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UX Berlin about Movie Her and the future of Voice Interfaces


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A presentation about the Movie "Her" and the future of Voice Interfaces and Interaction Design.

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UX Berlin about Movie Her and the future of Voice Interfaces

  1. 1. Movie „Her“ Future of Voice Interfaces and Interaction Design
  2. 2. About Her Scarlett Johansson
  3. 3. About me Reto Laemmler
  4. 4. Her Trailer Let‘s watch some
  5. 5. Human – Human Interaction Voice & Touch Interface
  6. 6. Human – Human Like Interaction Voice & Touch Interface
  7. 7. Voice User Interface Makes touch free interaction work
  8. 8. Wikipedia – Voice User Interface A voice–user interface (VUI) makes human interaction with computers possible through a voice/speech platform in order to initiate an automated service or process.
  9. 9. Artificial Intelligence Makes touch free interaction meaningful
  10. 10. Wikipedia – Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is the human- like intelligence exhibited by machines or software.
  11. 11. No UI is the best UI Is that true? Let‘s brainstorm
  12. 12. Voice User Interfaces in the near future • Possible applications E.g. Personal assistants, Self driving cars, Psychologists…) • Where are the limitations in terms of UX? • Will it eliminate most touch and click interfaces?
  13. 13. The future Interaction Designer Prototyping, User Testing, UCD?
  14. 14. UCD - Process INTERACTION DESIGN
  15. 15. How will Interaction Designers work? • Still required? • What will a voice interface wireframe / prototype look like? • Will voice alone never work? Is it always a hybrid like Google Glass? • How will it be user tested?
  16. 16. Thanks! @rlaemmler