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  1. 1. Stomach cancer<br />Ji Min Kim<br />What word do you think of when you hear the word stomach cancer? If you think of cancer, which occurs in the stomach, then you are correct. Stomach cancer is generally known as gastric cancer. This essay is about stomach cancer and it will describe what stomach cancer is, its cause, types of treatments, and the one-world issues arisen from it.<br />There are several pieces of layers in our stomach.What is a stomach cancer? Stomach cancer is a cancer that appears on stomach and it's the 10th most common cancer in the world. The stomach has five layers. As cancer grows deeper into the layers, the prognoses for the patients get worse. Starting from the innermost layer is called mucosa. Most of the stomach cancers 90-95 percent are classified as adenocarcinomas; a type of cancer that develops in cells lined lining the walls of different organs in the body. Stomach cancers rarely affect people under age 40, but it is often found in people over the age of 55. Stomach cancer appears twice as common in males than in females. Also, most of the gastric cancer patients are in Japan. 22.4% of the total patients in the world are from Japan, followed by Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. <br />So what causes stomach cancer? Lifestyle plays an important role; if you don’t live properly, then you might get cancer. Usually, cancer (stomach cancer) happens because of 4 reasons. First, smoking. Tobacco contains carcinogens that does harm to your body. Second, diet. You shouldn't eat food that is too salty or smoked. Salty and smoked food contains nitrates, -a carcinogen-. Third, being morbidly obese. If you are overweighed,t there is a high chance of getting stomach cancer. Finally, it’s family history. There is a good chance of getting stomach cancer if one’s close relatives has or had stomach cancer. Most of the cancers are passed down to son or daughter. Plus, the cancer cells can spread each other. <br />If one gets stomach cancer, they may be nervous and thinking about survival possibility, but there are treatments for stomach cancer. There are three ways of treating the stomach cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy is the following. All of them work, but I’ll discuss about chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is basically injecting anticancer drugs into a vein. It is helpful for destroying cancer cells. Nevertheless, it has side effects such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting and hair loss. Radiotherapy is another type of treatment. It uses as high dose radiation and kills cancer cells. The disadvantage of radiation therapy is that it can develop a second cancer and has severe side effects. <br />There are 4 types of symptoms when you get stomach cancer. Feeling nausea, barfing, losing appetite, feeling tired easily and losing weight are the symptoms of stomach cancer. If one corresponds to two or more symptoms above, then there is a possibility of cancer cell growing in one’s body and has to get a proper diagnosis. These are the risk factors of stomach cancer. Blood type A, ages over 50, history of stomach removal are the risk factors and it is likely to occur on people with these conditions. <br />Getting the treatment for stomach cancer can destroy one financially. Cancer treatments can cost a fortune, and some people cannot afford them. According to a, many people have pressure to pay the treatment. However, they cannot have a treatment only because of it cost a lot. For example, people who are having terminal stomach cancer need to pay $31,325 in 1996. Which means that it will cost more nowadays. <br />Getting stomach cancer is a social problem too. People can get cancer easily, as I mention earlier, stomach cancer is twice as coon common as in men as women. Old people like over 50, have more possibility of getting stomach cancer. Stomach cancers are related to human’s life style. Such as when you are smocking, eat too salty food or smocked food. Also, when someone get a stomach cancer less than about 40, then there is someone in your family who had a stomach cancer before. Stomach cancer is a hereditary disease. <br />Stomach cancer can be a debacle in one’s life. Stomach cancer has two one-world issues, there are economic and social. It cost a lot of money to remedy the treatments and stomach cancer is related to human’s life. There is a quote about a stomach cancer. “I had no specific bent toward science until my grandfather died of stomach cancer. I decided that nobody should suffer that much” said by Gertrude B.Ellon. It means that it is really pain to have a stomach cancer, don’t make a life hard.<br />Bibliography<br />Unknown, Unknown, What Is Stomach Cancer? , eHealthMD, 12/4/10,<br />Unknown, Unknown, Facts about STOMACH CANCER, Illinois Department of Public Health Home Page, 12/3/10,<br />Unknown, Unknown, Stomach Cancer- Health Encyclopedia and Reference, - Trusted, Reliable and Up To Date Health Information, 12/5/10,<br />Unknown, Unknown, Stomach Cancer- Symptoms of Stomach Cancer, About Cancer, 12/7/10,<br />Unknown, Unknown, Stomach Cancer - Stomach Cancer Description - Stomach Cancer Symptoms - Stomach Cancer Prevention - Stomach Cancer Treatment, Symptom Checker - Check Your Symptoms - Check Medical Symptoms, 12/7/10,<br />Unknown, Unknown, Radiation Therapy - Radiation Therapy Description - Radiation Therapy Symptoms - Radiation Therapy Prevention - Radiation Therapy Treatment, Symptom Checker - Check Your Symptoms - Check Medical Symptoms, 12/7/10,<br />Unknown, Unknown, Stomach cancer -, Mayo Clinic medical information and tools for healthy living -, 12/6/10,<br />Unknown, Unknown, Care vs. Cost: How Much Is Too Much to Treat Cancer? – DailyFinance, Business News, Stock Quotes, Investment Advice – DailyFinance, 12/7/10,<br />