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Lis 688 assignment 1

  1. 1. Information Literacy Courses at Greensboro Public Libraries<br />A Successful Marketing Plan<br />
  2. 2. The issue at hand…<br />Greensboro public libraries are seeking to educate the public on information seeking programs and tactics to improve the successfulness of research for:<br />General self-education<br />Research papers<br />Employment and career research<br />Future research skills/abilities<br />
  3. 3. Do your own research…<br />Find out what previous library programs were successful.<br />What made them successful?<br />Consider and/or apply those ideas when creating the Information Literacy program.<br />
  4. 4. Use WOMM (Word Of Mouth Marketing)<br /><ul><li>According to WOMM, 10% of the population influences the other 90% of the population.
  5. 5. Have the tools to spread the word!
  6. 6. “Word of Mouth Marketing is not about libraries gathering testimonies and telling the community how great we are doing. It is about helping our customers create the BUZZ.”</li></ul>Narrow the audiences you are trying to reach out to and market towards their age group.<br />Create a survey or questionnaire aimed at discovering the population(s).<br />What do the population(s) need and desire to learn in regards to information literacy?<br />Create classes based on the individuals learning desires.<br />Consider this…<br />Who are we reaching out to?<br />
  7. 7. Reaching out to populations…<br />Announce the new Information Literacy classes during other library programs.<br />Allow the Information Literacy class to be considered among patrons.<br />Itunes podcasts<br />Free (or paid) downloading <br /><ul><li>Reaches the large number of people that download media from Itunes.
  8. 8. Publicize and Promote classes through:
  9. 9. Print newsletters
  10. 10. Email
  11. 11. US.Mail
  12. 12. Internet site
  13. 13. Social Media
  14. 14. Determine the regular patrons in the library that are active in the community.</li></ul>Invite them to try the Information Literacy class.<br />Ask for feedback and encourage the patron to share his/her experience with others and invite others to attend.<br />
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Why is it important for the class Attendee?<br />Patrons need to know the direct benefits of an Information Literacy class as well as a clear and concise definition of the term. <br />Directly explaining the definition, benefits, and uses will eliminate many questions and educate the possible user quickly and efficiently.<br /> For the class to be successful attendees need to understand the meaning of “Information Literacy” and its benefits.<br />DEFINE:<br />Ability to understand how information is organized, where to find it, evaluate its authoritativeness, and share the knowledge.<br />BENEFITS:<br />Information is constantly being created along with new ways to access it through technology.<br />WHERE WILL I USE IT?<br />Academia, Democracy, At Work, Consumer Purchases and Decision Making<br />
  17. 17. Information Literacy Classes at Greensboro Public Libraries will be very successful if the right steps are taken! <br />Thank you!<br />