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Young Women and STEM Careers


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Young Women and STEM Careers

  1. 1. Science, Technology,Engineering, and Math Dr. Ruthie D. Lyle, PhD ITT Technical Institute 3518 Westgate Drive, Suite 150 Durham, NC 27707 April 18, 2013
  2. 2. * Why and How • enabling women towards careers in STEM* “Real-Life” STEM Divas • Inspiration through snap- shots
  3. 3. * It’s Everywhere Most colleges offer majors related to STEM* It’s Important Acquire skills to help solve pressing social problems* It’s creative Can se creativity in many different job, always new challenges at work* It’s team-oriented Opportunity to work with a creative sometimes global team* Its valued, respected, and flexible and pays well
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  7. 7. * Investigate STEM Careers and associated Industries* Explore Computer Programming * Scratch and Alice (available FREE)* Take Classes to Explore STEM Topics * Computing, Math, Physics, Chemistry,* Participate in Technology Clubs and Summer Camps* Be Well-Rounded Explore * Cultures, Art, Language, Music
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  10. 10. Snap Shot
  11. 11. Dr. Ruthie D. Lyle, PhD SaaS Technical Project Manager, IBM Career Path • Cloud Infrastructure Architect • Patent Architect • Performance Analyst • EMC Hardware Design Engineer • System Planning Engineer • Research Fellow, AFOSRAdvice:Own your life. Leverage networks and information sources to find out whataligns with your passion ( things that make working and learning fun). Utilizethe web to “dig” for nuggets instead of waiting for someone to spoon feed you.
  12. 12. Lin Sun Advisory Software Engineer, IBM Career Path • PureApplication System Virtual Application Plugin Architect • WebSphere OSGi Feature developer • Apache Geronimo committer • WebSphere community Edition developer • Websphere Everyplace Access tester Advice:Don’t expect a different result when repeat the same thing. Try think and dothings differently to allow for innovation and inspiration. Leverage informationon the Internet to avoid asking simple and obvious questions.
  13. 13. Dr. Fonda Ingram, PhD Senior Systems Engineer, SAS Career Path • Senior Systems Engineer • Patent Engineer • Technical Architect • Competitive Intelligence Analysis • Emerging Technologies Engineer • Research Fellow - JPLAdvice:Be quick to listen and slow anger. This philosophy works in your personal life and inyour professional life.
  14. 14. Bernadette A. Carter Advisory Software Engineer, IBM Career Path •IBM Connections (Social Software) Software Engineer •IBM Quickr (Team Content) Software Engineer •IBM WebSphere Personalization Software Engineer •Master’s Grad Student – GEM Fellow •Intel InternAdvice: Don’t limit yourself. Work hard. Use all of the talents you have. Once you believe you can do something, you’re one step closer to doing it.
  15. 15. Computer Programming (Free!!) Alice : Scratch: 100 Best Jobs