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Edld 5352 week04_assignment[1]

  1. 1. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkWeek 4 Assignment: Due at the end of Week 4.OverviewLast week, you engaged in an analysis and wrote a report describing the use of technology andinformation systems to enrich campus curriculum, enhance teaching and learning, and generallyintegrate technology into our campus improvement plans to effectively integrate technology andinstructional leadership. Your analysis and report should provide the necessary background forthe Week 4 major assignment – developing an action plan for gathering, analyzing, and usingdata from a variety of sources for informed campus decision making focusing on integratingtechnology, instructional leadership, professional development and organizational leadership.As a result of this week’s assignments, you will be able to: • Examine and assess procedures for gathering, analyzing, and using data from a variety of sources for informed decision making regarding the integration of technology, instructional and organizational leadership (SBEC Principal Competency 7 indicator); • Design and apply skills for monitoring and evaluating change and making needed adjustments to achieve the campus vision and goals, including the integration of technology as described above (SBEC Principal Competency 7 indicator).Both of these outcomes are elements of Domain II, Instructional Leadership.In writing your Week 4 action plan, use your interviews, your readings, including campus anddistrict improvement plans as well as any technology plans, and your Week 3 report to makesure the action plan: • Identifies data gathering sources; • Provides a description of an organizational chart describing decision making responsibilities regarding the integration of technology from central office personnel to campus leadership and staff; • Describes comprehensive professional development activities to achieve your action plan (this may utilize information from the previous three weeks of readings and activities); • Includes an evaluation plan to assess the progress and success of the action plan.Students will be asked to post their action plan on the Discussion Board and each student mustreview and comment on at least one other action plan focusing on organizational leadershipdesigned to maximize the use of technology in data gathering and decision making.Submit your assignment by 11:59 PM on the seventh day of Week 4.Page 1 – Revised October 2009
  2. 2. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link Rubric Use the following Rubric to guide your work on the Week 4 Assignment. Tasks Not Meeting Accomplished Proficient Progressing  ExpectationsAction plan Student completes the Student completes Student provides a Student does notincludes an organizational flow the organizational partial organizational complete theorganizational chart identifying key chart with some chart that does not organizational chart orchart identifying personnel from the identification of include all key description of roles andkey stakeholders in district administration district and stakeholders, and responsibilities.integrating through campus campus does not describe the (0 points)technology and implementation personnel, but roles anddistrict and responsible for does not address responsibilities of keycampus integrating technology the roles and personnel.organizational and instructional and responsibilities of (16 point)eleadership organizational personnel in leadership. Chart must integrating and identify personnel titles implementing responsible for this technology, integration and instructional and implementation, and a organizational brief description of the leadership. role and responsibilities (18 points) of all personnel. (Maximum 20 points)Comprehensive Student describes a Student provides a Student provides a Student fails to developprofessional professional professional professional a professionaldevelopment development plan or development development plan(s) development plan(s).plan(s) designed to activities designed to plan(s) that that addresses only one of the three (0 points)achieve the action achieve the action plan address two of theplan of integrating of integrating three bulleted bulleted items from thetechnology with technology with items from the Accomplished column.instructional and instructional and Accomplishedorganizational organizational column. (16 points)leadership. leadership. To achieve (18 points) maximum credit, the professional development plan(s) must: • Reference analysis and lessons learned about the technology needs from the Week 3 report • Addresses professional Page 2 – Revised October 2009
  3. 3. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link development designed to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources • Includes professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership. (Maximum 20 points)Evaluation plan to The action plan must Student provides Student provides an Student fails to includeassess the also include an an evaluation plan evaluation plan that an evaluation plan inprogress and evaluation plan that that addresses addresses only one of the Week 4 actionsuccess of the provides measurable two of the bulleted the bulleted items from plan.action plan. outcomes designed to items from the the Accomplished (0 points) address the following: Accomplished column. column. • Uses data and (16 point) other analysis from (18 points) the Week 3 report, including using the campus and district improvement plans, and local or state technology plans; • Provides assessments and/or monitoring reports measuring professional development designed to use technology to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources • Provides Page 3 – Revised October 2009
  4. 4. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link assessments and/or monitoring evaluating professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership. . (Maximum 20 points)Posting action plan Student posts their Student posts their Student posts their Student does not poston the Discussion action plan on the action plan on the action plan on the on the DiscussionBoard and on their Discussion Board and Discussion Board Discussion Board and Board or on their blog.blog, and provides on their blog and and on their blog on their blog but doesevidence of provides evidence, and provides not provide anyreviewing and through written evidence, through comments or (0 points)commenting on comments, of reviewing written comments, reflections on theaction plans of and reflecting on at of reviewing and action plans of otherother students. least two other reflecting on one students. student’s action plan. other student’s (Maximum 20 points) action plan. (16 point) (18 points)Assignment Responses are relevant Responses are Responses are Responses do notMechanics to course content; relevant to course relevant to course reflect knowledge of student uses correct content; one or content; more than course content, lack APA writing mechanics; two errors in three errors in clarity and depth, no errors in grammar, grammar, spelling, grammar, spelling, or and/or include multiple spelling, or punctuation. or punctuation, punctuation including errors in grammar, including APA APA writing spelling, and (Maximum 10 points) mechanics Needs writing mechanics. punctuation, including (8 points) (6 APA errors. point)Improvement (0 points) Page 4 – Revised October 2009
  5. 5. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkThe following four parts to the Week 4 assignments should help you complete anaction plan that incorporates all four elements of the assignment, includingposting your action plan and commenting and reflecting on the action plansshared by fellow students.Page 5 – Revised October 2009
  6. 6. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkWeek 4 Assignment, Part 1: Development of an organization chart integratingtechnologyUsing the campus and district improvement plans, and any suggested technologyimprovements, develop an organization chart that includes the following: • Identify by title or job description all personnel/stakeholders responsible for integrating technology and instructional and organization leadership from the district office to the campus and classroom; • Provide a brief description of the role and responsibilities of all identified personnel in your organizational chart; • Discuss the role of the principal in making sure the organizational chart is implemented and monitored. School Board Superintendent of Schools Asst. Superintendent for Technology Coordinator Secondary Schools Principal Curriculum PEIMS Technology Network Facilitators Analyst Facilitators Specialist Teacher Instructional Technology TechnicianSchool Board-The school board has the ultimate authority to determine and interpret the policies that governthe schools as they pertain to the areas of technology. They can determine if adequate funding isprovided for technology, and they control policies that effect technology throughout the district.Page 6 – Revised October 2009
  7. 7. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkSuperintendent-Dr. Troxell-The Superintendent manages the day-to-day operations including, but not limited to,the implementation of the Technology Plan. He implements School Board policies related totechnology, and makes recommendations for the technology budget. He fulfills the dutiesassigned by the school.Assistant-Superintendent for Secondary Schools-Dr. Jolly- He makes recommendations to the Superintendent. He has the ability to perform aneeds assessment and implement technology programs at the secondary level. He can alsopropose financial assistance for secondary campuses to use for technology purposes.Technology Coordinator-Joel Adkins- He makes recommendations to the assistant superintendents based upon thetechnological needs of the district and individual campuses. He oversees the technologydepartment and ensures the fulfillment of its goals set forth by the district and technology plan.He recommends professional development that will integrate technology into teaching andlearning.Principal-Dr. Templeton-He oversees the day-to-day operations of the high school. He ensures theproper allocation of resources, both financial and personnel, to directly affect studentachievement. From a technological standpoint, it is his job to ensure that effectivetechnology is available for teachers and students. Additional, he is responsible for ensuringthat the technology available is being used to improve and maximize student achievement.By doing this he is the most important of all of the members in the flow chart chain. He setshimself apart from the other administrators, on the chart, by handling the responsibilitiesof only a single campus, where as the others handle multiple campuses. He also has theauthority to act quickly upon any technological matters which separates himself frompersons below him on the chart who do not have the authority to make such mattershappen in a timely fashion.Curriculum Facilitators-They support teachers and students in their use of technology on the campus level. They providefor staff development for teachers in the use of technology to enhance student achievement.PEIMS Analysts-They gather and report the district data to the State governing agencies to ensure compliance.Their data helps other decision makers to properly distribute technological resources.Technology Facilitator-They research educational technology advances and their applications throughout the district.They oversee the use of technology to improve student achievement and maintain compliance intechnology licensing and distribute educational software throughout the district.Page 7 – Revised October 2009
  8. 8. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkNetwork Specialists-They maintain the district network, including but not limited to mainframes, hard wired, wirelessnetworks and other technology hardware and storage devices at the district level.Teachers-They deal with the technology on a day-to-day basis. They create and present lessons that alignproperly with the district’s curriculum. They ensure student achievement through the use oftechnology in a way that positively affects their learning.Instructional Technology Technicians-They install and maintain software and hardware of the campus level includes but is not limitedto troubleshooting and repair on student and teacher workstations.Page 8 – Revised October 2009
  9. 9. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link Week 4 Assignment, Part 2: Professional Development PlanningUsing the campus and district improvement plans, and any suggested technologyimprovements, develop professional development activities that include the following:• Reference analysis and lessons learned about the technology needs from the Week 3 report;• Addresses professional development designed to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources;• Includes professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership. In the preparation for organizing a professional development session about integratinginstructional technology into the classroom, I found it necessary to include four main datasources: The Tivy High School STaR Chart, The Kerrville ISD Technology Plan, The TivyCampus Improvement Plan, and the Vision 20/20-Long Range Plan for Technology. I hoped to incorporate some online learning for at least a portion of the staff developmentsession. The problem with this is that most of the teachers at Tivy have very little exposure toonline training such as web conferences, so I decided that at least a small portion of the trainingshould include helping teachers to understand the web conferencing software that our district haspurchased and some of the capabilities that the software provides. The STaR Chart results alsoincluded a need for greater technology application in the implementation of the TEKS. Thisreflected a need to supply teachers specific ways that they can use technology as an additionaltool to teach their curriculum and another way to reach their students. The Kerrville ISD Technology Plan clearly outlines some primary goals that the districthas set forth to proved specialized training for their teachers. I felt these goals should also beincorporated into and staff development that I was planning to provide. Two of these goalsinclude providing staff development that instructs teachers on various methods to use software tohelp analyze test results and student achievement and to provide staff development that willassist teachers in integrating technology into their lesson plans. The technology goals currently included in the THS Campus Improvement Plan fell intotwo distinct categories: the acquisition of hardware and software and the implementation of thathardware and software as an instructional tool to be used within the classroom. Teachers havevery little responsibility in the achieving of the first goal because the acquisition of technologyfalls upon the principal and technology administrators, as described in the flow chart in part oneof the assignment. The second goal, the implementation of the acquired technology, is theresponsibility of the teachers, but in order to implement the technology, the teachers must firsthave some grasp of the technology that is available to them and its’ capabilities. The goals in theCampus Improvement Plan aligned very closely with the District Technology Plan, so anyactivities that I planned would easily fulfill the goals of both plans. The final resource I consulted in planning my staff development session was the Vision20/20-Long Range Plan for Technology. This document gave me some very good suggestions onhow to run my staff development sessions in a way that would be the most beneficial to all of theparticipants. I wanted to model, for teachers, how to appropriately integrate technology into theirspecific courses, not just to use as a random example that may not apply to all teachers. I wantedthe activities to be engaging for the participants, and let them have some real kinestheticPage 9 – Revised October 2009
  10. 10. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Linkexperience. I found that many times technology intimidates teachers, by providing a hands-onsession I could remove much of this issue. I hope that my activities will stimulate teachers to usea new more technologically appealing style of teaching. All of these suggestions were taken intoconsideration as I planned the following professional development activities.SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES FOR STAFF DEVELOPMENT Time Description of Facilitator Participants Location Comments Schedule Activity 7:30-8:20a Welcome: Technology All Core Area Cafeteria Teachers will enjoy m Specialist Teachers breakfast while the Initial greeting, Technology Breakfast, & Specialist gives a Introduction to the Web brief explanation of Conferencing Staff the web conference Development process and capabilities for it within the classroom. Teachers will be notified of a web conference that they will be required to attend at the end of the day to discuss the implications of the day’s professional development. Teachers will also be divided into groups for the upcoming sessions.Page 10 – Revised October 2009
  11. 11. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology Link8:25-9:00a Teachers will be Technology All Core Area Library Teachers will bem divided by department, Specialist - Teachers Computer exploring the with each department Presenter Lab-Social possibilities of going to a different pre- with the Studies distance learning assigned computer lab assistance of Teachers, from various on the campus. 4 Technology A121 Lab- locations on campus Teachers will be asked Technicians Science as they are exposed to log on to a computer Teachers, to distance learning. and attend a web This allows for conference that the A102 Lab- teacher interaction technology specialist Math as part of the will be hosting from the Teachers, learning experience. cafeteria. The presentation will Staff include some interactive Library activities for the ELA teachers as the presenter Teachers explains and models the use of the new web conference software that the district has purchased. Since each department will be in a different location, a facilitator will be needed to assist teachers as they log on to the web conference. One computer technician will be available at each computer lab to assist teachers as they attend the web conference and explore the new software.9:15-10:00a Teachers will be Technology All Core Area Library See below for m, attending 4 sessions to Specialist - Teachers Computer explanation of 10:15-11:0 explore new technology Presenter Lab-Social itinerary. 0am, options, each with an with the Studies LUNCH emphasis on how to assistance of Teachers,(11:00-12:3 integrate a specific form 4 Technology 0pm), of technology into their Technicians A121 Lab- 12:30-1:15 specific teaching field. Science pm, & Each session will last Teachers, 1:30-2:15p 45 minutes. (Session m will be further A102 Lab- described below.) Math Teachers, Staff Library ELA TeachersPage 11 – Revised October 2009
  12. 12. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkSession #1 9:15-10:00am Math - IntelliPads History - SmartBoards Science - Blogs & Wikis English - Testing Evaluation SoftwareSession #2 10:15-11:00am Math - SmartBoards History - Blogs & Wikis Science - Testing Evaluation Software English - IntelliPadsLUNCH 11:00-12:30pmSession #3 12:30-1:15pm Math - Blogs & Wikis History - Testing Evaluation Software Science - IntelliPads English - SmartBoardsSession #4 1:30-2:15pm Math - Testing Evaluation Software History - IntelliPads Science - SmartBoards English - Blogs & WikisEach session will provide a brief explanation of the technology and its’ possible uses in theclassroom. In addition, each session will provide subject specific examples of lessons thatincorporate the technology and an opportunity for teachers to explore the technology themselves.Page 12 – Revised October 2009
  13. 13. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkWeek 4 Assignment, Part 3: Evaluation Planning for Action PlanThe technology action plan integrating instructional an organizational leadership must includeevaluation components that provide measurable outcomes designed to address the following:• Uses data and other analysis from the Week 3 report, including using the campus and district improvement plans, and local or state technology plans;• Provides assessments and/or monitoring reports measuring professional development designed to use technology to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources;• Provides assessments and/or monitoring evaluating professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership. As discussions of the day’s activities are taking place via the web conference, the principalwill take notes of teachers who are particularly interested in the application of the technology. Hewill also take note of specific activities that teachers plan to incorporate in the classroomactivities. Over the next six week period, the principal will monitor the Wiki site to see howteachers are actually applying their new found knowledge of the various types of technologyavailable on the campus. He will consider which teachers are using the technology the most andto its’ fullest potential. In addition, he will gather data on the use of technology as he performscampus walk-through. He will then use this to guide his research into the impact that the use oftechnology has on student achievement. After the teacher have had at least six weeks to implement the new technology into theirclassroom, the principal will compile data that reflects the academic achievement levels ofstudents whose teachers do not regularly apply the use of technology as a teaching tool. This willserve as an ongoing evaluation process to monitor the appropriate use of technology to improvestudent achievement over an extended period of time. A higher level of academic achievement is expected in the students who participated inthe technology based classroom. To achieve the goals set forth in the Campus Improvement Plan,a 30% increase in student achievement should be reflected. This staff development session willalso help in achieving the district and campus goal of providing 100% of the teachers in effectivetechnology training.Page 13 – Revised October 2009
  14. 14. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: The Technology LinkWeek 4 Assignment, Part 4: Posting your Action Report and Responding to OtherStudents’ action plans Using the discussion board and the blog that you have developed, please write and post your action plan, and be sure to: • Read and review at least two other action plans • Respond to other action plans by posting your comments and reflections The purpose of the action report is to provide you with recommended procedures for gathering, analyzing, and using data from a variety of sources for informed campus decision making focusing on the effective integration of technology in curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development. Students may wish to use this action plan as one of your school improvement projects for your Electronic Portfolio. You may also use the Week 3 and Week 4 assignments as campus supervised hours for your internship logs. As indicated these two weeks fall under Domain II, Instructional Leadership, and address elements of Competencies 4, 5 and 7.Page 14 – Revised October 2009