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process journal1

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Process Journal <Cutting Penguin’s body> Oct.20th 2010 Today I finished with cutting my first piece. Which is the penguin shape. I haven’t using the coping saw for a while, so some part was hard to cut. Especially, cutting the round shape. When I started to cut the round part, I kept thinking about the saw blade would get break and I will get punishment from Mr. Anderson. Fortunately, I did well on cutting the round part. However, I got some rough part and my final was not smooth yet. Mr. Anderson told me that I should send the rough part at the end. I finished the first part, which means that I need to move on the second part. Which was “THE ICE FLOW”. Unlucky, today we haven’t got the enough time. So I just mark the size of that. (200mmX250mm) Mr. Anderson will cut the right size for me. I want to finish my project quickly, because I want to see the FINAL! I feel like the penguin’s body will fell down on the “ICE FLOW” Plus, I hope that Mr. Anderson doesn’t speak too much. I know that he needs to explain to us. However, it takes long time and when he finishes his words then there is not much of time. Usually, he takes about 10 minutes – 15 minutes. I am not saying that it’s waist time. But I hope that Mr. Anderson speaks more shortly than before. The AOI for this section is “Human Ingenuity” and “Environment”. For human ingenuity, we are making a moving toy. Environment is for the material of my moving toy. Such as wood (Pine). We are using environment to make this moving toy. This is the way that I am using the coping saw. Now I am cutting the top of the head.
  2. 2. My penguin picture (1) the top one My penguin picture (2) left one “the final”