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15 year celebration - Waag Society


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Published in: Technology
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15 year celebration - Waag Society

  1. 1. Evolution of the internet From universities to homes to the street
  2. 2. Evolution of the internet From access to some people to everyone
  3. 3. The Mobile Internet A new kind of internet and a new mass medium
  4. 4. A new City Design Designing the Mobile Internet is Designing the City
  5. 5. London
  6. 6. London
  7. 7. London
  8. 8. A virtual City Design So the virtual and physical can blend into a new reality
  9. 9. A new City is emerging... but a new Medium needs new Tools!
  10. 10. 7scenes Mobile & Online platform to create, play and share Scenes
  11. 11. Create A powerful web-based authoring & publishing tool
  12. 12. Play Mobile software to discover & interact with Scenes
  13. 13. Share Online environment to share Scenes and user experiences
  14. 14. Many years of research Locative Media
  15. 15. Many national projects in the last two years
  16. 16. Rituals
  17. 17. But also international projects
  18. 18. The Mystery of the Colonel’s Ghost
  19. 19. Free public accounts More mobile platforms iPhone, Android, Mobile webapp Open API’s for developers Exciting new features Design competitions Inter/national collaborations & partnerships Expanding the team So what’s next A sneak preview of 2010
  20. 20. So what Scene is on your mind? You are the new City Designers!!
  21. 21. Scene - ‘Geen buizen, maar huizen!’ Metrorellen op de Nieuwmarkt - 1975
  22. 22. - @rlenz