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  1. 1. Lyrics with the scenes have been included on the page
  2. 2. Piano solo 0:22 seconds How can you describe your sight To someone whose never seen
  3. 3. Impossible like trying to feel When you’re numb from head to to Like chasing the universe No awareness of space and time
  4. 4. Like trying to describe When my heart is racing than the (speed of light)
  5. 5. Chorus So confused Taking pieces from different puzzles
  6. 6. Time passes by, like another day Language of the soul Music to me Close up of faded dots . . . .
  7. 7. Chorus
  8. 8. Second line of Chorus Fades out to Carly
  9. 9. Bridge 0:10 seconds
  10. 10. Letters from the words, words from the sentence Running over the logic in my head Sentence from the page, chapter in the book
  11. 11. It doesn’t make sense The story ends Chorus Piano solo – letter being burnt