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blendED 2015: Flexible Learning Western Style


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Presentation slides from symposium discussion at blendED 2015 Edmonton, October 27, 2015

Published in: Education
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blendED 2015: Flexible Learning Western Style

  1. 1. Canadian eLearning Network Flexible Learning Western Style: Emerging Models Integrating Distributed and Distance Learning in BC & AB
  2. 2. Emerging Observations 1. Blended and online practices are blurring – it is more about learning within flexible structures 2. Transition from online to blended more difficult than from classroom to blended/online 3. Personalization and flexibility critical drivers in Canada – not competency-based as of yet 4. First Nations and Francophone more organized nationally across the country 5. Research focus on better data and exploring pockets of innovation
  3. 3. Making Sense of the Data • While many online programs evolved from distance education initiatives, classroom-based practice has expanded into the online environment as traditional DE programs incorporate more synchronous and ground-based practice • Shifting from classroom to online easier than online to blended • BC: Navigate/NIDES, @KOOL/AVS embedded teachers, consortia • AB: Argyll sync, ADLC teacher partners, emerging partnerships • ON: Centralized resources/tech and support, consortia • NS/MB/QC: Centralized approaches, local partnerships Online Blended Classroom
  4. 4. Flexible Learning Campus Virtual Classroom DE Programs Onsite only Online only Flexible Learning • Instruction & learning is both onsite and online • Some element of choice in learning for students Blended and Online Learning Trends Emerging and Trending Shifts in Practices
  5. 5. • Research 1. Published. • Teaching in a Digital Age, Tony Bates, • Handbook of Research in K-12 Online Learning, Kennedy & Ferdig, and-blended-learning-0 • Summary, • Online, Blended and Distance Education in Schools, =391638
  6. 6. • Research 2. Teacher inquiry, action research • ARTI tool,, and flowchart • More AR tools and reports, 09_report.php
  7. 7. • Research 3. Analytics • State virtual school case with prediction and recommendation, paper attached and demo at • Personalized learning platform with predictive analytics for open content and peer learning,
  8. 8. THANK YOU