If the spirit of god dwells in you


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If the spirit of god dwells in you

  1. 1. If The Spirit of God Dwells In You Part 1 Romans 8:5-17 Introduction: Paul makes it very plain that there is a tremendous difference between the person who is living after the Spirit and the person who is living after the flesh. Paul says the following things in regards to our living after the Spirit: 1. Those living according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. 2. Living after the Spirit brings life and peace. 3. The Spirit of God dwells in you. 4. The Spirit in you will bring life to your flesh. 5. We put to death sin in the flesh through the Spirit. 6. Christians have received the Spirit of adoption so that we may call God Abba. 7. The Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are the children of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. Now since all these things are so because of the Spirit within us, isn’t it important that we understand more about the Spirit of God—the Holy Spirit? There are those who believe that the Spirit does not work separate and apart from the word of God. The better question is to ask if the word can work separate and apart from the Spirit. Let’s learn more about the Spirit. I. We first learn of the Spirit of God in creation. Genesis 1:1 (Elohim), Verse 3 (Spirit of God moved on face of the waters). II. Pharaoh speaks of Joseph as having the Spirit of God in him (Ex. 41:38). III. Numerous ones in the Old Testament were said to be filled with the Spirit of God (Othniel, Caleb’s younger brother- Judges 3:10; Jephthah- Judges 11:29; Samson- Judges 15:14; David- 1 Sam. 16:13) IV. Perhaps the greatest mention of the Spirit and his work is that found in the prophecy of Joel (2:28-ff).
  2. 2. A. Pour out my Spirit- This has to do with an action of God on mankind (all flesh, having to do with the distinguishing of Jew and Gentile). 1. Notice he did not say a gift from the Spirit. 2. God said he would pour out my Spirit. Thus it is the Spirit itself that is to be poured out on all flesh. 3. This he will do on young and old, male and female, on those who serve and they who are served. This indicates that this will be a far reaching outpouring of the Spirit. 4. The problem in understanding is that most think only in terms of the miraculous that accompanies such. 5. Prophesy, Dreams, and Visions are specifically mentioned here, but can we think this is an exhaustive description of all that God will do with His Spirit? V. Jesus foretold of the coming of the Comforter (John 14:16-18; 15:26; 16:7-14). The Question becomes when and how was this fulfilled? In our next lesson, we will see how this is fulfilled in the New Testament.