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Shipping and Packaging Unique Items


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R+L Carriers describes the packaging and shipping requirements for unique items such as bags, long objects, drums and pails, reels, and rolls. Also, learn about the security and recommendations for building or using commercial shipping crates.

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Shipping and Packaging Unique Items

  1. 1. Some freight will not fit neatly onto a pallet. ● Increased risk of damage if special care is not given ● Unique items call for unique packing to ensure their protection FACE IT
  2. 2. The right packaging = the right protection PACKAGING OPTIONS
  3. 3. Problem: Bags can be easily punctured. Solution: ● Place a sheet of cardboard on the pallet before placing the bags to prevent them from “sagging” between the deck boards. ● Stack in an interlocked formation to prevent shifting. ● Don’t overhang the pallet!! ● Protect the perimeter with cardboard before wrapping with a generous amount of stretch wrap. BAGS
  4. 4. Problem: Shifting and Sliding ● Do not band to a pallet, as it presents a shifting hazard Solution: ● The best way is to bundle them into crates ● If crating is not an option, use metal bands and nylon chokers Special note: If product can be damaged from coming into contact with freight handling equipment, it should be packaged to eliminate anything from coming in contact with it. LONG OBJECTS
  5. 5. ● To prevent puncture from a raised nail head, place a sheet of cardboard on top of the pallet before placing the drums. ● If stacked on a pallet, secure with banding or shrink wrap. ● All pallets should have solid deck boards with minimal gaps ● Drums should be as close to center as possible Special note: Drums are single stack only. Pails can be stacked three high. DRUMS/PAILS
  6. 6. WHAT IS DUNNAGE? ● Inexpensive materials used to load and protect freight during transit ● Examples: Packing Peanuts, cardboard, boards, blocks
  7. 7. Secure to skids in all four directions with metal, plastic, or nylon banding GAYLORDS
  8. 8. Problem: They roll! Solution: ● Anchor reels through the center to a pallet and add blocking and bracing to form a “cradle”. ● This eliminates rolling and shifting during transit REELS Image TK (image of reel properly secured to pallet) Will probably need to shoot this.
  9. 9. Problem: Easy to damage Solution: ● Should have an inner packaging core to allow for use of forklift attachments ● Cover product completely with protective plastic ROLLS
  10. 10. Problem: Easy to tip over! Solution: ● Items with a high center of gravity should be banded to a wider base to prevent tipping ● Placard two sides as “Top Heavy” TOP HEAVY ITEMS
  11. 11. ● If you can’t secure it, crate it! ● Important!! Strengthen the corners and edges for protection ● Perfect for high value or hard to package items CRATES
  12. 12. In this example, the corners and edges are reinforced, but doesn’t offer much in the way of strength. A heavy crate stacked on top may crush it. CRATES MINIMUM PROTECTION
  13. 13. ● Vertical supports like these increase strength by about 1.2 times ● Still not very strong, but better CRATES MORE PROTECTION
  14. 14. ● A single diagonal board on each side of the crate makes it about 6 times stronger. ● Now we’re getting there! CRATES MEDIUM PROTECTION
  15. 15. ● Adding two diagonal boards to each side of the crate makes it nearly 12 times stronger! ● You want your freight to be protected by something 12 times stronger, right? CRATES MAXIMUM PROTECTION
  16. 16. ● Use three-way interlocking corners when attaching reinforcement boards ● Nail into the grain to tie the two sides of the crate together. CRATES INTERLOCKING CORNERS
  18. 18. SHIPPING CRATES What to look for when ordering service: ● Easy to assemble ● Easy to ship ● Maximum Protection ● Security – does it lock? ● Can you track and trace it?
  19. 19. View the next slide for a video on how to assemble a You Crate, a popular product from R+L Carriers. YOU CRATE
  20. 20. Need help? Call 800-546-5589 or visit v For additional crating options visit