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Twitter Training for 2600hz


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Twitter Training for 2600hz

  1. 1. Q: WHY DO I NEED TO TWEET?A: Because conferences want to know your Twitter Handle. To know you better.
  2. 2. Q: WHY ELSE?A: Quick source of RELEVANT information that’s quickly becoming the standard.
  3. 3. Q: WHY ELSE? A: It’s a great way to ask questions to a wide audience, who WANT to listen to you.James : 40 FollowersJosh: 500 Followers2600hz: 750 Followers How can we expand this even further?Total Reach: 1300+
  4. 4. SO HOW DO I DO THIS THING?@AT REPLIES• When you want to speak to/address a specific handle to ensure it will appear on their Twitter feed• Starting a tweet with an @ reply ≠ .@Handle
  5. 5. @REPLIES CONT.Make sure the user handle is a real handle. Or it will reach the wrong person. And your message gets sucked into the black hole.
  7. 7. #HASHTAGSPurpose: Following discussions and all relevant tweets/information. Spreading your info/tweets to relevant followers/groups.Use Cases: Conferences, Topics (ie: Techmeme Redesign, FreeSWITCH, etc.)GOOD ONES TO USE:#Erlang #BigCouch#FreeSWITCH #CouchDB#Cloud #Developers#Telecom #DevOps Using a hashtag like this could have expanded James’ previous tweet by up to 10 times
  8. 8. WHAT ARE ALL THE ACRONYMS?RT – RETWEETDM – DIRECT MESSAGE (private messages between users. To DM someone, they must be following you)OH – OVERHEARD
  10. 10. LINK SHORTENERSBitlyHootsuite – ow.lyTwitter auto shortener – RECOMMENDED (albeit longer) helps us track in Google Analytics
  11. 11. THE BIOEasiest way to define who you are.IMPORTANT: Include your title, your own photo, reference @2600hertz.WHY? – Pops up on the email notification when you follow someone
  12. 12. MUCH BETTER
  13. 13. WHO TO FOLLOW?Anyone you’d like!• Tech reporters/publications you read most• Your favorite restaurants/food trucks• Customers you reference frequently• Sports teams/reporters• All 2600hertz people! • @thepbxguy @patsullivanSF @jon_blanton• @jamesaimonetti @rlee319 @2600hzMascot• @steve_lum @richardhurlock @dhruvi26
  14. 14. WHAT TO TWEET?• Updates on work you’ve done• Interesting articles you’ve read• New 2600hz blog posts• Conferences you’ll be attending**A lot of this, can be as simple as a RT for @2600hertz, follow closely! ;)
  15. 15. HAVE FUN WITH IT 