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  1. 1. Name: Ji Min KimPartners: Megan, KelseyDate of experiment: September 29th 2010 Factors that affecting the cooling rate of waterAim: The amount of water that we need, to let the water cool down in the fastest wayHypothesis: 1) If the amount of water decreases then the time for cooling the waterwill be faster.2) If the amount of water increases then it will take long time to cool down.Variables: Input variable: Amount of water (change as 100ml, 150ml, 200ml) Output variable: Time for water to cool down Control variables: Control variable 1: I will keep it constant by same room temperature Control variable 2: I will keep it constant by the same fire flame. Control variable 3: I will keep it constant by measuring the start temperature. Control variable 4: I will keep it constant by having same beaker. Such as the area, volume… Control variable 5: I will keep it constant by using same thermometer. Control variable 6: I will keep it constant by length of the time we measure the temperature (10 minutes)Materials:- 250ml beaker (3)- Bunsen Burner- Stopwatch- Retort stand (1)- Measuring Cylinder- Heatproof mat- Lighter- Long arm clamps
  2. 2. - Thermometer- Boss head- TripodMethod: 1. Set up equipment as shown in Diagram 2. Turn the flame on 3. Put 100g water on the ‘gauze mat’ 4. Heat until the temperature reaches to 60 Celsius 5. After it went to 60 Celsius, time 10 minutes and record degrees for 1 minute. 6. Do same thing as 100ml, 150ml, 200ml…Results:TableTime 100ml 150ml 200ml 1 58 59 58.5 2 57 57 57.5 3 55 56 56.5 4 54 55 55.5 5 53 54 54.5 6 52 53 54 7 51 52 53 8 50 51 52 9 48 50 51.5 10 47 49 51Gragph
  3. 3. Conclusion: There is a pattern in our experiment. As I said in hypothesis if the water increasesthen it will take long time to cool the water down. I guess it is hard to see with that graph,technically I didn’t know how to make less distance of temperature. So do as Ms. Jenna.+I want to comment on my group. Our group did the experiment last, because I guess Iwas the one that working for the drafting the experiment. Well Megan did some parts too.However, Megan and Kelsey were talking to each other and I guess they were talkingabout not related to science. Plus when it was the time for preparing the equipment andset up for the experiment, I guess I did all things. Like setting up, Megan was just standnext to me and Kelsey, she even didn’t know how to sep up the equipment. So I hope thatnext time, Ms. Jenna will choose the groups. Evaluation: Our group did the exact same steps as what I wrote in the “Method” and it givesme this data. However, our group need to improve, because we didn’t measure the first 0degree. Also in that time when we were doing the experiment, actually our group didn’tknow how to start it. First I asked Ms. Jenna to open the Bunsen burner. Opening theBunsen burner was quiet hard. I always keep thinking about I will get hurt. However, Iopened the Bunsen burner. I got surprised at first, but it was okay. Back to the topic, Iguess our group needs to improve by following the instruction carefully. (We got wrongseveral times). Also I hope that I can make a graph really well on the computer. This experiment gave me how to open the Bunsen burner, however I willremember this experiment as part of a bad memory. It was hard for me to do almost allthings. I am happy that this experiment end quickly.