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English tck


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English tck

  1. 1. THE BIG 6 — Step 4- - NOTETAKING - TOPIC: Note: Students identify questions to guide their research. They then use resources to take notes that answer their questions. They also give full bibliographical details of resources used . sources details below. 1. SOURCE DETAILS No L‘: ‘I E 1' ":3 ii); «; .3 v ll/ "V/ W.’ w‘‘; ._‘ 4 3. SOURCE DETAILS Nev 1 Notes: Use keywords Notes: Use keywords Notes: Use keywords Notes: Use keywords ' firm»; SOURCES: Show all RESEARCH QUESTION 1 RESEARCH QUESTION 2 RESEARCH QUESTION 3 4 Notes: Use ke ‘ll’/ W-” gm’: - la! Kl/ ml" -l ‘ m H! ‘ ywordsll ‘/1’; '= . i V'- ~ r~I Notes: Use keywords Notes: Use keywords Notes: Use keywords Notes: Use keywords 4
  2. 2. L 4)ww CHn1(«| Soc74/warksutktj. og/ ~, ,(, W,a4 / daC; / £, m4,_~W_ eJumhm / Tlx-r. »¢lG, .Hu, .¢ W5. Pol-(> Li Unkmm Onknowm Thrrol Cmm moi: , G, ,o9l Nanw4= = '-W‘ fie Co. /may . £ltz'llf’ol 1-; ,,, ,/. ,;: .,/ . ”“ WI Mo 2. unknown unmwn I - W*"“~C°m, vwe. .m. k me- s. ,.m3 NM, um! um 2M. .wWm, O[2z/ go )L(rV*?2// ,awl: J Y)fl'l>"rf5(nvv‘/ Zola low l0S/ o'fir(vv/ {,5 TM-— gdlfhmh ‘, m,, ‘> 3 . Un<mJn . Vnknown ; Tlvvdl cnHwo" W45 ’_E'. _.—21—————l °3‘}"’l" “WW , Psjchuluiy {Jim o ]7:z. / ,0 , <n-’rV"/ / P5$clw! o9j4 Lyrkm cow. /mm/ ‘tiara! — Curran: ,. Was) E-, «p’l$ ll-‘low-59 Flrol 131-local-Tun Qvflrlc; I Ll’ _ )n(nu,3v » Unknown; Tlflrol C"‘lT"W Kids K0172 l 0 (lrH7'~ / / ln)la0l')€’)(Wfl‘§"’ warp —cmo— relomhwr .9WF'<’~ (Wm / ‘l’lmA — (‘ulfuu. '.— Kkelfi. J H*rn| > 5-Vbnkmmqj Umknovgn, l**lxAl’Ft(u1l’l| /W‘r5V”“"7G; ulml Fulfwc , Global Cufh, }c_ o|2a]u, , (W17/I glow — cum . or_9 l—+o§7‘T¢&/ mutnml-mm'x$m / rage/2/> B G Pollock, Pm/ ldanol VmnK€Vcn/ m E- fiqgfl London, /m, ,.. ;,, c,, B, -wleg 4>. ,.2rg1.-ma, zoo‘) _ '3 77 $WMnJMfl/ BVH‘lani» t / H0“ Wmy C°‘*"‘m’5 We Slllfi") Tn ‘ms dqggmuml / Hvwnmy c0V. r'1-figs Cu«€ $l‘l‘fH’; _9 Tn TH; ClN€r2’uvfl- TR ], (;. e1“ns rgnr-(Jl (‘luv/ C"‘jé,5 VF +(mg47/1.3 Tlmol Cl/ 'UV7h‘. ' l‘-’rUl€. -‘/ lo I’? -7«"‘° <lr-Hf: //WWl«)Caa5a_ org/ karxalowfs ><>la/ Sonnenbprfl mummy Cow-mes ~ Vol? >l fnsecuruy Unnsdvcol 9:rm° °‘9~‘‘"<‘5 09*? luhnce Out afilvwse 17mmTWVV"
  3. 3. ' . .B'Asa;4.i(' 1 1,, I, 41 (Draw? --Twfj > E/ l/{K3 < Tr‘rl‘vz17L/ c’lon>_ HM wml€/ lllllgvvol In (M3 wcofigrs comrrvy 7 Hav-ttiow eve»: wonder gum; -’clwd' your bome‘I; $ {nU'' ‘9—E+o xgou 7 7o you -Q—e‘el ale/ € WW yous art In Aom{wun+y or J u. y «. - z w .4 Y’) o_, . 1 3 kllvvi ‘is (Cd: ? £om{m_ <. o3zm+‘*§__’} thaw yovi : w,7? slow »JovdLt'. ’/F ++w+ and Fm: Q TQK7 T9 gm/ oov‘i' Kmxo/ ~.-:9mv 'er‘$ L€Cav€: €~~ 1 , . I WILL TELL YOU ALLAEOUT TCk$( §%«—9:r»T wg3 )i§_ <Lvnd—'o (‘>7 The l0S+ $8/Me/ ((€ «:49 ColCl<A$(or. t~ “ Sov AN ‘jot/ 0 TCK3 H <B°°‘3_2ar’rD- . , Danna ‘(Q4 Lrkrd cu—h/ we K7,; _Is) -a /0lvq+ M Em’; clamww 79%-7 Kaauamage K4 c: l'Lsaoli. Dn’Fs3€. > 0 mm T5 wmhe -K-he leenefi-g o+ cutfivtre) 9 T; xlKfll@M+ my Own €X? €[Y’lYW€/1’‘V
  4. 4. Third culture kids Ji Min Kim Have you ever lived in any foreign country? Have you ever wor(derthat your home is not fitting to you? Do you feel alone when you are in home orforeign "tn —-——: / country ? What is TCK? ‘And Are you a TCK? Well, if you don't know, l: ( ujc» t ‘(iv ’4_' in WA‘, ll» ~‘, lu. ‘ V 5" rmct. ) L; « ; ‘«: =. ' Il. l«, ¢“; ,l lWW DON'T WORRY. Here+-anszto ta{lJ<)‘you the WHOLE things about TCK. I4. .91 (Tvlg l".3"— W ‘I’; ‘r. I» 3; . ,., ’~. e. ,.. _ , =,, l_, _ , : _l, _,. _ _) {_(: __ ‘ ‘ . ‘Ir t. w. First, you need to know what isrTCK. Well, TCK is the short sentenceof Third V“: ' . T . . . . Fax . C V V)‘ M Culture Kids. Third Culture Kids are kids that spent some of their growing ug years in a foreign country. So if you go other countries because of your parent's job, then you / F‘ will be1TCK. Plus when you back to your own home and then you feel something ’ / ' I weird in your heart -a/ nd can't immigrant. : 7"‘l7*“' (‘SK MP1’ lli‘ W: ."-. ‘lL-‘I'. l~'i"§51 QUE “l: ’¢l; ‘‘ c . ,|l«'. »), ;:-‘ in‘! l_ Second, talking about some benefits anddrawbaeksrof TCK. The benefits of, ‘ | », '»L'_ , <: . TCK are that you can speak more than 1 language and can learn more languages. Se maybe you can have more advantage of learning languages. Also you can have some foreign friends. Such: -asl-, I have lots of Non-Korean friends. Its good to have other (‘lit-vr~ ~" lluv «.33 r '1‘-L, ' countries-friends, because I can know their culture by looking through them. Plus, TCK can know the worldview better than normal kids}; /is the time that family can be close. TCKs need to rely on their own fami| iesgWhich means they need to help (‘ lcgr : each other and that actually makgfamily cleseness. «‘. §". ,; , ,‘V lL(_. Talking. about—the4;lrawbaeksef—‘FCK. Some kids are having trouble when they fmf. ‘ v I r . , (in are immigrant their home to other place. They will get scéfyiand nervous, because lb) Cr. WE r ; ‘g‘«_-l)”1. ‘ l/ IG v ‘Q, l they don't know the culture of that countryand the most important thing, language. U l«‘%. ) 0(‘r. ‘-ll l’f'-wt / (/9. Q 1
  5. 5. . Suddenly, ': Ic. +) _ l 1": *5 47» 34 ’A“1‘l7 "J? FI‘v‘: ‘ -~ _) might feel lonely. Some of them can think th }‘, Q , _A . : E, ‘l'L . ; I rm. Some stage, they at I am not, fittir_1g to A ‘lI’§ , my home friends and you cannot not go back to the place that y‘ou) lived. you canbut the datethatyofi" parefifsworking areoutdated. I x. .. KS ll, I am Third Culture Kids too. I was born in Korea and lived until 11 (grade 5). I I got the message from my dad that we need to move to china. First, I thought it was so cool, ,because I can have some experiment of going to international school or living in another country. .. Before I went to China, I had lots of friends and , .—-. ._ they amid promised that we would talk in society page; .Such as Facebook. However, last year I went back to Korea and I felt that Korea didn't fitstp me, because there / ‘rs -» Q} 6 were some different changes between before I moved to China and now. Now, not "'7f__’. .‘; A (rt I many mlqtriet alone to my my friends are coming to the society page and I feel like I a / all-Korean friends. do. Remember, TCKs are not only having drawbacks. I guess TCKs have more I I I I I I I Have you solved the any TCKs problems after you read my essay? I hope you 1 advantages than the disadvantages. There are many people are TCKs out in the world. So what do you think? Are you a TCK?