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Sloped Flooring Process for Food and Beverage Facilities


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EPF specializes in flooring renovation, with polymer slope to drain services. Food and beverage Our system provides a fast turnaround, compared to complete removal. Puma-Crete urethane mortar flooring is applied as the finish, which provides decades of good service.

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Sloped Flooring Process for Food and Beverage Facilities

  2. 2. HIGH PERFORMANCE SLOPE TO DRAIN UNDERLAYMENTS PITCH RATES % slope in/ft slope Sloping Effect for ¼” Resinous Flooring 0 0" No Fluid Flow 1 1/8" Fluid Flows w/ Assistance for Surface Water 1.5 3/16" Fluid Flows with Some Assistance 2 1/4" Complete Fluid Flow w/ no Assistance Needed
  3. 3. TOP TEN PUMA-CRETE ADVANTAGES 1. Enhanced resistance to Chips, Spalls, and Impact: PUMA-CRETE handles repetitive scraping and scratching better than competitive systems. 2. Permanent Non-Slip Texture: PUMA-CRETE retains its texture, even as it wears. 3. Extreme Resistance to Thermal Shock and Thermal Cycling: Withstands hot spills and repeated thermal cycling (hot washdowns, steam cleaning, etc.) without breaking down. (-50 to +250 deg. F) 4. Virtually No Odor: PUMA-CRETE has no VOC’s that can taint your product. (No risk to open food products). 5. Fast Turn Around: PUMA-CRETE HF requires only one pass installation (one day). Many projects can be completed over weekends, with no costly downtime. 6. Turn-Key Installation: EP Floors is a vertically integrated company, manufacturing the materials, installation with our own crews, and a comprehensive warranty. True turn key responsibility!. 7. Long Term Durability: Exclusive Five year Warranty. 8. Moisture Tolerant: May be applied over damp surfaces. Withstands up to 12 lbs of vapor pressure passing thru the concrete slab, without delaminating, blistering, or cracking (Competitive systems are rated <5 lbs). 9. Temperature Tolerant: May be installed in operating coolers at 35 deg F (1 deg. C) or above. 10. Chemical Resistance: Excellent resistance to all chemicals used in food & beverage plants.