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RLabs Women Slide Deck - April 2019

RLabs Women overview slide deck.

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RLabs Women Slide Deck - April 2019

  1. 1. Media Her Voice Entrepreneurship Her Business Digital Her Tech Investment Her Seed
  2. 2. Unleashing the greatness in women and girls to fearlessly dominate the entrepreneurship and technology domains
  3. 3. Entrepreneurship Her Business
  4. 4. Networking Entrepreneurship Training SME BoostSpecial Events Accelerator Incubator Entrepreneurship Her Business
  5. 5. Digital Her Tech
  6. 6. Training ○ Digital & Media Literacy ○ Basic Computing ○ UI/UX Design ○ Social Media for Business ○ Coding and web development Innovation Services ○ Design thinking ○ Ideation and rapid prototyping ○ Research services ○ Brand Design ○ User interface and user experience services Product Development ○ Digital & Media Products ○ Animation and video production ○ Websites Digital Her Tech
  7. 7. Media Her Voice
  8. 8. Online Radio Video Social Media Content Creation Media Her Voice
  9. 9. Her Seed Investment
  10. 10. Invest your money into a female entrepreneur Platform for capital, support/mentorship, training, exposure and a community of women entrepreneurs Help her business grow Swap junk food for seed investment and healthy lifestyle Investment Her Seed
  11. 11. Funds are donated to a social project and changemaker Give with a Purpose repurposes clothing and functional goods received as donations through Junk.Fund We create a community of positive returns Donate clothing or functional goods to our repurpose store Repurposed goods are sold via our pop-up sale days
  12. 12. Only when we realise that we need each other and the importance of building one another ….. do we become FEARLESS! #RLabsWomen #IAmFearless
  13. 13. Giving is greater
  14. 14. +27 651297747 @rlabswomen_ @RLabs @rlabswomen Get in touch with us: Junk.Fund