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A sales training workshop focused on learning how to generate sales leads with large corporates through business networking

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  • http://www.theaccidentalsalesman.com
  • This training is based on a ground breaking manual on networking by Richard White which not only takes the reader through the mind-set required to generate sizable sales leads through networking but also provides exercises to help the reader work out what to say and who to say it toThe book is endorsed by some of the top names in the world of business networking including Dr Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, who wrote the Foreword
  • Pitching in business is a fundamental part of sales. With an elevator pitch you are looking to get your message across quickly and succinctly – normally in under a minute and ideally in just 10 seconds. The purpose is to generate an interest to talk further rather than win a sale. With networking you need to get good at communicating the type of clients you help and what you do for them. You also need to demonstrate credibility too. All of this should be part of the elevator pitch. This training covers how to craft compelling sales that generate interest in your products and services and also how to get people you already know to help you connect to your ideal prospects
  • If you want to build a house it needs good foundations. You see the house and not the foundations. Yet without solid foundations the house begins to crack and fall apart. The same is true with an elevator pitch. They really work when based on solid foundations and we are going to build your elevator pitch by first doing the groundwork
  • These are the 6 elements of the groundwork you need to address. The links are the people you already know who will help you reach your ideal prospects
  • We are going to do the elevator pitch in 2 parts. The first part is a clear and succinct articulation of your proposition. The second part
  • Here is a template for the elevator pitch. It is a good place to start and can be adapted and modified as you begin to gain more confidence. The part beginning “I specialise” up until “For Example” should be no more than 15 words. Any more than that and you risk the other person not remembering because the reality is that people have a limited capacity to absorb words unless we put them into a story. That is why the bulk of your elevator pitch should be in the form of a story.
  • Here is an example of the 10 second element. This person then went on to tell the story of how he had saved the day for a web designer who was struggling to find someone who not only understood the technology but was also experienced in booking systems
  • This is an adaptation of the template where we can see the person is talking as the owner of a more established business compared to the previous who was a sole practitioner. Again it would be followed by an example story of where the business has helped a large IT company turnaround a failing IT project
  • Here we have one more suitable for a business developer who works for a software company and is not involved in the service delivery. The example story would need to focus on saving travelling time for a specific business person
  • So far we have been paying attention to the first 10 seconds – now we need to get the right formula for the story so that it can be told in just 50 seconds and it has the key elements that will build interest and get the person to want to talk further
  • Now you have developed your elevator pitch you need to start using it. The quickest results for quickly generating more sales leads in to focus on leveraging your existing contacts rather than going out and meeting lots of new people. Get people like your clients and people who you have a good reputation with help you build your network by introducing you to people they know.
  • These are various ways in which your existing network can help you get closer to ideal clients. You could, for example, just cold call a business to form an alliance or joint venture. It will go so much more smoothly if you get someone you know to make the introduction and give you a good introduction. You will build credibility and trust so much quicker than doing it cold.
  • Elevator pitch

    1. 1. How to Develop an Elevator Pitch ThatWins You More Sales From Large Corporates www.theaccidentalsalesman.com
    2. 2. Introduction
    3. 3. Pitching for business
    4. 4. 5 mistakes people make• Too salesy• Too literal• Laundry list• Long ramble• Too clever
    5. 5. Doing the ground work
    6. 6. Groundwork - APPEAL• Audience• Pain• Proposition• Examples• Advantage• Links
    7. 7. 10 seconds to gain attention 50 seconds to build interest
    8. 8. I am a <<what you do>> and I specialise in helping << target audience>> to<<what you do for clients>> For example <<Example story>>
    9. 9. I am an IT consultantand I specialise in helping Web developers toImplement SMS projects
    10. 10. I run an IT project management consultancy and we specialise in helping Large companies to turnaround failing IT projects
    11. 11. I am a business developmentmanager for a software company and we enable business people to reduce the time they spend travelling to meetings
    12. 12. 10 seconds to gain attention 50 seconds to build interest
    13. 13. Example stories• An example to illustrate the first part of the pitch• Focus is on the clients problem• Communicates value• Stimulates interest
    14. 14. Example Stories - 4 P’s• People• Pain• Payoff• Plot
    15. 15. From tiny acorns…
    16. 16. Getting introduced• Alliances• Competitors• Online PR• Referrals• Networking opportunities• Seminars
    17. 17. If you would like to be trained in how to deliver thisas a training course for others or have it delivered toyour team then please contact Richard White usingthe contact details below. This material has createdgreat results with group sizes from 1 to 20 whendelivered in the correct way:Telephone: +44 1428 651866Email: rwhite@theaccidentalsalesman.comWeb: www.theaccidentalsalesman.com