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Crowdfunding: The Pinnacle to Results Marketing

Would you like to see money immediately as a result of your marketing work rather than statistics? Crowdfunding is the new Gold for 2013, according to Forbes Magazine. Discover the first steps for a successful crowdfunding campaign and get free resources to get you started. Visit

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Crowdfunding: The Pinnacle to Results Marketing

  1. 1. Social Impact Marketing:How Crowdfunding CanSuperCharge Your Marketing!June 10, 2013Robin L. Eschler(805)451-4520
  2. 2. Social Impact Marketing:Crowdfunding=Results Marketing• What is it?– Where lots of peoplecontribute money tosupport business andcauses– Resulted from 2012JOBS Act (JumpstartOur Business Startups)• Where?– Website platforms likeIndiegogo, Kickstater,Rockethub andhundreds of others• Why?– People want to be a partof something bigger thanthemselves– Businesses want to testnew products andservices and get money– Causes raise money• How does it work?– Design landing page andcampaign to drive trafficto the crowdfunding site– “Perks” in exchange forcontributions
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  4. 4. Choose Where.900+ flavors to choose from.
  5. 5. Building a Marketing Foundationthat Immediately Pays Off.• Crowdfunding requirestraffic to be successful– Crowdfunding websiteshave a community ofpeople looking to give– Add your community– Build new leads andrelationships• Drive traffic– Social media– Advertising– Email– PR– Google+ Hangouts!Good Marketing = TRAFFIC!
  6. 6. Carefully Lead Them to theTreasure.• Start 3 months in advance– Activate social media!– Align collaborative organizationsto help• Forward your emails• Post on their social media– Design email campaigns– Develop campaign messaging– Great video and images• Entertaining or compelling• Build enthusiasm• Address the viewer’s interests• Personal touch connects better• The Gold is in the Preparation
  7. 7. Getting the Crowd’s Attention.“Who Gives a Crap?”• To go “Viral:• Capture attention andimagination• Surprise• Urgency• Interaction• Unique products or perks• Examples:• 3Doodler• StickNFind• Misfit Shine
  8. 8. Social Impact MarketingGet Your FREESocial Media Marketing eBooks!• Sign-up to get Facebook Marketing 2013 eBook– 93 pages of valuable tips and guidance on buildingyour Facebook success• Also get free LinkedIn, Pinterest eBooks• For personal help and guidance:– Robin L. Eschler, Founder and CEO– Phone: (805) 451-4520– Email: