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LODLAM Incubator Idea


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Code4LIb lightning talk about LODLAM incubator idea.

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LODLAM Incubator Idea

  1. 1. LOD-LAM Incubator Moving forward the practical, operational application of linked open data in libraries, archives and museumsRachel Frick, rfrick@clir.orgJon Voss,
  2. 2. MoneyPlanning Grants: $1500Provide assistance to move an idea into anactual project by developing a marketingpitch, project plan, and resource allocations.Start-up Grants: $2500 to $7500Designed to support building a project plan to aproof of concept. Participants will be encouragedto focus on discrete datasets and specificimplementations that are not full-fledgedprojects, but may be one working component of alarger project, and enough to illustrate theusefulness of Linked Open Data in action.
  3. 3. TimelineMarch – May Open comment on Incubator Project ( Fund raising Recruit panel / build web siteJune Call for ProposalsLate Fall Begin Funding ProjectsEarly Spring 2013 Demonstrating Live Projects
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