MuseumApp @ Museums & The Web 2011


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MuseumApp @ Museums & The Web 2011

  1. 1. Exploring heritage in participatory culture The MuseumApp
  2. 2. Medialab in AmsterdamCreative technology forsocial innovationActivities- Researching culture, behaviour & technology- Developing prototypes and pilots- Organizing interventions & events Waag Society
  3. 3. Process s Need Idea s Art Pro ion to Science Quest Society typ Technology e P ilot Re q ui r e m e nts S o l u tio ns Experiment Co-create Implement Creative research Applied research Validate Form Context Transformation Process
  4. 4. More and more content publishedCluttered access from user point of viewSmart phones as toolsThe paradox that lead to the MuseumApp
  5. 5. Teaming up with Amsterdam Museum Creating connections to the city Targeting new audiences Targeting new audiences Blueprint application for sectorCreating an open platform for cultural routes
  6. 6. Hosting locative labsDesign thinkingWorking interdisciplinary
  7. 7. Creating an open platform for cultural routesIterative process Prototyping and testing on the fly
  8. 8. Activating users Focus on the screen ‘Hidden treasures’Access to locations Sharing stories Knowledge sharingChallenges
  9. 9. • Storytelling; Points-of-Interest vs Stories, mixing storylines and perspectives• Game mechanics; tasks, points, opinions• Social media; publishing pictures and opinions, connecting to other applications• Logistics; own phone and borrowed phonesExperiment with
  10. 10. Creating an open platform for cultural routesPilot tours on ‘Tolerance’ and ‘Enterpreneurship’Difference in ages and skills Evaluating user experience
  11. 11. Creating an open platform for cultural routesExploring participation and sharingEvaluating user experience
  12. 12. • Overall enthousiasm, wanting to explore further• Preference for audio (2nd pictures)• More need for linearity and guidance than expected• ‘Fix’ GPS inacurateness• Colourcoding for different storylines & types of content• Using social media for specific group• Comparing opions to others• More tasks, clear feedback necessary Findings
  13. 13. Creating an open platform for cultural routesOnline editorial platformNo programming skillsEasy editing
  14. 14. Online editorial platformNo programming skillsEasy editing
  15. 15. Scenario:Download MuseumApp (AppStore or Market)
  16. 16. Look at cultural offering nearby (in de buurt) Bekijk het overzicht van musea
  17. 17. Look at the (indoor & outdoor) tours of a museum Bekijk het indoor & outdoor ‘tour’aanbod van het museum
  18. 18. Check outwaar contentover gaat en start de tour tour Bekijk the de tour of a tour and start the
  19. 19. Navigate theop de kaartexplore locations Navigeer map and naar de locaties
  20. 20. Activate video, sound, pictures, text, tasks onlocation - share video, geluid, tekst en opdrachten op Activeer foto, activities locatie
  21. 21. Navigate thebinnen op de plattegrond van het Navigeer indoor map and activate locations museum en activeer locaties
  22. 22. • Customized identity and joint visibility• Controlling your experience and content• Inside and outside• Publishing media and participation• Feedback and sharing (Reviews, Social Media)• Statistics of use• Paid and/or free tours• Assistance on content, script and logistics optionalFeatures MuseumApp
  23. 23. • Focus on Amsterdam• Teaming up with 10 musea for 1st year (for free)• Learning by doing, sharing experiencesLaunch summer 2011Join the MuseumApp!Timeline MuseumApp
  24. 24. • 1st App combining cultural tours of multiple museums, made by museums• 1st mobile service, offering support for software, creation, content, communication & logistics• 1st initiative to combine inter- disciplinary experience the cultural sectorUSP’s MuseumApp
  25. 25. • Amsterdam Museum• 7scenes• Waag Society• Bank Giro Loterij• Stichting DOEN• Amsterdamse Musea• Gemeente Amsterdam• Antenna InternationalPartners MuseumApp Amsterdam
  26. 26. More information: