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Pbl lets go shopping

  1. 1. PROJECT OVERVIEWName of Project: Lets go shopping Duration: 5 weeksSubject/Course: Math Teacher(s):Mr. Villa Grade Level:6thOther subject areas to Language arts to present a write up of your projectbe included, if any:Project Idea Students will learn and practice the use of percents in real world situations. We will cover percents, sales tax, discounts,Summary of the issue, interest rates and tips.challenge, investigation,scenario, or problem:Driving Question How to I best use the power of my money.Content and Skills Understand the relationship between decimals, fractions and percents. Percents, Discounts, Rates,Standards to be Interest, and Tipsaddressed: T+A E T+A E21st Century Skills Collaboration I can collaborate with my other Other:The culmination of this lesson willto be explicitly taught and two 6th grade teachers with the in classroom be a field trip to the mall to actually useassessed (T+A) or that dynamics of the lesson. Skills covered are our new skills in real life situations.will be encouraged (E) by percents, sales tax, discounts, interest rates,project work, but not and tips.taught or assessed: Presentation At the end of each week the groups will have to present their understanding of the weeks lesson. For example, during Critical Thinking: Students will learn real life math/money skills that they can use in the real world. Presentation Audience: © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 1
  2. 2. Group: The entire project will be a series of four mini culminating tasks and one overall field trip YesCulminating groups will task. Students will present weekly and at the end of the overall project. Class:Products and be limited YesPerformances to 4/5 students. School: Community: Experts: yes Periodically teachers will check in their groups making sure every member is Individual: taking part. Each student and teacher will keep a copy of their groups actions yes Web: and results. Other: PROJECT OVERVIEWEntry event to An imovie of someone going shopping for a new video game. I will introduce, break and discuss, and have a postlaunch inquiry, discussion.engage students: © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 2
  3. 3. Assessments Quizzes/Tests quizzes and the end of each Practice Presentations Their final presentation Formative week for each individual skill and standard will be a collection of all their weekly Assessments presentations. (During Project) Journal/Learning Log Student work sheets will Notes have an areal to write a reflection. Preliminary Plans/Outlines/Prototypes Checklists Rough Drafts Concept Maps we can use thinking maps to describe and plan our tasks Online Tests/Exams Math playground/math at Other: the mall Written Product(s), with rubric: rubric will Other Product(s) or Performance(s), with rubric: Summative accompany culminating task __________________________________________________ Assessments __________________________________________________ (End of Project) Oral Presentation, presentation at the end of Peer Evaluation, we can have walking tours of each week each others work Multiple Choice/Short Answer Test Self-Evaluation Essay Test Other: .Resources On-site people, facilities: Other teachers, other classrooms for surveys, Text books, web sites, guestNeeded speakers, newspapers Equipment: Laptops, textbooks, calculators, Materials: Note books, pencils Community resources:Reflection Journal/Learning Log comments/ reflection Focus GroupMethods (Individual, will go in their project journals Group, and/or Whole Class) Whole-Class Discussion Fishbowl Discussion Survey Other: © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 3
  4. 4. PROJECT TEACHING AND LEARNING GUIDEProject:PBL LETS GO SHOPPING P R O J E C T CCourse/Semester: FALL 2011 A L E N D A RProject: Start Date: Knowledge and Skills Needed by Students Scaffolding / Materials / Lessons to be Provided M O Nsuccessfully complete culminatingAproducts and to D A Y T U E S D Y W E D N E S D A Y by the project teacher, other teachers, experts, A Y T H U R S D A Y F R I D performances, and do well on summative assessments mentors, community members PROJECT WEEK ONE thPlace value, decimals, percents Review ofDiagnostic for Imovie of Sales tax Measuring up remedial math problems of 6 gradesales sales tax, lecture, Assessment ofknowledge of percents percents,  standards, California Math ancillary resources trouble practice,Differentiate group activities, tax, correct, teach/presents sales levels of percents, online activities math shoot, pre teach tax, connection of the Practice problems with discounts at the mall two different levels of percents thPercent, basic introduction Measuring up remedial math problems of 6 grade PR O JEC T E W EK TWO standards, California Math ancillary resources Group work then Word problems from Assessment,Discounts, lecture, individual work time textbook ancillary Mr. Villa’s store to corrections, input,guided practice, imovie resources practice sales tax trouble shootDiscountson discounts California Math, ancillary resources, and discounts teacher lecture,  practice problems PR O JEC T WEEK TH R EESales Tax field Prep for trip, Review of all skill Review of all California Math, ancillary resources, teacher lecture, and skills Field trip to the Presentations behavior in cumulative  group problems where in cululative practice mall, write up of results expectations group work work everything is recordedInterest rates California Math, ancillary resources, teacher lecture,  practice problemsTips California Math, ancillary resources, teacher lecture,  practice problems  © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 4