Do any of the following statements ring true with you?I know ‘zero defects’, ‘low carbon’ and ‘sustainable growth’ arevita...
Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013          Embedding ThriveAbility: Th...
Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013Renaissance2 is proud to feature some...
Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013     Engage with Sustainability Leade...
Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013        ThriveAbility Thinking – how ...
Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013Dates & Location:       22-24 March 2...
Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013                                     ...
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Embedding ThriveAbility- Full Brochure


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tell you about the most significant inititiative I've ever undertaken: the ThriveAbility Consortium.

You will remember and in some cases have been part of previous waves of innovation that have swept through organisations globally: Excellence, Innovation, E-Business and Sustainability, for example. ThriveAbility has the potential to generate a similar global wave.

The ThriveAbility Consortium comprises a group of global business and thought leaders who have been at the forefront of one or more of these previous management revolutions and are dissatisfied with the direction in which current sustainability, CSR and innovation efforts are moving. Our goal is to radically simplify what organisations are doing based on the core principles and practices of ThriveAbility, to address the crisis.we are in at its roots while generating the businesses of the future.

For example,
- ex-head of Sustainability at Siemens, founder of the Global Reporting Initiative and recently Deloitte Head of Sustainability & Innovation Ralph Thurm;
- the founders of Turntoo who are driving a new business model, based on the circular economy, that preserves raw materials for the future by enabling Performance Based Consumption. Key clients include Robert Bosch and Steelcase.
- ex-head of an international water company turned Change guru Chris Cooke, whose PeopleScan and CultureScan diagnostics and Factor 100 change methods are delivering breakthroughs to really hard change problems
- CEO's of several major Scandinavian and German firms who are pioneering ThriveAbility type initiatives and have transformed their businesses.

We are also waiting for confirmation from the renowned John Elkington that he will be able to join us.

I will be in London mid-February, and am planning a small gathering of leaders who are curious about ThriveAbility. We are also holding a long weekend event here at Chateau La Tour Apollinaire March 22-24 called Embedding ThriveAbility. Whatever your diary and commitments, I would appreciate the opportunity to at least have a short conversation with you about this initiative, and also hear about your latest developments.

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Embedding ThriveAbility- Full Brochure

  1. 1. Do any of the following statements ring true with you?I know ‘zero defects’, ‘low carbon’ and ‘sustainable growth’ arevital goals, but they don’t appear to be motivating enoughpeople to take the bold steps needed for breakthroughs to athriving world.Sustainability and CSR are failing to deliver the breakthroughswe need. All our efficiency gains are eaten up by reboundeffects & we’re not getting any extra praise for our efforts.Many recent innovations promise a thriving future, but I am notsure how to replicate them where we are and if they will reachscale and impact as needed for a green, inclusive economy. 22- 22-24 March 2013 Château La Tour Apollinaire Perpignan France
  2. 2. Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013 Embedding ThriveAbility: Thrival Innovation & Wealth Creation ThriveAbility: Why ThriveAbility?While Sustainability and CSR are a step in the right direction, they are largely incremental and failing todeliver the transformations needed for a thriving future. Breakthrough innovations at business model andecosystem levels must be catalysed by top management through strategy, design and quality processes, todeliver positive impact growth. Investors will support well thought through, highly measurable initiatives.Sustainability is as much a challenge of changing our mental models as it is a problem of dealing with theflows of materials, energy and resources effectively and sustainably. ThriveAbility is a response to thefailure of sustainability to address this psychological challenge, and integrates existing disciplines in creativeways, leading to innovative, game changing outcomes. Personal and organisational transformation is thekey to a Thriving Future. What motivates people to change lies at the heart of ThriveAbility.The ThriveAbility Approach provides a decision framework for such mind-sets and incentives. This seminaroffers a deep dive into ThriveAbility, and will show you how it can be embedded into organisations throughFactor 100 Change. In “Embedding ThriveAbility” we will explore: The current global megatrends and gaps that need to be closed for a sustainable future1; The emerging “North Star” that serves as a reality check for all decision makers; Replicable strategies for accelerated organisational and business ecosystem transformation; How integral psychology enables us to deliver profound change for ThriveAbility. Embedding ThriveAbility – Beyond SustainabilityJoin us from 22-24 March 2013 and become part of a transformative conversation that will help embedsustainable innovation and profound change in our organisations and economies. You will be challenged tofind answers to some of the most perplexing questions facing executives and policymakers today, including: What is success in a green, inclusive economy? What is the gap between where we are and where we need to be? How can we close that gap through enjoyable experiences for our stakeholders? How can we define policies for ThriveAbility that include a joint reality check that aligns key stakeholders around a “North Star”, resulting in quantifiable, implementable business ecosystem visions and pathways? What are the absolute minimum deliverables in specific timeframes for ThriveAbility, from the global and national policy levels down to business ecosystems and organisations? What kind of leadership can align the diverse stakeholder needs that will enable ThriveAbility to become embedded in organisations and business ecosystems everywhere? How can different industries and organisations redefine their core competencies and contributions in the light of an adaptation plan?If you are not able to join us from 22-24 March 2013, you can choose from three other sets of dates: 28-30 June 2013 27-29 September 2013 13-15 December 20131 We will work with insights from a host of global fora including the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Vision 2050, WorldEconomic Forum, the Rio+20 process, Global Standards bodies such as the GRI and UN task forces focussed on climate change and sustainableenergy policies.© Renaissance2 Foundation | Register Now at 1
  3. 3. Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013Renaissance2 is proud to feature some of the world’s leading authorities on sustainable innovation anddesign together with deep change and transformation. We are bringing senior executives together withthought leaders and policymakers to map out the opportunities for transformation in multiple sectors.This seminar creates an intimate atmosphere in which leaders can share their deepest concerns, hopes andinspirations in complete confidence with each other. The maximum number of participants is 25, ensuring acollaborative spirit in which breakthroughs are expected. We look forward to giving you a warm welcometo Insights at the Edge. ThriveAbility Thinking Opens the Door ThriveAbility Thinking is a powerful way to transcend messy, seemingly intractable challenges, spot the opportunities, develop elegant solutions and align key stakeholders through creative processes integrating sustainable design and rapid prototyping methods. This combination of a strategic helicopter perspective with down in the details creative problem solving has the potential to deliver profoundly beneficial systemic shifts in organisations and business ecosystems. World Where: Imagine a World Where: Organisations have successfully motivated their key stakeholders to drive green & inclusive growth through sustainable innovation. The frustrations and pressures for change we are now experiencing are early indications of the emergence of a new era in which business becomes the driver of a regenerative global economy. That many profitable, sustainable innovations are hidden in the turmoil, just waiting for enterprising, innovative leaders to reach out and catalyse them. Thrival Innovation is Key ThriveAbility recognises that thrival innovation is the key driver of competitive advantage, and that future industry leaders will be those who have created sustainable value by tackling the worlds most pressing problems. Who Should Attend?Embedding ThriveAbility will appeal to key decision makers and change leaders curious about thebreakthroughs being achieved by organisations applying a new set of leadership and managementapproaches centred around ThriveAbility. This is an opportunity to work with your peers to discover howyou can apply ThriveAbility in your organisation or business.Strategy leaders, HR leaders, quality leaders, sustainability leaders, product/service leaders andcommunication leaders as well as top management representatives and policymakers will benefit fromattending. The group will consist of a maximum of 25 people, offering an intimate forum for you to findyour inspiration and learn how to embed ThriveAbility in your organisation.For optimal impact we also welcome groups of colleagues from the same organisation who are looking fornew ways to tackle the challenges they face in accelerating their sustainability, CSR and innovation efforts.© Renaissance2 Foundation | Register Now at 2
  4. 4. Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013 Engage with Sustainability Leaders Demonstrating ThriveAbility PrinciplesEmbedding ThriveAbility builds on an extensive research database and network of innovators insustainability built up by Renaissance2 and its partners over the past decade. You will have theopportunity to learn from real-life case studies in addition to bringing your own challenges to the seminar.In 2012 54 of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies are European, and we are fortunate to be ableto draw on the expertise of some of the leaders of these organisations, and other pioneers who arepushing the boundaries in this field.We are also lining up a select group of leaders from some of these and other organisations who will bedirectly involved in the seminars, either in person or via video conference. Consumer goods firms such as Puma and Ecouterre are good examples of companies extending ThriveAbility principles into their strategies and management practices. There are also several oil and power companies in Europe such as Neste Oil and Fortum who are pioneering sustainability in their industries as a competitive advantage. Companies such as Herman Miller and designers such as Turntoo also combine great design with durable, sustainable products in industries such as household appliances, electronics and furniture.You do not have to be a sustainability pioneer to join us – we are looking for participants with bold visionsand who are willing to rethink their organisation’s core and its raison d’etre using ThriveAbility principles. Embedding ThriveAbility – Beyond Sustainability Key TopicsThriveAbility offers a radical solution to close the gap between what is needed for a thriving future andcurrent management practices. In three inspiring, highly interactive days we will explore the radicalprinciples, practices, methods and tools needed for sustainable innovation and change, including: ThriveAbility Megatrends - some of the critical challenges facing our natural and business ecosystems, and why current organisational and managerial approaches are failing us; The ThriveAbility Approach & North Star – how to define and create sustainable value through sustainable innovation and design. The ThriveAbility Equation shows you how to deliver thrival through the transformation of organisations at all levels, while respecting baseline metrics for a sustainable future. Leading Sustainable Innovation & Design Practices – the most effective practices leading organisations and innovators are using to spot and catalyse breakthrough sustainable innovations. The Factor 100 Change Imperative – why existing behavioural change approaches are failing and what needs to be done to trigger profound change to deliver sustainable transformations. Enabling Human Emergence – how integral psychology frameworks & diagnostics enable the personal and organisational shifts required for ThriveAbility, and inspire spontaneous commitment.© Renaissance2 Foundation | Register Now at 3
  5. 5. Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013 ThriveAbility Thinking – how the magic of innovation and design can be meshed with the intelligences required for sustainability and organisational transformation. Shifting Organisations – craft developmental pathways, assess leadership and organisational value systems and change states, using models of organisational alignment to identify the pathways of change and transformation that are latent in an organisation. Integral Leadership & Stakeholder Alignment—Experience the kind of leadership that can align the diverse stakeholder values to enable ThriveAbility to become embedded in organisations and business ecosystems. How can we transform Integrated Reporting to help deliver this alignment? Seminar LeadersDr Robin Wood is President of Renaissance2 and the inventor of ThriveAbility. He has beena leader in sustainable innovation for several decades, as a senior executive in, co-creatorof and advisor to hundreds of global organisations in 35 countries. He speaks frequently atmajor conferences on ThriveAbility and Profound Change.Ralph Thurm is a leading professional in sustainable innovation, sustainability strategies,operational sustainability, sustainability change management, sustainability reporting andassurance. With more than 20 years of experience working for major corporates, industryfederations, governments, NGOs and advisory services all over the world, Ralph addsvalue on a huge variety of sustainability topics.Christopher and Sheila Cooke are the creators of ‘Factor 100 Change’. They are committedto provide leadership insights and supportive practises in the development of strategiesthat move beyond sustainability. Their premise is that the change we are seeking hasalready happened through the emergence of integral capacities of the mind; all we have todo now is learn how to grow into the application of this integral awareness. This is theessence of thrival. Benefits and OutcomesThis deep dive into ThriveAbility with like-minded innovators will: Generate breakthrough insights into how you and your organisation can create sustainable value for all your stakeholders through sustainable innovation and design. Enable you to apply practical tools that assure the probability of “Factor 100 Change”, using live challenges from your own and other organisations Help you see the available opportunities clearly and develop strategies that lead to elegant game changing solutions. Identify the practices and tools you need to implement these strategies in your organisation and business ecosystem. Help you develop a leadership agenda that aligns the diverse ideals, values and priorities of key stakeholders in creative and surprising ways. Teach you “ThriveAbility Thinking” that will enable you to comprehend the development of a personal and organisational roadmap for pathways to ThriveAbility.© Renaissance2 Foundation | Register Now at 4
  6. 6. Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013Dates & Location: 22-24 March 2013 at Château La Tour Apollinaire Perpignan FranceCost: from €1 900 to €2 200 including 3 day program, all Accommodation and Meals Rooms in 4* Chateau – Deluxe: €2 200 Superior: €2 100 Standard: €2 000. Please Note Availability is Limited Standard Room in 3* Hotel a Short Walk from Chateau - €1 900 An All Inclusive Package 3 nights’ accommodation and all meals. The Key 3 PeopleScan diagnostic test results and detailed profile interpretations. Additional diagnostics that help to embed ThriveAbility in your organization. An Intimate Setting at Château La Tour Apollinaire Perpignan FranceNestling in a quiet suburb 5 minutes from the charming millennium old centre of Perpignan, Château LaTour Apollinaire provides the perfect environment for intimate gatherings of small groups that need asecure, confidential location for transformative events.The meeting spaces in the Château include a main meeting room with a large screen and LCD projectorcapable of holding up to 30 participants theatre style, together with five salons which provide perfectmeeting spaces for smaller groups. Wifi is free throughout the Château, as is parking and coffee/tea in therooms.There are 13 rooms in the Château ranging from standard to luxury, comprising 11 double rooms and twowith twin beds. Each room has access to a salon, dining room and kitchen area shared with one or twoother rooms, providing a cosy, home-away-from-home experience. Additional hotel accommodation isavailable within a short walking distance, ranging from two to three stars in quality.Château La Tour Apollinaire is a 5 minute drive from Perpignan airport and train station, which are withineasy reach of major European capitals. The Chateau is an eco-friendly establishment applying the principlesof ThriveAbility - Visit our website at:© Renaissance2 Foundation | Register Now at 5
  7. 7. Insights at the Edge Seminar Series 2013 – Embedding ThriveAbility 1 22-24 March 2013 Get How to Get to PerpignanFlight InformationPerpignan airport is served by several direct flights a day from London (Ryanair), Paris (Airfrance),Manchester (Bmibaby), Birmingham and Southampton (Flybe), while nearby Girona airport (1 hr away) isserved by 250 Ryanair flights a day. Perpignan is also under two hours from Barcelona (Easyjet), Toulouse,Beziers, Montpellier and Carcassonne airports.Train InformationTrains run regularly to Perpignan station from Paris, Barcelona, London, Brussels, Italy, Switzerland andother parts of Europe, with the longer routes benefiting from high speed TGV trains. Fast trains from Parisand Barcelona as well as other major European cities can be found at Train times vary from afew hours from Barcelona to just over 4.5 hours to/from Paris. Both the airfares and train fares are veryreasonably priced, particularly if you book ahead. The websites and may also be helpful. Perpignan Méditerranée: 2020 EcoLivingWe are planning a short learning journey of a few of the ThriveAbility highlights in the eco-region ofPerpignan Méditerranée, a pioneer in sustainable town planning. The journey will include snacks andrefreshments showcasing local organic produce and wines, as well as examples of renewable technologiesand thriving human habitats. Highlights include Perpignan’s solar powered station, the St Charles marketand a tour of the pedestrianized city centre optimized for bicycles and electric vehicles.© Renaissance2 Foundation | Register Now at 6