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Considering Backup in the Cloud? Here's What you need to know


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6fusion and e-ternity hosted a webinar with the attached slides to cover your options for backing up data in the cloud.

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Considering Backup in the Cloud? Here's What you need to know

  1. 1. Rob Bissett Greg OnoprijenkoVP, Product Management President, MD of Sales 6fusion e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda• 6fusion Overview• Backup Options Today• Recovery in the Cloud• e-ternity RecoveryCenter• How Does It Work?• Security Considerations• Pricing and Sign-up• Q&A
  3. 3. 6fusion - Summary Overview• Headquarters Raleigh, NC (Research Triangle Park)• Background Founded in 2003, incorporated in 2008• Investors Intersouth Partners & Grotech Ventures• Alliances Asigra, Equinix, HP, VMware…• Focus Area Private Cloud, IaaS Utility Metered Cloud
  4. 4. 6fusion Global IaaS Cloud Offering 1. Utility-Metered IaaS - based on consumption – Not on allocation! 2. Customer selected data residency 3. No need to have separate accounts or credentials for each cloud provider 4. Centralized billing from 6fusion for cloud usage across entire cloud service provider network 5. Cost transparency in advance of Application workload deployment Library
  5. 5. Cloud servers are still prone to data deletion, data corruption, and system failuresProper data backup ensures that data can be restored from any previous checkpoint
  6. 6. The first ever cloudIntroducing backup and recovery service for the 6fusion iNode Network Managed by e-ternity and powered by Asigra Available for sale immediately
  7. 7. Protect your cloud servers with daily data backupsBackup from any iNode to any iNodeData encrypted at all timesUtility based pricing model 24 x 7 Support
  8. 8. Canadian-based cloud 6fusion Solution Partner services provider founded successfully selling the in 2004 and successfully 6fusion IaaS offering in delivering cloud services the Canadian market since 2007Service Provider delivering 6fusion UCV Partner the first cloud backup managing the Torontoservice ever in the 6fusion iNode iNode Network
  9. 9. Top 25 Online Data Backup Enablers for 2011 2008 2011 2012 2011 and 2012Services AdvisoryCouncil Member Cloud Services Partner of the Year Awards 2009, 2011, 2012 Partner Advisory Council Member
  10. 10. *Asigra is a 6fusion Alliance Partner
  11. 11. TorontoiNode 1. Click on the e-ternity RecoveryCenter Your Cloud Appliance template in the console Servers 2. Appliance is deployed, e-ternity will contact you to configure the backup sets 3. Data is backed up to vault 4. Relax
  12. 12.  Zero breaches or compromised systems in over 20 years of operation IANA-registered ports Data stored in compressed and encrypted format Digital signature for every file and block of data Background Autonomic Healing and System Admin Restorability Validation Process (digital signature check)
  13. 13. Cloud Backup Comparison FeaturesDedicated firewall available X X X X24/7 Support Included X X X XCanadian Hosting Presence X X XOption for Recovery in Cloud Server Environment X X XNo Additional Charge for Restores X X XFree Inbound Data Transfer X X XUSB Backup and Restore X XNo Charge Onsite Assistance XData Encryption--In Flight and At Rest XAgentless Software Design XApple iPad/iPhone and/or Android Tablet/Smartphone Backup XNo Charge Emergency Services XStep by Step Disaster Recovery Process Documentation X
  14. 14. e-ternity RecoveryCenter Pricing for the 6fusion iNode Network Data Band Vault Size** Monthly Cost 1 0GB to 25GB $ 35 2 26GB to 49GB $ 75 3 50GB to 99GB $ 150 4 100GB to 199GB $ 275 5 200GB to 299GB $ 400All Services Include: - 24 x 7 x 365 access to service - All software licensing required for data centre - All data centre hardware costs - All data centre bandwidth costs
  15. 15. Sign up for a 6fusion account at
  16. 16. Select the e-ternity RecoveryCenterAppliance from the 6fusion console
  17. 17. Thank You! Any Questions?Rob Bissett Greg OnoprijenkoVP, Product Management President and Managing Director of Sales6fusion e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants Inc.(919) 706-4771 (416) @eternitydude