Digital Pharma 2010


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A personal update on the trends Tangent 90 Ltd see day to day in the Digital Pharmaceutical marketplace.

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Digital Pharma 2010

  1. 1. Digital in Pharma 2010
  2. 2. Take Home’s • What are companies doing now? • ‘Nice to haves’ in 2012 • Demos and examples
  3. 3. Turning the marketing budget into breakthrough digital services
  4. 4. New Sales Model Old Model New Model Relationship Selling Follow-up
  5. 5. Digital & Marketing The following slides show that: • Digital is now an integral tool in the Pharmaceutical marketing mix. • Companies, Customers and Consumers request more digital • Digital makes it far easier to roundtrip and refine marketing activities ‘Closed Loop’
  6. 6. Doctors want e-Detailing To what extent do you think that detailing should be made available online through eDetailing services such as live video detailing or detailing using handheld devices or websites? 50% 40% 30% 0.43 20% 0.39 0.34 0.31 0.29 0.28 0.28 0.28 0.28 0.28 0.29 0.24 0.25 0.24 0.23 0.23 0.23 0.21 0.25 0.23 0.25 0.23 10% 0.17 0.18 0.17 0.17 0.14 0.14 0% Detailing has no Would like to have Would like to Would prefer value online, live visits online detailing as an replace some live eDetailing to live are always preferred option to a rep visit details with eDetails details entirely US France Germany Italy Spain UK Average Source: Physician Survey, Business Insights Ltd
  7. 7. Novel, low cost and powerful detailing platforms 1 Select a category to search 2 Select the document you want to preview 3 Preview the document and send to your email
  8. 8. What ‘new’ Digital services are being bought by Pharma & Healthcare in 2010? 1.Non-Man Powered activities (rep-replacements) - digital detailing & Live Virtual reps 2.Online Advisory boards (well managed online events) 3.eReprints (large cost savings over Paper) 4.iPhone / iPad App development 5.Stock Control / Project control 6.'Buzz' monitoring, data cleaning & Mashups 7.Aggregating digital reporting tools and Business Intelligence 8.Novel booth activities and Digital 'innovation' i.e. QR codes & Multi-touch 9.Patient services (eDiary, QoL tools) 10. ‘Old’ Favorites - 3D MOA, Quiz/Survey & KOL Portals Turning the marketing budget into breakthrough digital services
  9. 9. Where does Digital fit? Competitive Licensed Product Identified Need Evidence Base Great Content Great Delivery Successful AMP Funded & Willing Informed Patients Educated Doctors Payers Customers
  10. 10. Digital Healthcare Competitive Funded & Willing LicensedContent Great Product Identified Need Great Delivery Educated Patients Informed Doctors Customers Evidence Base Payers Feedback
  11. 11. Why longer term digital projects? 2011 Tactical Marketing 2012... Strategic Marketing Project focused Lifetime focused Partner Shy Partner Friendly Short Term Refined over time Repeat Never Repeat Forever Manager dependent Team Delivery Different Systems Systemised approach Add-on’ Line Item to existing Projects Strategic in it’s own right Inconsistent and Ad-hoc Maintenance Structured support and maintenance Single points of failure Flexible, Scaleable and Fault-tolerant Website centric (‘i must have a website’) Solution Focused (‘solve my marketing problem’) ‘Ahead of the Curve Agency’ - Pushing and Selling ‘Digital Consumer Client’ - Requesting and Buying Brand ‘nice to have’ Integral part of the ‘Marketing Mix’ Disposable Cost efficient ROI
  12. 12. Aurora event site
  13. 13. Consumers across all age groups are increasing their use of the internet for health Source: Business Insights Ltd
  14. 14. Clinicians are increasingly comfortable with Digital “The internet has now become so important to physicians that the 28% of HCP said 80% of the patients majority of them feel this has they interacted with on a daily basis advanced their clinical knowledge and were web informed. is just as common to them now as the use of a stethoscope.” Assessment of internet use & effects among HCP, a cross sectional survey. pmj 2006 Doug Everson, Merck Director, Multi-channel marketing. 5 big reasons for taking pharma marketing online webcast. A Study by Best Practices LLC claims 74% of European GP’s use blogs, that 10-25% (depending on the forums and other social media, every company) of CME is delivered online day, to to help manage patients and and that is likely to double in the next nearly 50% of these clinicians would 3-5 years. like to recommend online information Best practices study, May 2008, Medical Marketing and Media magazine and communities to their patients. Manhattan Research 2008
  15. 15. CME
  16. 16. Medical Animation Source: Random 42, London
  17. 17. Patients need Digital to provide the services that their clinical team can’t “(consumers) are looking for potential More U.S. consumers used the Internet side effects and experiences from as a source of health information other consumers in terms of keeping (eHealth) than they used doctors, up to date with information for drugs indicating that health management is and really making sure they are well now a more hands-on, interactive versed.” process than before. Mary Ann Belliveau, Google Director health sales and operations. Manhattan Research 2008 5 big reasons for taking pharma marketing online webcast. For patients with limited life expectancy, 60% of the time Drs did not provide the ability to participate in a very rough, risk or benefit information and they felt low-level clinical study on a new treatment sure that their patients had left their is far more appealing and timely than office satisfied. waiting for clinical data to be published in The un-empowered patient, (study by Commonhealth) April 2008, peer reviewed literature. Medical Marketing & Media magazine Nature Biotechnology, October 2008 on PatientsLikeMe Lithium ‘trial in ALS patients
  18. 18. Web Sites
  19. 19. Longitudinal Patient QoL monitoring and eDiaries
  20. 20. Social Media empowers and connects patients, clinicians and carers Despite the buzz around social media, New research has shown that far from editorial health content still has patients being empowered most significantly more influence over patients don’t ask the doctor what consumer health actions than various their prescriptions are for, or about the forms of social media. benefits or r isks. No dialogue, Monique Levy, Senior Director of Research at Manhattan Research therefore no participation. Feb 2010 In Europe, 52% of people use Health 2.0 to actively manage their own or a These Health 2.0 consumers are twice loved one’s condition with around as likely than the average e-health 80% of Cancer and Alzheimers consumer t o req uest a specific c a re g i ve r s a c t i ve l y i nvo l ve d i n prescription healthcare communities. Manhattan Research 2008 Manhattan Research 2008
  21. 21. Social ‘widgets’ and Buzz monitoring
  22. 22. Buzz monitoring
  23. 23. Event Twitter feeds
  24. 24. Booth monitoring and electronic reprint distribution (87 to 100% uptake)
  25. 25. Online literature fulfilment and monitoring Recipient Shopping Cart Vending (custom build) SMS or QR Document Distribution Vending System Admin area to upload PDF • Processes request resources, download user • Sends out emails Internet Vending data in Excel format and • Keeps ongoing record of via Website or change email templates sent items and recipients Mobile Website • Personalises attachments BlogEmbed Vending
  26. 26. Older activities are no longer possible
  27. 27. But some activities are still very relevant
  28. 28. In taxi briefing on the London economy, presentation content refined by one to ones with customers
  29. 29. Fully electronic booth, ePosters, eMail follow up on all leads
  30. 30. Methods of linking products to online services
  31. 31. Some more technologies on the way
  32. 32. Many multi-touch applications are badly constructed and hard to use, however...
  33. 33. Live Virtual vs F2F meetings
  34. 34. KOL Resources “This site was originally intended to be used by customers. It has been so well received by the internal team that they are now using the website in place of their incumbent system.”
  35. 35. Introductory animation
  36. 36. Patients uncompleted in trial Business Intelligence Final patient First completion opportunity recruit faster efficiency in processing, pt/site/cra management and follow up time saving Time Start End? End
  37. 37. Directors are usuall Overall Status – previous and projects. They need present are progressing and and Portfolio Management Issue deliver their propo ment by... resolution late maintaining dashb defined traffic light This is the PM3 dashboard which provides a one page snapshot Top 5 delivery risks and issues gh ROI. Using PM3’s ‘value modeller’, projects can be objectively of a project or a programme. It includes risks; issues; traffic ing assessment is plotted onto a matrix showing all projects within a lights and finances on of the ‘best’ value-adding projects. hout This is the status of al the be viewed. light indicat osed d as Programme icon business value Project icon Level of risk or exposure Understanding the true state of projects Directors are usually accountable for a portfolio of • How are projects progressing and are they are on track to deliver their proposed value? projects. They need to understand how these projects www are progressing and whether they are on track to deliver their proposed value. PM3 achieves this by • The value modeller plots the value of projects using a combination of proposed business maintaining dashboards and simple, objectively defined traffic light indicators. value and risk (or exposure). 5 delivery risks and issues • A home page where the status of all selected projects can be viewed. includes risks; issues; traffic lights and finances This is the home page where the status of all selected projects can be viewed. PM3 has up to 10 traffic light indicators.
  38. 38. We all see wonderful UI every day, lets get to experience some too!
  39. 39. Tangent 90 Team in Pharma Digital since 1993 • 1000+ Digital projects • 459 since 2006 Hosting Medical Agency 16% Consultant 37% Ezpresenter CME 3% 28% Government 10% Multinational MMM 4% 17% CDROM Agency 3% 6% Association Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials 13% 28% 9% Website 26%
  40. 40. Healthcare Policy Formation