The Effects of Online Dating


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This presentation will discuss the pros and cons of online dating and the changes it has made and will continue to make to the dating game.

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The Effects of Online Dating

  1. 1. The Effects of Online Dating Photo by: Ivan Bajic (iStock)
  2. 2. Online dating industry is worth $4billion globally.1 Picture by Atomic Imagery (Getty Images)
  3. 3. The online dating industry is 50% females and 50% males.2 Photo by PhotoAlto Agency RF (Getty Images)
  4. 4. The Market Daters who are 50 and older is a huge and growing market.2 Photo by Corbis Photos Photograph Royalty Free
  5. 5. The average dating site customers spends $239 a year.3 Photo by Stock (iStock)
  6. 6. Photo by Karen Roach (BigStock Photo)
  7. 7. Niche dating sites satisfy specific preferences such as those who are: Gay Obese Cougars Farmers In a Religious Group Convicts Seeking Affairs4 Photo by Fox Searchlight Pictures
  8. 8. Photo by: Rudall30 (ShutterStock)
  9. 9. Success Rate Today 33% of couples have met online. By 2040 this number will rise to 70%.3 Photo by Zee Wallpaper
  10. 10. Photo by
  11. 11. Changing the Industry Internet dating sites create a larger and more fluid “dating marketplace,” which in turn yields better and more compatible matches.4 Picture by Vstock (Getty Images)
  12. 12. Undermining Outcomes“By suggesting that compatibility can be established from a relatively small bank of trait-based information about a person online dating sites may be supporting an ideology of compatibility that decades of scientific research suggests is false.”4 Picture by Blaz Kure (ShutterStock)
  13. 13. Controlling for baseline measurable variable like age, education and marriage history, matching algorithms are only “negligibly better than matching people at random.”4 Photo by Masterfile
  14. 14. Photo by: G Point Studio (ShutterStock)
  15. 15. Threatening Traditional Marriages Could online dating threaten traditional marriages? Why settle down when a better match is just a click away?4 Photo by Maridav (iStock Photo)
  16. 16. More options cause the bar for relationships to increase… People always think they could have it better. 4 Photo by Hasloo Group Production Studio (Shutterstock)
  17. 17. Online daters are more inclined to quit relationships when the going gets tough as there are many alternatives.4 Photo by Shutterstock
  18. 18. Eroding Marriage ValuesCould online dating erode the values of commitment and monogamy?4 Photo by CandyBox Images (BigStock Photo)
  19. 19. There will be more breakups, because people won’t feel imprisoned in relationships that aren’t right.4 Photo by Kiomi (stock.xchng)
  20. 20. Too Much Choice Increasing the variability of potential matches increases the chance of rejecting all potential mates... Too much choice can cause burnout.4 Photo by Divya Avasthy (IB Times)
  21. 21. Safety and Online Dating As dating becomes more like Internet shopping, some worry about product safety… Should there be regulations?4
  22. 22. Future of Dating “We will reach a point when people don’t distinguish between meeting online and offline. We won’t refer to online dating; it will just be dating… We aren't far away.”4 Photo by Shutterstock
  23. 23. Online Dating... For better or worse? Photo by Onur Dongel (iStock)
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