Five Ways to Make SharePoint Your Intranet Home


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SharePoint is a wonderful platform for delivering intranets. In this session you'll learn how to create content for the intranet and get users to go to SharePoint for their intranet home

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  • Web Part Pages minus structure and plus contentSimplified url syntax … [[ text ]] …Automatic creation of pagesQuestion: How does a Wiki make it easier to collaborate?Answer: Ease of linking and automatic creation of pages.
  • Consistency is key to help people consume information.Page Layouts are the way that consistency is enforced.Question: Where might a page layout be more appropriate than a wiki page?Answer: In a structured publishing situation where the consistency of the data is more important than the speed at which it can be added to the system.Need to emphasis why page layouts help?
  • Consider how Wiki pages and page instances are different.Wiki – Unstructured content anywherePage instance – Controlled metadata at specific points in the pageThink about navigation. We’ve settled that. Global navigation is across the top. Local navigation is on the left.What happens when you come to a site where this isn’t the case?Output can be regenerated when the page layout is changed.Question: Why do page instances make sense from a design perspective?Answer: Because the pages can be re-merged as soon as the page layout changes to adapt to a new layout, a new branding, or a new set of fields added to the page.
  • Five Ways to Make SharePoint Your Intranet Home

    1. 1. Five Ways to Make SharePoint Your Intranet Home Robert Bogue (317) 572-5310
    2. 2. Who am I? • I’ve been making technology easier to understand for 22 years • I’ve helped dozens of clients implement SharePoint. • Certifiable technical skills
    3. 3. Agenda • Themes • Pages • Managing the Home Page • SharePoint Add-Ons • Super Tips
    4. 4. Themes
    5. 5. What is a Theme? • A set of colors and fonts • Can be used inside of office applications – and SharePoint
    6. 6. Creating Themes In PowerPoint 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 5
    7. 7. Upload a Theme 2 1 3 4 5 6
    8. 8. 4 Apply a Theme 2 1 3 5
    9. 9. Demo: Create a Theme Demo: Upload the Theme Demo: Apply the Theme
    10. 10. Pages
    11. 11. Wiki Page • Definition • Unstructured content pages • Can include Web Parts • Hawaiian for “quick” • When to use • When you need to deliver unstructured content • When you need to deliver code and content seamlessly
    12. 12. Page Layout • Definition • Web Content Management (WCM) feature • Used to ensure consistency across content • Mixed structured and unstructured content • When to Use • Create consistency across a large number of contributors • Plan for changes of content structure in the future
    13. 13. Page Instance • Definition • Content + Page Layout • One page instance for each content Web page on your site • When to use • When you want to create content
    14. 14. Comparing Wiki and Publishing Pages Wiki • Easier to get started (no preparation) • Difficult to maintain consistency over the long term • Difficult to transition the layout later Publishing • Requires work to get setup • Designed to maintain consistency • Easy to change display of content later
    15. 15. Demo: Create a Page Demo: Create a Page Layout Demo: Changing a Page Layout
    16. 16. Managing the Home Page
    17. 17. How do I put content on the page? • On Publishing Pages • Field Controls • On a Wiki Page • Body Content • On a Web Part Page • Content Editor Web Part (ick!)
    18. 18. What is a Web Part? • A piece of code that can be placed on a page by the administrator. • Can be used to do anything including • Executing a search • Issuing a Query • Displaying static content
    19. 19. Demo: Add a Content Query Demo: Add a Twitter Feed
    20. 20. SharePoint Add-ons
    21. 21. What is a SharePoint Solution? • A .WSP file that contains XML and sometimes compiled code to be run • Can be scoped at a farm or site collection level • Site collection solutions are called Sandboxed solutions
    22. 22. User Code Host • Sandboxed Solutions with compiled code require that the user code host service be running. • They represent no threat to the health of SharePoint – but SharePoint is frequently not configured correctly.
    23. 23. JavaScript and the CEWP • CEWP = Content Editor Web Part • JavaScript – One bad apple spoils the whole bunch
    24. 24. Super Tips
    25. 25. Something is Broken • Nothing in the site works • Try _layouts/settings.aspx • Check the master page • The page is broken • Try adding ?Contents=1 • Can’t add a web part • Try adding ?ToolPaneView=2
    26. 26. Remove Menus and Embed • Add ?IsDlg=1 to remove header and menus • Use the resulting page in the page viewer web part to create embedded views
    27. 27. Demo: CEWP Good Use Demo: Page Viewer
    28. 28. Free Stuff • SharePoint Security Overview • Project Type/Risk Matrix • XSLT for Twitter • XSLT for Blog
    29. 29. Thank You Robert L Bogue (317) 572-5310