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2018 Operation Warm & Rotary


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Learn about Operation Warm, our mission and work to help disadvantaged children, and how Rotary Clubs partner with us on high impact community service projects.

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2018 Operation Warm & Rotary

  1. 1. Operation Warm Brand New Coats for Kids 1
  2. 2. Imagine if your small club project grew into a nationally active charity that helped millions of children have a better life. 2
  3. 3. Our Origins
  4. 4. Operation Warm provides brand new winter coats to children in need. Operation Warm has provided a gift of warmth, confidence and hope to children since beginning in 1998 at the Rotary Club of Longwood by warming 58 kids. 11
  5. 5. Children in Need 1 in 5 children in the U.S. lives below the poverty line For a family of four, their income is less than $24,600
  6. 6. Children living in low income households are at a distinct disadvantage compared to children in moderate to high income households. Academically Unprepared for School Reading Below Grade Level Drop out of High School Likelihood for Low Income Children Above low income Below low income 2x 4x 5x Children in Need
  7. 7. A Brand New Coat is more than a coat #morethanacoat The gift of a brand new winter coat empowers children by sparking confidence and self-pride Direct links between empowerment and breaking free from poverty are real* Confidence ChangeEmpowerment Success “I feel like I’ll be protected for the rest of my life…and the rest of winter.” – Billy, Washington DC 14 *Narayan, D., Pritchett, L., and Kapoor, S. (2009). Moving Out of Poverty, Volume 2: Success from the Bottom Up, Washington, DC: Palgrave Macmillan and The World Bank.
  8. 8. Operation Warm works directly with manufacturers to create our own line of brand new, high-quality coats for children in need. • Lots of bright colors and sizes from 2T to Adult XXL Kid-Friendly Coats designed for Active Play
  9. 9. New coat made from recycled plastic bottles • Each coat uses plastic from 32 bottles • Limited supply in 2018 • $30 per coat funding requirement New “Green Guardian™” Coat
  10. 10. “Thank you for the warm and toasty coat. When I put it on, I was amazed. I felt like a fire. I feel like spring in very cold weather. I love it!” - Cecilia, age 10 This is the most satisfying thing I’ve done in 15+ years in Rotary!” - Gina G. Rotary Club of Levittown-Fairless Hills, PA
  11. 11. Over 200 Rotary Club Partners • 80% partner with schools • 60% do hands-on coat distribution • 76% earned publicity • 43% used a District Grant Rotary Involvement
  12. 12. How to give new coats to kids: 8 Find an organization or school in need of coats in the K-5 grade range. Consider partnering with local library. Find Get a head count by gender of total coats needed and size the children. Host a coat giving celebration for the children. Don’t forget to do public relations! Order the coats online from Operation Warm. Allow two weeks. Funding Requirements: $18 per child coat, $20 per adult sized coat. Use your club’s existing fundraiser or start a new one to pay for the coats. Apply for district grants! We can provide online Crowdfunding page. Size Fund Order Give
  13. 13. Warm the Hearts & Minds of Children! Partner with Neighborhood Libraries
  14. 14. “Warming the Hearts & Minds of Children” Library Program Program Objective Attract disadvantaged children and their families into neighborhood libraries, proving libraries an opportunity to showcase their children’s services and programing. Program Overview Give new Operation Warm coats and 2 new age-appropriate books to 150 children at a gifting event held at neighborhood libraries. Funding Required $4,000 per library event serving 150 children. +
  15. 15. “Warming the Hearts & Minds of Children” “We put on hundreds of special events each year for the children of Chicago. The Operation Warm coat gifting events were, by far, the highlight of our year. Seeing the happiness of these children, who have so little, warms our hearts. Even better, these events attracted families who had never been inside their neighborhood library. At the Chicago Lawn pilot program in November 2018, 116 new library cards were issued. Six months later, 78% of these cards are in active use, demonstrating the program accomplished its objective. We find that if we can get a child into their neighborhood library, they are very likely to return. And the more time a child spends with library programs, our research shows that their academic performance improves. This is a proven program to do just that!” Liz Mc Chesney, Director of Children’s Services for the Chicago Public Library 2017 Pilot Program Partner
  16. 16. Why Operation Warm? • Make a Real and Lasting Impact on Children in Need • Rotary Club founded Tax- Deductible 501(c)(3) • Easy Club Service Project • Hands on Service Opportunities • Project Eligible for District Grants • Dedicated Rotarian Support Staff
  17. 17. Online Fundraising Tool Available • Fundraising page dedicated to your project. • “Crowdfunding” and “Peer to Peer” versions available. • Easy to reach out to members and friends via email and social media. • Raise more funds from non- members while enhancing you public image.
  18. 18. Q: How much do brand new coats cost? A: Our brand new winter coats are available for an $18 donation for children’s coats and a $20 donation for adult coats. Q: Do you offer volume discounts? A: We offer volume discounts on orders over 1,000 coats. Please email before placing your online order. Q: How much does shipping cost? A: Shipping is FREE Q: Do you have a minimum order? A: You will be ordering boxes of 6 coats of the same size and gender, so the minimum order is 36 coats or 6 boxes. Q: How are Operation Warm’s brand new coats packaged? A: Coats are shipped 6 per box of the same size and gender, with a mix of colors. We cannot accept orders for less than a box (i.e. for 3 coats in girl’s size 4) or for specific colors. Q: How do I get started? A: Go to and sign up. We’ll give you access to our Partner Portal, where you can place your order. Then you send your donation and we ship your brand new Operation Warm coats! Q: How do I make my donation? A: Please send checks to: Operation Warm, Inc. PO Box 822431 Philadelphia, PA 19182-2431 Q: Once I place my order online, how long does it take for the coats to arrive? A: Shipping takes up to 10 days to arrive after placing your on-line order and once we have received your donation. Frequently Asked Questions
  19. 19. Operation Warm 1