Bamboo fibre


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Bamboo fibre-wonder fibre from nature!

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Bamboo fibre

  1. 1. Air Conditioning DressIntroduction:- In the typically hot, humid and sultry Indian weather, what one wants is just somecool, soothing breeze of an Air conditioner around you. But to posses an a/c is not theultimate goal or solution to achieving an exuberant and efficient work team at your officeplace- where do you get power to run it!! Someone said – when you face any problem towhich you do not have a solution look up to God- i.e. go to the Nature! Yes! We have this beautiful gift of nature to answer to our payers- Bamboo Fiber! Bamboo fiber is made from Bamboo that grows widely throughout China. Starchypulp is a refined product of bamboo through a process of hydrolysis (alkalization) andmultiphase bleaching. Chemical fiber factories then process it into textile grade bamboofibers for apparel use. It is regenerated cellulosic fiber like viscose made by wet-spinningprocess.Physical Properties:- Bamboo fiber has thinness and whiteness close to normal finely bleached viscose. Ithas strong durability, stability and tenacity due to special cellulose molecular structure.The cross-section of bamboo fiber is filled wit various micro-gaps and holes. Thiscontributes to its higher moisture absorption and ventilation characteristics. Due to thisspecial micro-molecular structure, it can absorb higher amount of moisture and alsoevaporate human sweats very quickly (in split seconds). This quick moisture pick-up andevaporation process leads to a cooling/ soothing effect in hot and humid weather. It does not stick to skin and due to quick evaporation it helps in lowering the bodytemperature by around 1-20 C. It has found wide usage / application in intimate apparels,bath suits and towels. It has special luster and bright colours. The biggest advantage is its anti-bacterial properties making it most suitable for socksand undergarments. It prevents need for antibacterial chemical treatment a truly- Eco-friendly product. It also has very good anti-ultraviolet protection properties making it especially veryuseful for pregnant ladies- protection to baby from harmful ultraviolet radiation and alsono skin allergy to mothers’ skin. Tests have proved that even after 50 machines washes itstill possesses excellent anti bacterial properties. It has 100% biodegradable bydecomposition process does not create any environment pollution. 1. Description of Bamboo FiltersFineness (dtex) Length (mm)1.33/1.56/1.67 38 452.0 512.22 512.78 64
  2. 2. 3.33 765.56 38 2. Composition Count Range 100% Bamboo 6s-40s 70% Bamboo 21s-40s 30% Tencel 70% Bamboo 30s 30% Tencel(core spun) 70% Bamboo 21s-40s 30% Combed Cotton 50% Bamboo 16s-40s 50%Cotton Bamboo/Modal 16s-40s ring spun Bamboo/Corn fiber 16s-40s 3. Physical Parameters of Bamboo FiberTesting conditions: Temperature: 200C Relative humidity: 65% Item Reference dataDry tensile strength(CN/dtex) 2.33Wet tensile strength(CN/dtex) 1.37Dry elongation at break (%) 23.8Linear density percentage of deviation (%) -1.8Percentage of length deviation (%) -1.8Over length staple fiber (%) 0.2Over cut fiber (%) 6.2Residual sulfur (mg/100g) 9.2Defect(mg/100g) 6.4Oil-stained fiber (mg/100g) 0Coefficient of dry tenacity variation (CV) (%) 13.42Whiteness (%) 69.6Oil content (%) 0.17Moisture regain (%) 13.03Rate Grade A 4. Physical Parameters of Bamboo yarn STANDARD QUALITY SPECIFICATION OF 100% BAMBOO YARN FORKNITTINGPARAMETER Ne10/1 Ne21/1 Ne32/1 Ne40/1
  3. 3. CV% Ne 1.65 1.46 1.31 1.34UsterU% 6.95 8.95 10.14 11.39Thin (C50%) 0 0 5 12Thick (+50%) 3 6 16 32Neps 6 9 39 54Hairiness() 6.69 4.80 4.25 3.64Elongation% 17.8 13.7 14 12.5CV% Elongation 5.7 11.6 11.7 12.1Tenacity (Cn Tex) 14.2 13.4 13.4 11.5Humidity % 11.51 11.48 11.33 11.72Spinning System Ring-spunSTANDARD QUALITY SPECIFICATION OF 70% BAMBOO/ 30% COTTONYARN FOR KNITTINGPARAMETER Ne21/1 Ne32/1 Ne40/1CV% Ne 1.35 1.31 1.21UsterU% 8.28 10.05 10.31Thin (C50%) 0 3 5Thick (+5050 5 26 27Neps 11.3 39 62Hairiness() 5.09 4.16 3.95Elongation% 7.2 7.2 6.2CV& Elongation 14.3 12.6 16.1Tenacity (Cn Tex) 12.1 12.4 11.5Humidity% 9.2 9.1 9.5 5. Anti-bacteria TestThe following test is done by CTITC (China Textile Industry Testing Center)Sample Bamboo fiber material Number 1 pcType Bamboo fiber decorating fabricDate July 7th,2003 Finishing Date July 11th,2003Test 1. China Textile Industry Standard:guideline FZ/T 0102-92: textile anti-bacteria capability testing method 2. Testing bacteria Test results: Testing fabric 0 hour: Inoculated 24 hour later: Anti-bacteria rate bacteria number bacteria number Bamboo fabric 8.60 w 104 0.6 w 102 >99.8%
  4. 4. Cotton fabric 2.0 w 105 1.1 w 108 6. Color FastnessInspection item Accepted Unit Results Conclusion level 1. 15 kinds of prohibited aroma amine4-amido biphenyl 20 mg/kg Undetected EligibleBiphenyl amine 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligiblechlorine4-chlorin toluol amine 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligible2amine 20 mg/kg Undetected EligibleAmido azote toluol 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligible2-amido-4-nitryl 20 mg/kg Undetected EligibletolueneChlorobenzene amine 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligible2,4 one/two 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligibleaminobenzene aether4,4’one/two amido 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligibletwo benzenefiredamp3,3’one/two chlorine 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligibleaniline3,3’one/two oxygen 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligiblebiphenyl3,3’one/two oxygen 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligiblebiphenyl2 oxygen biphenyl 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligible4,4’ cymene 20 mg/kg Undetected EligiblechlorobenzeneToluene amine 20 mg/kg Undetected Eligible 2. Extractive toluene weightAs 1.0 mg/kg <0.2 EligiblePb 1.0 mg/kg 0.78 EligibleCd 0.1 mg/kg Undetected EligibleCr 2.0 mg/kg Undetected EligibleCo 4.0 mg/kg Undetected EligibleCu 58.0 mg/kg Undetected EligibleNi 4.0 mg/kg 0.11 EligibleHg 0.02 mg/kg <0.02 Eligible 3. Formaldehyde content (rule 112) Eligibleaaa 300 mg/kg 4.0 Eligible
  5. 5. 7. Capillary Effect, Rupture Strength, and Rupture ProtractionSample Bamboo fiber Number 1 pc materialType Bamboo fiber decorating fabricDate Oct.31,2002 Finishing date 6 Jan, 2003Inspection item’s guideline Capillary effect: FZ/T 010171-1999 Quantitative analysis FZ/T 01057.3-1999 Rupture strength/ protraction 3923.1-1997 ResultsInspection item a ResultCapillary effect (cm/30min) Warp 7.8 a Weft 5.7Rupture strength (N) Warp 1010 r Weft 455Rupture protracrion () Warp 21.5 a Weft 15.5Quantitative analysis 100% bamboo fiberBamboo Nature Anti- UV Bamboo nature anti –UV character (different from the man-made addictive) isquite healthy and appreciated in the damaged environment today. With modern industrial development, the atmospheric ozone constantlyundermined, leading to increased surface ultra-violet radiation. Its great drama of humanskin can cause harm. The UVa, UVB-band feed melanin generation, resulting in cerebralcortex aging, and even cause cataracts, skin cancer and other ailments. Therefore, in theultraviolet increasingly high demand products. Bamboo fiber with the character of antiUV, antibacterial character is quite appreciated by all the customers. ANTI-UV TEST: TESTING CENTERTesting authority: GB/T 18830-2002, UV. The effect was very pronounced anti-ultraviolet; users are very satisfied with that.
  6. 6. Refers to the launch of solar ultraviolet wavelength of the electromagnetic wave250-800nm. Product characteristics: Superior UV shelter characterLook at the following fine results:Fabric samples (same color, same count...),Bamboo fabric (100% bamboo): the UV can not even get through.Cotton fabric (100% cotton): the UV can get through.The End-use of Bamboo Fiber Bamboo fabrics are made by pure bamboo fiber yarns, which have excellent WetPermeability, moisture vapor transmission property, soft hand, better drapery, easy dying,and splendid colors. It is a newly founded, great prospective green fabric.Bamboo intimate apparels: Include sweaters, bath suits, mats, blankets; towels havecomfortable hand, special luster and bright colors, good water absorbance. Bamboo fiberhas such a sole function as anti bacteria, which is suitable to make underwear, tight t-shirtand socks. Its anti-ultraviolet nature is suitable to make summer clothing, especially forthe protection of pregnant ladies and children from the hurt of ultra-violet radiation.Bamboo non-woven fabric: Is made by pure bamboo pulp, which has same property asviscous fibers. However, bamboo has wide prospects in the field of hygiene materialssuch as sanitary napkin, masks, mattress, and food-packaging bags due to its anti-bacterianature.Bamboo sanitary materials: Include bandage, masks, surgical clothes, nurses’ wears andso on. The bamboo fiber has natural effects of sterilization and bacteriostasis, therefore ithas incomparably wide foreground on application in sanitary material such as sanitarytower, gauze mask, absorbent pads, food packing and so on. In the medical scope, it canbe processed into the products of bamboo fiber gauze, operating coat, and nurse dress,etc. because of the natural antibiosis function of the bamboo fiber, the finished productsneed not to be added with any artificial synthesized antimicrobial agent, so it wont cause
  7. 7. the skin allergy phenomena, and at the same time, it also has competitive prices in themarket.Bamboo decorating series: has the functions of antibiosis, bacteriostasis and ultraviolet-proof. It is very advantageous for utilization in the decorating industry. Along with thebadly deterioration of atmosphere pollution and the destruction to the ozonosphere, theultraviolet radiation arrives the ground more and more. Long time exposure to ultravioletirradiation will cause skin cancer. But the wallpaper and curtains made from bamboofiber can absorb ultraviolet radiation in various wavelength, thus to lessen the harm tohuman body farthest. What’s more, bamboo decorating product won’t go moldy due tothe damp. Curtain, television cover, wallpaper and sofa slipcover can all be made bybamboo fiber.Bamboo bathroom series: enjoy good moisture, soft feel and splendid colors as well asanti bacteria property, which are well popular in home textiles. Bamboo towel and bathrobe have soft and comfortable hand feeling and excellent moisture absorption function.Its nature antibiosis function keeps bacterium away so that it won’t produce bad odour.