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Textual analysis of_a_music_video3


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Textual analysis of_a_music_video3

  1. 1. Rebecca Gooch Textual Analysis of a music video Name of video: All Time Low Artist: The Wanted Date released: July 25th 2010 Producer: Steve Mac Writer: Steve Mac, Wayne Hector, Ed Drewett The music video I am analysing is All Time Low by The Wanted (a British band) released July 25th 2010 produced by Steve Mac. The video is set in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse falling apart, dusty, dirty and messy which fits in with the lyrics of “all time low”. This song has a genre of dance pop and indie pop which include the characteristics of upbeat and fast pace; indie pop is a genre of alternative rock music. The music video I am analysing includes some of the genres features. Links between the lyrics and visuals are clear and pronounced in the music video. In the first two verses the band use their hands and there facial expressions to act the lyrics out and make them more realistic singing with emotion; this is particularly shown in the chorus where the pace of the music becomes faster so the band really act out the lyrics. The line “how do you get up from an all time low” is sung the band all crouch down this is a perfect example of the relationship between the lyrics and the visuals. When they repeat “low” many times the band are waving red lights around as if they are trying to get up from an all time low when the pace of the music is reasonably quick. There is also a relationship between the music and visuals an example of this is the video cuts from shot to shot in time with the beat e.g. as shown in the two pictures below the shot is changed on the beat. In this particular music video no solo instrumental bits are illustrated by the video which I personally feel is a good choice because this wouldn’t fit in with video and wouldn’t make the lyrics more realistic. Towards the end of the song when the pace becomes faster the video changes with the pace an example of this is when the change over from shot to shot becomes quicker and changes on the beat an example of this is when there is a wide shot of the band and on the beat one of the singers puts his arms out then the shot cuts to a big bang of smoke on the beat to the exact second as shown in the pictures below. The Wanted is a new boy band formed in 2009 so throughout this video the audience see them perform start to finish just the band singing and really emphasizing the lyrics. The record company look to sell this track by using the music video, the new band boy band and their publicity. All time low is there first song released with the music video. Throughout the music video there are many close ups of each of the artists and the band together but also other types of shots included such as medium to close up shots as well as a wide shot to show the whole band singing together as a band. These close up shots allow the audience to see the band clearly and in a way it promotes
  2. 2. Rebecca Gooch them and there new song using the music video. From the video the image of the band being offered to the audience is they can clearly see the band sing with a lot of emotion and sing from their hearts putting a lot of effort into the singing of the lyrics to make them more realistic. The music video is also performance based. My conclusion of this music video is a very simple video allowing the band to sing with emotion making the lyrics more realistic. The song is upbeat with a fast pace towards the end and in the chorus. I have mentioned the relationship between the lyrics and the visuals and also between the music and visuals. I personally really like the band, the song, and the style of the music video. The video includes many of the characteristics of its genre as I have pointed out earlier. This song and music video would appeal to teenagers and young adults as its more upbeat and dance pop. I think the video is successful and really promotes the band and there new song. Lyrics Praying won't do it Hating won't do it Drinking won't do it Fighting won't knock you out Of my head Hiding won't hide it Smiling won't hide it Like I ain't tried it Everyone's tried it now And failed somehow So when you gonna let me When you gonna let me out - Out And if you know How do you get up from an all time low I'm in pieces Seems like peace is The only thing I'll never know How do you get up Get up ‘Cos driving won't do it Flying won't do it Denying won't do it Crying won't drown it out What you said When I'm standing on the yellow line Waiting at the station Or I'm late for work A vital presentation If you call me now girl Without reservation I would try to break through But if you know How do you get up from an all time low I'm in pieces It seems like peace is The only thing I never know How do you get up from an all time low I can't even find a place to start How do I choose between my head and heart
  3. 3. Rebecca Gooch Till it ceases I never know How do you get up from an all time low A low, (repeat) Can you hear me A low (repeat) Can't you hear me And if you know… Repeat chorus