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Kiosk com lasvegas_2010_kiosks-101

  1. 1. Where Do I Start? Kiosks & Interactive Self Service 101 Ronald L. Bowers April 14, 2010 SVP Business Development Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda Overview  General Overview of the Industry – Research data, Who’s doing what, Future projections  Defining Business Goals & Customer Experience – Qualifying the Reason for Deployment  Understanding the value proposition for Retailer, Brand Marketer, and the Customer  What to Consider – Hardware, Software, Services, Deployment and Marketing  Identifying Technology benefits – Kiosks, Digital Signage, Handhelds, etc.  Determining your goals – While Attending Self-Service Expo – and How to Accomplish Them!
  3. 3. Consider These Research Statistics: 97% increase in Kiosk installations from 2006 to 2009 • 39% increase in 2007 alone 39% of customers prefer Kiosks to reduce wait times • 44% frustrated by lack of employees to help 71% of 18 to 24 year olds prefer Self-Service • 64% of 24 to 35 year olds prefer Self-Service 12% increase in store sales by retailers using Kiosks • 42% will choose stores because Kiosk’s are available 75% of purchase decisions made in the store 900,000 Kiosks installed by 2007 • 1,200,000 Kiosks by 2009 • 3,400,000 Kiosks by 2015 projected
  4. 4. Providing Custom Retail Kiosk Solutions For Over 30 Years
  5. 5. Future Projections: Define Success to You & Then Measure It!
  6. 6. An Introduction to Interactive Self-Service at Retail Your opportunity to secure your objectives and formulate a successful interactive display strategy.  What is your retail channel?  What is important to the consumer experience?  How will a self-service experience impact your brand at retail?
  7. 7. Create a Business Model  Define all objectives  Business owner (store owner, franchiser)  Customer/consumer (person using the kiosk)  Shareholders (corporate impact, image)  Retail partners (products marketed in store)  Consider all technologies  Kiosks  Digital Signage  Handhelds  Displays / Signage  Use a “blended” approach  One size does not fit all  Consider different technologies  Customize your approach
  8. 8. Have You Really Determined Your Goals & Objectives “Its Not the Shoes!” Deploying a successful retail self-service kiosk program can be a very complicated and daunting “Its Not the Technology!!” business strategy if not executed correctly. Therefore, it is critical to start any project with a What are your reasons for deployment? detailed Needs Assessment Discussion and a thorough Due Diligence process for determining a successful ROI and proper lifespan for the kiosks. Sales Increase Competition Brand Loyalty Insure that a detailed functional requirement document has been developed and embodies the Improved Product vision you have as a deployer for your project and Customer Introduction that your deployment Team understands your Service and Trial vision and insures it is a measurable success.
  9. 9. Have You Really Determined Your Goals & Objectives  Where will your business benefit?  Better Retail Placement  Better Product Information for Customer  Real-time Retail Performance Feedback  How will this benefit Consumer, Retailer, and Brand Marketer?  Product Knowledge Information  Brand Trial & Loyalty  Convenient Customer Service  Reduce Retailer Overhead Costs to Sales
  10. 10. Does Your Business Model Support the Pyramid Principle? Customer  Are all three players gaining benefits?  Short term – Long term  Scalable  Are you considering the total picture?  Interactive Kiosks = =   Digital Signage Handhelds  Flash Media Shelf Systems  Point-of-Purchase Displays  Signage  Build your solution to your needs Retailer = Brand Marketer
  11. 11. Success Requires an Integrated Marketing Solution  Software & Content Development  Component Hardware  Channel Integration  Installation  Health & Heartbeat Monitoring  Real-Time Retail Performance Feedback  Updating a Scalable Solution  Retail Placement & Support Signage  Service and Maintenance
  12. 12. What to Consider  Hardware  Components  Kiosks  Displays, Computers, Printers, Keyboards  Digital Signage  Allows you to “roll your own”  Software  Services  Application Providers  Installation  Monitoring Services  On-Site service
  13. 13. Success Points of Differentiation Needs Assessment Discussion and a thorough Due Diligence process for determining a successful ROI and proper life span for the kiosks. Insure that a detailed functional requirement document has been developed and embodies the vision you have for your project, and that your deployment Team understands your vision and insures it is a measurable success. Does the program complement brand marketing & media advertising? Does the consumer see continuity of brand purpose at retail? Is there a focused “Call to Action”? Can the consumer intuitively navigate to product purchase? Does the self service system aid and complement retail associate interaction?
  14. 14. How to Approach This Self-Service Expo to Your Benefit  Be Software, Hardware & Service Agnostic  Focus on Your Marketing Objectives  Branding  Design  Presence at retail  Convenience  “Call-to-action”  Experienced Team Approach
  15. 15. Things NOT to forget  Consider the customer  Pre-Marketing  Make it easy, intuitive  Signage, displays  Location, Location, Location  Consider the employee  Get them on your side  Make them part of the process  Consider the sustainability  Improvements will be made  No deployment is perfect, be prepared  New content needs to be updated
  16. 16. Zooming In… …Where to begin – Your business plan …What to look at – Components that will support your business plan …How to stay focused – Consider an integrated solution with your business plan goals in mind
  17. 17. Ronald L. Bowers SVP Business Development Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc. 1975 Wisconsin Ave. Grafton, WI 53024-2605 (800) 225-3987