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A REAL BARGAIN — The Egyptian poinlings morning (he casino and Space
Center are confemporurg originals done ...
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Las Vegas Today - May 15th-21st 1984 - "Henry Lackey Jr - Creator of More than Buildings" Pt2


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Las Vegas Today - May 15th-21st 1984 - "Henry Lackey Jr - Creator of More than Buildings" Pt2

  1. 1. .. /‘/ /M/ / A REAL BARGAIN — The Egyptian poinlings morning (he casino and Space Center are confemporurg originals done In Ea; /pl on Papyrus leaves. Mlile the beautiful. authentic Egyptian or! is appealing, llie om par! Is [he coal — 3150 to 3200 apiece. what would later be known as the second rung of his architectural career. With Bumhleberry En- terprises for little more than three years. Lackey was instrumental in building the Marie Calendar com- petitor from four to 21 restaurants. The next move was to Las Vegas: tint as an independent architectural consultant and then as a consultant lor design reconstruction and operating analyst to the Hacienda Hotel and Casino -- sister hotel to the Sahara. The Hacienda was then transformed from the 570 room hotel at the tar southern end of the Strip to a complete resort boasting an 11 story tower with 270 ad- ditional rooms and suites and a 22.000 square foot convention center decorated in the Spanish motif. Unlike any project previously un- dertaken by Lackey. the renovation of the Hacienda was a springboard for a whole new aspect of his career. "I found I was in the hotel business by accident rather than design. " recalls Lackey. With no pun intended. Lackey is truly in the hotel design business that extends far beyond his immediate projects. "1 can see a lot of potential for the property next to the Sahara parking lot on Paradise. " states Lackey. His ideas always flowing with limitless possibilities. Lackey can envision a group of lower-priced rooms being built in that section with perhaps a gondola to transport visitors from the complex to the Sahara and the Wet ‘n Wild Water Park planned as the Sahara‘: closest neighbor. The projected completion date for the park development is May 1985. “Families wonder what to do with the kids? Well there is one answer. " predicts Lackey. “The gondola would be great. but no doubt ex- tremely expensive. It the money is there. i would like to seesomething like that. " The money just may be there when it comes time to consider developing the Paradise property. as one of Lackey's primary goals is to “be in the best position to help the corporation — to completely turn the Sahara around and be profitable so as to enable continued development. "We are working on making more and spending less. " stresses Lackey. Casino promotions and a projected race and sports book are current creating a whole new look. May 15-21. 1984 Las Vegas Today I3 E 3 . . , .V V . ... ... .- . t. ... ., . A CURIOUS RESEARCH STAFF — People were coming oul of lhe woodwork lo oller suggestions concerning Eggplinn art. The helpful group included a policeman who sculpted and a woman who Iruoeled Egypt The result is Illa! llle Egyptian design: are all nullicnllcslcd. Sahara projects being developed. Operations have made steady im provements throughout the year. he pointed out. and the Sahara is ex- pected to have a profitable summer. ontinuous growth is the key to maintaining Las Vegas success alaccording to Lackey. The public is becoming more aware of gaming with the proliferation of lotteries he adds. The current increase of "discretionary funds" allows a freer hand in gaming activities. “it behooves every city to he as complete as can he -— to be as much to as many people as can he. " states Lackey. While the current trend for people is to specialize. a city should have the tendency to get broader and broader according to Lackey. While a city should expand. management should beware of becoming too remote from the operation. When it comes to running an effective business. you have to get into the “nuts" and “bolts" according to Lackey. He learned what he considers a valuable lesson during his years with the Bum- bleberry Restaurant chain. “I traveled from Chicago to Carmel (California) during the time we were building the operation from four to 21 restaurants. " he recalls. "I worked 18 hours a day and sometimes even ended up under a refrigerator checking things out. You learn not to get too far from an operation that way. You really get into the ‘nuts and bolts‘ of an operation. You can't always make the best judgments from afar. " he continues. - -ow as general manager. Lackey ! i has modified his ‘'do-it-yourself ‘ kit" philosophy and will no longer find himself under a refrigerator. but he is not willing to delegate so much that he might lose control of the operation for which he is ultimately responsible. “I won't lose control because I'm not familiar with the department. " stresses Lackey. Today he still carries an eraser and a screwdriver disguised as pocket pens at all times. Convinced that “people who don't make mistakes. don't do any work. " Lackey is always prepared for work. for inspiration. for motivation or encouragement — he is equipped to handle it all. because “he is familiar with the depart- msnt. "