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Blogging 101


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Introduction to Blogging for Educators
I delivered this presentation as a Lunch n Learn for The Centre for Global Education on March 11th, 2014. You can find the archive at

You can find out more about The Centre for Global Education at

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Blogging 101

  1. 1. Blogging 101 Rhonda Jessen
  2. 2. Types of Blogs Micro – Twitter Personal – Margaret Powers Collections – Edutopia Journals - Hybrid Pedagogy Digital platform – The Globe and Mail
  3. 3. K-12 Examples Classes Yollis, Huzzah, List of classes with Digital Portfolios Teachers Kathy Cassidy Schools Yokohama International School Parkland School Division’s 184 Days of Learning
  4. 4. Things to know What is a blog Private vs. Public Self Hosting vs. Hosted Popular platforms: Blogger, WordPress, Edublogs, Kidblog Edublog’s Guide to setting up a personal blog
  5. 5. Digital Citizenship 9 Elements Kathy Cassidy’s guidelines Edudemic’s Teachable Moments Verena Robert’s Graduated Walled Garden Safer Internet Day - February 11th Verena Robert’s Graduated Walled Garden Approach
  6. 6. Terms Posts Pages Tags Categories Widgets Tech Web’s Blogging Dictionary
  7. 7. Creating a New Post WYSIWYG vs. HTML Hyperlinks Media Preview Publish Langwitches Visible Thinking Routines for Blogging
  8. 8. Commenting Conversations vs. broadcasting Why Kathy Cassidy’s Grade 1s Blog Sue Waters Commenting Counts Trolls Spam
  9. 9. Classroom Blogs Edublog’s Guide to Setting Up Classroom Blogs Communication with parents Safety/Citizenship Langwitches K-12 Blogging Framework Langwitches on Assessing Blogs State of Educational Blogging 2012
  10. 10. Resources Langwiches Blogging with Students Sue Waters Getting More out of Student Blogging Comments for Kids Blogging Help from Edublogs Carolyn Durley’s Ideas for Blogging Teaching Writing via Blogging
  11. 11. Challenges Student Blogging Challenge Edublogs Teacher Challenge Blog Action Day October 16th Smart Student Blog Contest Write Our World
  12. 12. This presentation: Rhonda Jessen @rljessen