Location Based Play Workshop Picnic '06


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Location Based Play Workshop Picnic '06

  1. 1. Locative Media programme Ronald Lenz (ronald@waag.org) Aske Hopman (aske@waag.org) www.waag.org/locativemedia
  2. 2. Amsterdam RealTime
  3. 3. Amsterdam RealTime • What? An interactive art installation rendering realtime GPS data into a live map of Amsterdam • Why? To enable creative use of GPS technology, to visualize participants' mental maps, to raise awareness of tracing issues
  4. 4. Amsterdam RealTime • Who? Collaboration with Esther Polak, with volunteers from all ranges of Amsterdam society, for visitors of a historical maps exhibition • When/Where? October-December 2002
  5. 5. Amsterdam RealTime • Results! 80 individual Amsterdam maps combining into a two month space-time representation of the city / for WS: big international exposure, interest in doing more project using positioning technology • More? www.waag.org/amsterdamrealtime
  6. 6. Amsterdam RealTime
  7. 7. Amsterdam RealTime
  8. 8. Frequency 1550
  9. 9. Frequency 1550 • What? An educational mobile location-based game pilot, blending medieval history out on the Amsterdam streets with assignments in online information retrieval and media creation. • Why? To have students experience history on-site through a medium that may engage them more than classroom education: mobile phone based gaming.
  10. 10. Frequency 1550 • Who? For 12-14 year old secondary school pupils of Montessori Comprehensive School Amsterdam • When/Where? February 2005 / The medieval centre of Amsterdam and inside the Waag building.
  11. 11. Frequency 1550 • Results! successful pilot with enthused students, a lot of attention generated, critical view on balance between technology/narrative/education/gaming fun, follow-up into more robust version of mobile game • More? www.waag.org/frequency1550
  12. 12. N8 game
  13. 13. N8 game • What? A team contest in creating media- enriched geotraces of nightly Amsterdam • Why? Providing a locative media creation tool to the public in a playful setting
  14. 14. N8 game • Who? With volunteers visiting the Amsterdam museum-night, for online viewers and a live audience in the Waag building • When/Where? Amsterdam’sAmsterdam night november 2005 / The annual museum inner city around the participating museums.
  15. 15. N8 game • Results! the teams re-playable media- routes / for WS: shift toward web-based (live) representation of geo-media • More? www.n8spel.nl
  16. 16. Mobile Learning Game Kit
  17. 17. Mobile Learning Game Kit • What? A software platform to create, play and share educational location-based games • Why? To enable the creation of new forms of education
  18. 18. Mobile Learning Game Kit • Who? Together with the HvA / MediaLab & UvA • When/Where? Now! Amsterdam pilots on UvA’s Media Archeology and Oral History in summer 2007
  19. 19. ParQ
  20. 20. ParQ • What? A mobile media sharing application that exposes and reinforces the social network of the communities that share a public park • Why? Study on how social interaction can be influenced by locative aspects of mobile messaging
  21. 21. ParQ • Who? Currently in discussion • When/Where? Hopefully in a park in Amsterdam in summer 2007 • More? www.waag.org/parq