Rooster hr ceo speaks on benefits of pas and free recruitment software


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R-Lite's helps better coordination between teams & applicant tracking software or system organized data like tracking resume, e-recruitment, applicant tracking all helpful for Small and medium enterprises and HR.

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Rooster hr ceo speaks on benefits of pas and free recruitment software

  1. 1. HR TAKE YOUR HR APPRAISAL SYSTEM TO THE NEXT LEVEL, WITH IT Stay on top of tedious performance appraisals by using solutions that streamline and automate these time- consuming exercises.Charu Bahri | The author is a freelance writer and columnist. More about Charu at http://www.charubahri.com34 • May 2011 • BenefIT •
  2. 2. HRD o you find yourself dreading that time of the Performance appraisals should year when you have to ideally be an ongoing affair, not sit across the table from isolated annual exercises. Nor shouldyour employees and review their evaluations be linked only to theperformances? Both because of the annual pay hikes.sheer volume of paperwork involvedand also because you dislike the ideaof breaking the bad news to workerswho don’t measure up? Do you alsofind yourself in despair throughoutthe year because you really wishthere was some easier way to trackemployee performances so thathigh-performing staff are given theirdue immediately? Otherwise, theyhave to wait until the end of the yearfor an appraisal, by which time yourcompetitor might already have lured Computerised processes also designing appropriate training and generate useful appraisal reports in a development programmes aimed jiffy, thereby freeing human resource at improving employee skills and staff to focus on important policy competencies to boost your business’ matters and strategic activities. competitive edge. It may initially seem that PAS arethem away. If so, read on to learn So the fact remains that not as useful for small and mediummore about a better way of going manual performance reviews are a businesses. In fact, these tools areabout performance evaluations. cumbersome process that require as applicable to them as they are to a lot of paperwork, yet yield little larger organisations. Ravi VenugopalTowards better outcomes value for your organisation. These CEO, Rooster HR, explains why, “It’sPerformance appraisals should challenges have now resulted in common for employees of smallideally be an ongoing affair, not the use of performance appraisal and medium businesses to multi-isolated annual exercises. Nor solutions (PAS) to create a more task and sometimes, to report toshould evaluations be linked engaged workforce and deliver better several managers.” Evaluating theonly to the annual pay hikes. Well outcomes—all with just a few clicks of performance of employees whoplanned and executed performance the mouse. have been assigned multiple tasks orappraisals help motivate employees who work under several managersacross the board, not just your star Technology-driven appraisals is challenging, to say the least. Itperformers, by aligning employee Technology-driven performance calls for meticulous reviews of thegoals with your business objectives reviews help establish paperless time spent on each of the givenand helping people achieve their workflows, eliminate tedious tasks. It also involves getting reviewsmaximum potential. The process preparations and administration, and feedback from more than onealso plays an important role in and enable speedy evaluations. evaluator—a process that could drag • BenefIT • May 2011• 35
  3. 3. HRon for days and months. “That’s why Some performance appraisal solutions Not just paper-and-penwell-designed PAS and an efficienttime management solution are souseful—they manage the entire Indian providers based solution designed to simplify the appraisal process and also facilitateappraisal workflow and help avoid Skelta HRIS: Skelta HRIS helps automate self-appraisals and goal setting. Itover-spending time due to extended not only performance management, builds on the premise that Web-timelines,” he adds. but also associated processes such based tools are essential for online as recruitment, induction, training, or real time appraisals. The solution This suggests that a good PAS compensation and benefits, payroll, and also facilitates employee successorshould go beyond getting reviews leave management. It aims to establish an planning and fixing bonuses andand feedback about performance—it interactive and collaborative platform for increments.must have components facilitating employee engagement. products_12.htmtime and schedule management. HRIS.aspx“Scheduling modules are also essential Halogen’s e-Appraisal software:to facilitate ongoing appraisals,” says PAS Dynamics: Paragon Dynamics Info e-Appraisal is a tool designed to cut Systems, Chennai, offers this solution HR resources and the costs neededHR consultant, Sunitha Ravi. Software based on industry-relevant workflow to conduct and record employeehelps split an employee’s scope of work controls. Apparently, the solution can be performance appraisals. It also aimsinto several tasks to be done over an tailored to suit the needs of the business to improve the quality and completionannual cycle. That way, appraisals can within a short period and is supported by rates of employee appraisals. maintenance and training. e-Appraisal allows employee appraisalbe done every quarter or at six-month forms to be customised.intervals. EmpXtrack Performance Management products/halogen-eappraisal System: EmpXtrack is a Web-basedComprehensive solutions solution offering modules dedicated to Promantek: TrakStar, Promantek’s“Appraisals should focus on setting and tracking the progress of goals comprehensive Web-based PASmore than employee pay rises or for employees. This includes appraisal helps automate the appraisalcuts. Evaluations should further management to objectively and accurately process—it generates automatic evaluate your employees, training and email reminders to managers. It alsoemployee development,” opines development, succession planning to helps managers establish uniformRavi. But for this to happen, the help you identify critical positions in your performance standards and conductprocess should be systematic. organisation and recommend the right quality appraisals. TrakStar supports employee to fill these positions, etc. employee self-appraisals by providingFeedback should be developmental managers reports to compare therather than judgemental, and management-system/ employees’ overall and factor-wisecorrelated with goals set at the start appraisal scores with those thatof the performance cycle. PASSe: Performance Appraisal Software managers have credited them with. for Self-evaluation: A self-evaluation Managers are allowed to route the Comprehensive review solutions solution from Mindpower Solutions appraisals to any number of approvershelp in this respect. They usher in Pvt. Ltd. before closing the process.more transparent evaluations since trakstar-professional/features/they focus on the process from start Global providers performance-appraisalto finish. Well-designed solutions help Review more performanceset achievable employee goals, such Times e-Appraisal 8.0 from Times appraisal solutions at individual career aims fit into the Software: Times e-Appraisal is a Web- business objectives. Realisticgoals, in turn, inspire employees to there are offline solutions that need to hire IT personnel to procure andperform well. Goal-setting also helps to be installed on an in-house server maintain expensive servers to runemployees feel valued as they see and also Web-based tools described the programme.their potential career progression as performance appraisal Software- • Such solutions facilitate ‘anytime,more clearly and better understand as-a-Service (see the box for a few anywhere’ access, therebytheir role within the business. examples). The latter offer some allowing your mobile workforce additional benefits over and above to participate in online reviewsWhat’s on offer offline solutions: and access their appraisals fromWithin the range of available PAS, • Web-based tools eliminate the need wherever they are.36 • May 2011 • BenefIT •
  4. 4. HR With the right solution in place, you can hope to see better performances at work from employees upbeat about their career prospects.• Online employee evaluation Such scalable solutions are more for consistently performing below systems usher in a more affordable. average. The solution must offer collaborative and transparent proper archiving of past data. appraisal process that helps Ad-hoc appraisals: Look for With the right solution in motivate employees and improves some built-in flexibility in a solution. place, you can hope to see better communication between It shouldn’t limit you to a single performances at work from supervisors and subordinates. annual review but also allow ad-hoc employees upbeat about their career• Web-based performance appraisal reviews for promotions, probations, prospects. Still, even as you rush tools also make it easier to access succession, etc. off to evaluate what’s on offer, Ravi past appraisals stored online. has a word of caution regarding Reporting and analysis tools: the indiscriminate use of appraisalFeatures of a good PAS In time, you may end up with volumes solutions:What are the features of a good PAS? of employee-related data. Selecting a “Performance reviews tendThe following pointers may prove system that offers extensive reporting to end up as transactional eventsuseful when you go shopping for one: options will go a long way in helping for mere statistical reasons when you analyse the database and make managers who are hard-pressedEasily customisable: The ideal informed HR decisions. for time can’t focus on the largersolution will allow you to create picture—which is organisationalcustomised appraisal forms, Security: Solutions backed by multiple performance. Appraisal solutionsprocesses, reports, rating scales, and layers of security offer you better control should be supplemented alongquestionnaires, without the support over the access to records. with collaborative face-to-faceof the vendor. interactions with managers and peers. User-friendly: Considering that These discussions must focus onAutomation: The system should performance appraisal solutions are enhancing the relationship betweensend managers timely automated used by all your supervisory staff the employer and employee and onreminders about the need to as well as your HR team members, rewarding the best performers andreview the performance of their adopting a user-friendly system will improving average performers. Sincesubordinates. shorten the learning period and ease communication is an indispensable things as your employees start using part of the review process, suchScalable: Solutions that are priced the new system. sessions ensure better outcomes.”based on the number of employees Make judicious use of these toolsyou intend to use them for help Create an audit trail: Past and you can be sure of success, bothensure that your cash outlay is in line reviews are essential documentation at the workplace and in terms ofwith the size of your organisation. when you need to dismiss employees better appraisals.  • BenefIT • May 2011• 37