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Shamanism is considered by Jung the precursor of all religions and of deep psychology.

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  1. 1. ShamanismThe precursor of religions and of deep psychology
  2. 2. First, let me introduce myself. I’m Roberto, and I believe that our objective in life is to be happy, and that Spirituality and Jungian psychology, my main areas ofinterest, can help us in this search for happiness. Roberto Lima Netto, Ph.D. Stanford University
  3. 3. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that exists since the earliest days in the history of humanity and is the root of all modern religions. Not only religions. According to Jung, shamanism is also the precursor of deep psychology.
  4. 4. The numinous experience of the individuation process, central to Jungian psychology, is, on the archaic level, a prerogative of the shamans.
  5. 5. This matches the advice given by Apollo, the Greek God.In the entrance of his temple in Delphi there is an inscription: Know Thyself.
  6. 6. The shamans practice of direct revelation is the root of many ofour religions that originated with a prophet with access to a direct revelation from God. Jesus and Mohammed are goodexamples, but there are also many prophets of the Old Testament.
  7. 7. Shamanism, despite the use ofritual to get to ASC (Altered Statesof Conscience) is not a religion. It is a form of meditation, combined with the desire to help other human beings to cure their physical, mental or spiritual diseases.
  8. 8. Our world can be divided in two : the material world and the spiritual one.The shamans work in the spiritual world, but cure, with the help of the spirits, material as well as spiritual diseases.
  9. 9. It may be difficult to convince people living in an extremely materialistic society that these spiritual phenomena can happen. When I was younger, I also doubted, but after being witness of spiritual cures and other so called miracles, I dont question this anymore.
  10. 10. Shamanism is not a tradition to be practiced only by natives. It is a spiritual method that can be learned. If you want to invest timeto practice, you will be able to walk through the spiritual world, find your animal helpers, cure others and live a happier life.
  11. 11. My book, The Amazon Shaman, although a fictional thriller, describes the training of a shaman to be, among many other adventures. Im not recommending it as a guide, but it can give you a feeling of how a training of a shaman works.
  12. 12. I invite you to visit my site to see a few relatedvideos and posts and to download a free eBook. “Shortcuts to happiness”
  13. 13. I wish you HAPPINESS. Thanks for your time and attention. Roberto Lima