaPost’s social publication. News and advice from social media experts. Word of Mouth Marketing Blog from Gaspedal, Andy Sernovitz’s WOM agency. SOCIAL MARKETING THOUGHT LEADERS JAY BAER .............................. OLIVIER BLANCHARD CHRIS BROGAN C.C. CHAPMAN JASON FALLS ........................ JOHN JANTSCH KYLE VALERIA MALTONI JEREMIAH OWYANG TREY SOCIAL MARKETING ORGANIZATIONS Client-side social media organization. Members companies must have over 5K+ employees. National organization with local chapters dedicated to peer-based education. Word of Mouth Marketing Association. MOBILE MARKETING Mobile marketing news site. Dedicated mobile email newsletter. Mobile marketing news aggregator. 6
  7. 7. G DIGITAL MARKETING E RESOURCE GUIDE CRM AND LOYALTY Leading site for SEM (search engine marketing) news. Free newsletters. ClickZ property. Provides SEM advice from industry experts. Free newsletter. SEARCH MARKETING NEWS AND ADVICE Customer strategy, trends, and best practices in CRM and loyalty. From Peppers+Rogers. Online home of CRM magazine. ANALYTICS AND TESTING Free blog and webinars on email, landing page, and digital marketing optimization. Eric Petersen’s company/blog on analytics. Real-world tests of email, landing page, and other creative. Free webinars with results. B2B MARKETING Print, online, and email B2B marketing publication. ORGANIZATIONS The Business Marketing Association. Sales Lead Management Association. 7
  8. 8. DIGITAL MARKETING D RESOURCE GUIDE R www. ExactTarget. com