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Malaysiatripinformationnight Coreena


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Malaysiatripinformationnight Coreena

  1. 1. WHAT DO WE NEED TO KNOW?  excursion status  who will be coming along  where will we go  cost and changes in cost  passports  injections  cash  trip expectations  to the airport  where to from here?
  2. 2. EXCURSION STATUS why Malaysia and not Indonesia? DET excursion approval
  3. 3. WHO 63 people have shown interest 33 students without parents 3 teachers – Coreena Allen, Noel Glover and 1 more to be decided 27 others students with family members priority to students of MHS planning to study Indonesian in 2011
  5. 5. PENANG
  6. 6. Holiday Inn Penang
  8. 8. Royale Bintang Hotel
  10. 10. Mutiara Taman Negara Resort
  11. 11. COSTS AND CHANGES IN COST  if numbers change prices can change  sudden increase in airfares before final price  travel insurance- we can arrange as group for good price  spending money - $300 probably come home with change, some meals need to be bought  injections- doctor fees  passports- need to arrange by self  transport to airport
  12. 12. THIS TRIP LAST TRIP COMPARISON 2008 - $2348 per person for 9 day trip 2011 - $ 2415 (40 people) / $2369 (50 people) 10 day trip TRIP PRICE NOT FINALISED YET NEED NUMBERS FOR THAT
  13. 13. PASSPORTS child passport $104 adult passport $208 apply through post office in a few months time, we need details from them for purchasing tickets and visas
  14. 14. INJECTIONS  SEE YOUR DOCTOR FOR ADVICE WELL IN ADVANCE  Diphtheria Sometimes ,Hepatitis A Yes, Malaria Sometimes*, Rabies Sometimes Tetanus Yes, Typhoid Yes, Yellow Fever No** Read more: /health/South-East- Asia/Malaysia.html#ixzz0pbnLEwbt
  15. 15. WATER FROM TAPS NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No icees on the street, slushies etc No fruits that the peel can not be removed from We will play it safe : )
  16. 16. CASH & OTHER TID BITS  Students who took $300 in most cases came home with change  Some meals need to be purchased but is cheap  Mobile phones- way too expensive, think about buying phone cards there- bills returning home can be a huge shock, parents can call hotels at night or morning, kids can call from hotel reception to home and pay  clothing to be appropriate- nothing skimpy, no short shorts, revealing clothes etc, mindful of culture and Islam  computer access very limited if at all
  17. 17. TRIP EXPECTATIONS Need to be mindful we are travelling in a group behaviour punctuality keeping an eye on each other watching what we eat and drink accommodation and rooming
  18. 18. TRIP EXPECTATION CONTINUED parents on trip swimming activities- use of pool never going off alone, students without parents will be under staff supervision at all times hotel night curfew visits to shops
  19. 19. TO THE AIRPORT hire a coach or two both to and from MHS was much cheaper than airport parking, petrol etc all in one place, group check in more convenient, goodbyes said at school
  20. 20. WHERE TO FROM HERE  consent forms  $300 deposit  communication via email or a blog  DET approval of excursion at each stage  students behaviour at school prior to trip  parents to fill in same paperwork for every traveller (even if it is repetitive) to meet requirements  relax we will look after your kiddies!!!!!!
  21. 21. CONTACT  Coreena Allen – 1st point of contact Indonesian teacher and Year 8 Adviser, tour organiser MHS Phone: 49 693855 Email:  GET TOURS Maree has kindly been helping us.. thank you Maree! Toll Free (Australia wide): 1300 660 825