The Spanish


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Spanish Colonization

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The Spanish

  1. 1.  Places  Florida, St. Augustine, New Mexico, Sante Fe, San Antonio  People  Pedro Menendez de Aviles  Pope  Junipero Serra  Vocabulary  Hacienda, presidio, El Camino Real, Pueblo Revolt
  2. 2.  1535 Spain establishes New Spain  New Spain stretched from South America to Mexico  Decided to expand into Florida  French already occupying  Goal, find French, ATTACK!  Pedro Menendez de Aviles  In a series of bloody battles Spain defeated the French and took control of Florida
  3. 3.  Spain continued moving into the United States  1598 established New Mexico  1610 Sante Fe founded and named capital of New Mexico  Pueblo, Apache, and Navajo had been living here for CENTURIES! Now Spain was claiming it  Spain hoped to find Gold and Silver here but did not
  4. 4.  To hot and dry for many kinds of farming  However good for cattle and sheep ranching  Formed large Haciendas; or LARGE ESTATES  Haciendas were self sufficient that included:  Vegetable gardens  Workshops  Mills  Workers were mostly Native American
  5. 5.  Religious leaders began building missions  To convert Native Americans to Christianity  To protect these missions  Built presidios; military forts  Wanted to connect New Mexico to Mexico City  They built El Camino Real “the Royal Road”  Used to carry goods between Mexico City and Sante Fe
  6. 6.  Pueblo Native Americans being enslaved by the Spanish  Sending some to Mexico to work  Forcing others to work on missions and ranches  Spanish settlers were taken over Pueblo land and villages  Spanish leaders trying to force Pueblos to give up their traditions and religion  In 1680 Pope led a revolt  The Pueblos attacked settlements all over New Mexico  They killed hundreds of settlers  Pueblos were joined by Apache and Navajo  Pope and his men surrounded Sante Fe  Juan another Pueblo leader rode into the city with two crosses, one white and one red.
  7. 7.  Spanish governor asked Juan to explain the two crosses  He explained to him, “If you choose white there will be no war but you must all leave the country. If you choose the red, you must all die, for we are many and you are few.”  The Spanish refused to leave….  In fierce fighting this became known as the Pueblo Revolt  THE SPANISH WERE DRIVEN OUT OF NEW MEXICO
  8. 8.  The Spanish return  Pueblo died in 1690  Groups in the region were no longer as united either  Spanish recaptured New Mexico in 1692  Spanish settlers and missionaries were reestablished in the region  Expanded into Arizona and Texas  San Antonio, TX was founded in 1718  Spain was still concerned about French and Native Americans and did not want to be driven out
  9. 9.  New Mexico  Did the geography and climate affect the economic activities of the settlers?  Florida  Why did Spain want to build a colony here?
  10. 10. 1. Make a timeline of important events that happened 2. Make a poster about Spanish colonization 3. Make a flip book about Spanish colonization