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Interior Design Trends: True Collaboration


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The new model of Interior Designer is that of editor and curator of what I term the Culture of Design that combines all available resources and involves clients in every aspect of the design process. Modern Interior Design is an authentic lifestyle concept with design schemes that are honest and reflect client aesthetics. It’s true collaboration.

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Interior Design Trends: True Collaboration

  1. 1. By Robin Lechner Designs 12-21-13 Today’s interior design experience is modern, approachable, and interesting. It’s an accumulation of meaningful experiences with a depth of understanding of the end product, resulting in engaging and functional interior design schemes that reflect the unique needs and lifestyles of clients. Modern Interior Design is an authentic lifestyle concept with design schemes that are honest and reflect client aesthetics. The new model of Interior Designer is that of editor and curator of what I term the culture of design that combines all available resources and involves client in every aspect of the design process. It’s true collaboration. As Interior Designer, I include the client in on select meetings with contractors and trades people. The client experiences the collaboration of the inspiration of the designer with the talent of the artisan, and technical product development of the manufacturer. The experience instills confidence, builds trust and an understanding of product creation and development. You can read more about getting involved in the design process in the piece I wrote: The Culture of Collaboration see Having moved from NYC three short years ago, I was concerned about the quality of design I could deliver to clients in south Florida. Fortunately, there’s DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas) and the satellite showrooms in the Dania Beach area as well as the Miami Design Center. I’ve been able to of expand my own knowledge, skills, and expertise through programs for professionals that brings worldwide innovations to a single central location. Having the opportunity to talk one on one with designers renown in their respective fields of expertise has proven invaluable. DCOTA and its environs, provides the perfect venue to include clients. A day at DCOTA never fails to inspire, excite, and revitalize. It's a unique and upscale resource, where many showrooms offer seminars and events to educate and entertain professionals and the public. When scheduled, I attend showroom presentations, seminars for continuing education, and other events to expand my knowledge and skill sets.
  2. 2. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Johnathan Adler (on right), internationally recognized as the creator of a lifestyle brand with free standing stores located worldwide. His emphasis is on modern forms in bold colors and graphics. Thom Felicia’s (below) role on HGTV’s Queer Eye For The Straight Guy has launched his career as one of the most influential Interior Designers. His redefinition of American Design brings the American look from an Early American stereotype into the 21st century with its own unique modern image. David Bromstad focuses on the meaning and power of color, its emotional and psychological elements, and how to use them to resolve the challenge in determining color palettes for clients. His wit, energy, and ability to entertain are only surpassed by his talent and creativity. Eric Cohler emphasizes the expression of the individual’s personality and lifestyle in his design. It’s the responsibility of the designer to use their skill to integrate personal taste and passion yet making the result modern and extraordinary. For more information, your own personal tour at DCOTA, a list of events, contact me… You can sign up for my newsletter focusing on seasonal trends, follow my blog articles, and 'like' me on facebook for daily news and updates. Robin Lechner Designs is a full service interior design firm, serving South Florida, NYC, and the Hamptons for over 15 years. As founder and Principal, I have been recognized by professional organizations for design excellence, hard work and dedication, and contributions to family, career, and community. My design style is influenced by years of international travel, love of history, and appreciation of design, art, and architecture.