2012 medical capabilities


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2012 medical capabilities

  1. 1. Gems Sensors & Controls Medical Sciences Application Engineering • Market leadership with 40+ application/design engineers globally experienced in providing OEM Experience sensing and control solutions • Over 50 years of product innovation including 25 History of Innovation patent awards • Complete product portfolio; level, flow, pressure, Full Product Breadth temperature and solenoid valves • Components, sub-assemblies and fluidic modules World Class • Lean manufacturing improves quality, delivery & cost Manufacturing • ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified • Manufacturing, engineering and sales support in Global Reach Asia, Europe & North America
  2. 2. More than 50 Years of Innovation and Growth 2005 Founded in 1955 by Began Gordy Seigle & Ed Moore Manufacturing in (GS for Gordy Seigle, EM Tianjin, China for Ed Moore). 1969 Began by selling aspirin & Gems is acquired by single-station cork switches De Laval and begins out of Ed’s garage shop investment in merchant marine and Navy business, gained direct sales network 1985 moved to new 1997 facility in Plainville, CT Acquired by 2011 expansion of 1962 Gems moved to a Danaher facility in Plainville, CT 16,00 sq ft building in 1981 Farmington, CT Introduced SureSite® 1993 1998 2006 Merged with Acquired Acquired TransInstruments Warrick Controls 2006 Basingstoke, UK Acquired1955 1965 1975 1985 1995 2005 2011 1959 1966 1970-1985 1986 Acquired by 1995 2003 2006 Developed and Developed and One patent award IMO Delaval Inc. Patented leak Acquired Acquired patented first bilge patented level and every year detection and switch for small visual flow electro-optic boat industry indicators switch
  3. 3. In Vitro Diagnostics Respiratory Care Therapeutic DevicesMonitor and Control Buffer, Measure and Control Measure and control water,Diluent, Waste, Wash, Bulks, Oxygen, Air and Gases gases, cleaning solutions,DI Water and Detergents dialysate, coolant, airControl Mixing, Aspirate and O2 Blending, Gas dispensing, Coolant Flow validation; FluidDispense and Oxygen Flow control flow monitoring, Reservoir level, pressure monitoring
  4. 4. Mass Spec/ Pure Water Genomics/ Proteomics Chromatography Laboratory WaterMonitor and Control gases, Measure and Control water Measure and Control bulksample, air, calibrant, and organics, temperature, fluids, reagents, wash, waste,acetonitrile conductivity detergents and DI waterGas Blending, Solvent De-bubbler, de-gassing, flow Aspirate, dispense, de-Dispensing, Pressure control, control, conductivity bubbler, injectPosition monitoring monitoring, filter life
  5. 5. Broad Product Portfolio Core Product Families Sensors Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature Controls Solenoid Valves, Pumps Fluid handling Manifolds, Bottles, Tubing sets6
  6. 6. Ways to Work with Gems Standard Product Configurable Broader Systems Limited Full Integration w/ VAVE projects Configuration Customer Product Modular design Short Lead Times Standardized Integration Project Management
  7. 7. Level Sensors• Easily customized to specific application• Both intrusive and non-intrusive design• Integrated custom bottle and cap assemblies• Compatible with a variety of fluids Multiple technologies ensure requirements are met • Float / Reed Switch • Electro Optic • Conductivity • Piezo-Resonant • Ultrasonic • Capacitive
  8. 8. Pressure Sensors• Both switch and transducers• Configurable to each specific application• Compatible with corrosive fluids and gases• Pressure or vacuum applications • Superior long term stability • Excellent repeatability • Temperature compensated • Maintains accuracy over wide temperature range
  9. 9. Flow Sensors• For use in liquids or gases• Broad range of configurations Corrosion- resistant materials• Small, compact housings • Low flow rates in liquids and gases • Highly accurate • Fast response times • Reacts quickly to starts and stops
  10. 10. Miniature Solenoid Valves• Fully customizable to application• Various flow orifices and pressure ranges• Broad fluid compatibility• Manifold configurations and sub-assemblies • Low power consumption • Fully isolated solenoids • Minimal internal volume • Fast response time • Can be suitable for battery operation
  11. 11. Subassemblies and Modules Combine Components to Add Value• Integral manifold assemblies provide choices: • Wide variety of manifold materials • Multiple sensor technologies • Flexible configurations Well-designed custom subassemblies reduce • Amount of fitting/tubing connections • Leak Points • OEM assembly time • Cost and complexity
  12. 12. Waste System  Module allows waste to be evacuated from the system  Used in clinical diagnostics and analytical instruments
  13. 13. Oxygen Blender  Takes in air and hospital oxygen and blends it to a specific flow rate to provide to the patient  Module in a ventilator and anesthesia apparatus
  14. 14. Cooling System  Module allows water or chilled air circulation to cool the laser head and patient tissue  Used in medical lasers systems  Surgical  Aesthetic  Ophthalmic  Therapeutic  Dental