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A day in the life project roxanne lopez


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My project

Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology
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A day in the life project roxanne lopez

  1. 1. “A Day in the Life” by Roxanne Lopez
  2. 2. Arrive in the morning
  3. 3. I go to my locker
  4. 4. Walk up and down the stairs to go to my classes
  5. 5. Go to the commons
  6. 6. Eat some lunch
  7. 7. Get some snacks from vendoland
  8. 8. Text (during lunch)
  9. 9. Dance Class <3
  10. 10. Bye Westside!
  11. 11. Westside Is a great school tobe in! There is GOODfood, NO uniform, and it is aoverall great environment tobe in! I love Westside!