Social Media Frequency Funnel


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A very stripped down how to about length, frequency and medium of social media channels

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Social Media Frequency Funnel

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Frequency Funnel Overview Blog -Writing Style: Long-form -Frequency Minimum: Once every 2 weeks -Content Types: Video, Pictures, Slideshows, Powerpoint, Copy -Text length: 150 – 250 words -Tricks: Write a bold title that explains exactly what is in the body of the post. Optimize the post using the All-in-One SEO tool under the post body box. This will allow you to insert titles, a meta description and meta tags. The blog is a foundation for all communication because it allows you to direct users on short-form networks (Twitter, Facebook). Content on blog also allows you to gain crucial analytic information and simple design control for future enhancements.
  2. 2. Digital Marketing Frequency Funnel Overview Facebook -Writing Style: Medium-form -Frequency Minimum: Once to twice a week -Content Types: You can upload Video, Pictures and Copy or you can link to it and have a picture rendered of what the link is. It’s quicker and easier to link to content. If you can link to content on your blog, all the better. -Text length: 25 words maximum -Content tone: Fun and entertaining. -Tricks: Video links and Photo links are easy to post content quickly. Also consider “liking” the posed content from your personal profile so the content will show in feeds Facebook is a great way to connect with customers, but be very careful not to spam. It is too easy for users to unsubscribe to your updates if you are abusing communication frequency. Facebook provides rich demographic information of fans and 2 main ways to reach them.
  3. 3. Digital Marketing Frequency Funnel Overview Twitter -Writing Style: Very short-form -Frequency: There is no limit, but one study indicates that 21 tweets a day will render the most followers and interactions. This study did not include content value. -Content Types: Texts and hyperlinks are all that is allowed with Twitter. -Text length: 140 Characters -Content tone: Fun, entertaining, casual and informative. -Tricks: Use hashtags (#) to indicate subjects and be cognizant of keywords. Twitter is made to get information to the public. Short comments, hyperlinks and replying to mentions in a timely matter are best practices. Twitter is relaxed and most beneficial for those that are constantly updating and posting relevant, interesting content regardless if it has significance directly to your company.
  4. 4. Digital Marketing Frequency Funnel Content Frequency Pics Video Copy Company/Industry Content PR Frequency By Week Misc. Company Blog 1-2 Facebook 3-4 Twitter Unlimited
  5. 5. Digital Marketing Frequency Funnel Content Size Press Release 200-350 Words Typically no multi media 100-350 Words Blog Post Embedded Video, Slideshows, Industry Reports, Images, Audio Facebook Update 100-200 Characters Links to content, uploaded video and images Tweet 140 Characters Shortened hyperlinks to content, conversational