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MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Solutions for Financial Services


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Solutions for Financial Services

  1. 1. Business Intelligence Solutions for Financial Services MOBILE INTELLIGENCE
  2. 2. Leader in Business Intelligence for Over 20 Years Business Intelligence (BI) The process of transforming raw data into meaningful information to enable more effective business insight and decision-making MicroStrategy, Incorporated (NASDAQ: MSTR) • Founded in 1989 • Leading independent business intelligence software vendor • Over 1 million business users at over 3,000 organizations • Direct operations in 42 cities in 23 countries around the world • Over 70 patents pending or issued2
  3. 3. Leader in Business Intelligence for Financial Services 12 of the 20 Top Global Banks Use MicroStrategy MicroStrategy Supports Hundreds of Financial Services Companies Worldwide• ABN AMRO Bank N.V.• AIG• Banco BPI• Banco de España• Banco Espirito Santo• Banco Sabadell• Banco Santander Central Hispano• Barclays• Bank of Montreal• BNP Paribas Personal Finance Recreated LOGO• Citi• H&R Block• Heartland Payment Systems•• Mediofactoring• Société Générale S.A.• Swedbank AB• The Export-Import Bank of Korea• The Royal Bank of Scotland Recreate LOGO• Unicredit Global Information Services S.C.P.A• Universal Investment GmbH• Westpac New Zealand Ltd. 3
  4. 4. Financial Services Customer Success Stories Strengthening Customer Analyzing Card Transactions Relationships, Managing for Purchase Trends and Risk, & Driving Profitability Compliance Société Générale, a major European financial services company, has deployed A leading global financial services company, Citi has deployed its Citibank® Custom five MicroStrategy-based BI applications across its 2,300 retail banking branches Reporting System, powered by MicroStrategy technology. The Citibank® Custom in France that are currently used by more than 16,000 employees to better Reporting System is a robust business intelligence tool supporting Citi’s Commercial understand customer needs, strengthen customer relationships, track trends, Cards clients globally in over 40 countries and 14 languages with extensive analytics, identify profitable areas, and prevent fraud. The sales force relies on MicroStrategy Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and detailed transaction and demographic reports. dashboards to track sales and product performance, promote cross sell and up sell Deployed as part of Citi’s suite of Web-based tools, the extranet allows Citi’s activity, and monitor employee performance. MicroStrategy is also used for risk Commercial Cards clients to monitor cardholder compliance with corporate spending management and profitability management. policies, easily analyze purchase trends, and administer global card programs for their organizations. Enhancing Business Analyzing Sales, Financial, and Performance Risk Information Across the Enterprise Westpac Life New Zealand Limited is one of New Zealand’s full service banks. In BBVA, a financial services provider in the Spanish and global market, employs the backdrop of worldwide economic uncertainty, Westpac launched a project to 105,000 people in over 30 countries, and has more than 50 million customers. enhance business performance. Capitalising on the combined strengths of past BBVA recently expanded its deployment of MicroStrategy to provide its bank investments made in MicroStrategy’s Business Intelligence, the Insurance business employees with intuitive dashboards that display a vast amount of sales, financial, realized its objectives within ten months. and risk information. A wide range of BBVA employees rely on MicroStrategy for their day-to-day activities, including branch employees who access customer information, regional office end users who analyze statistics and trends, and agents and managers who require a global vision to make informed, fast decisions.4
  5. 5. Financial Services Customer Success Stories Reporting on Factoring Monitoring Customer Solutions for Managing Spending Habits and Credit Portfolios Predicting Delinquencies Mediofactoring is a company in the Intesa Sanpaolo Group that offers its customers Barclaycard US, a division of Barclays PLC, is responsible for the management and personalized and time-saving factoring solutions, including management of servicing of co-branded credit card programs for some of the most successful receivables, guarantee on receivables collection, and advanced payments services. travel, entertainment, retail, and financial institutions in the world. As a global Using MicroStrategy to support their on-line services, Mediofactoring’s customers provider of credit cards, Barclaycard US must be constantly aware of its customers’ can subscribe to a number of reporting services to receive customized information spending habits, payments, promised payments, and delinquency. MicroStrategy through e-mail or on a personal Web page within the Mediofactoring’s portal. has become the BI standard that helps them achieve these goals. Helping Improve Insight Managing Customer and for Customers Bank of America Product Profitability to Drive Performance Recreate LOGO Heartland Payment Systems, the nation’s 5th largest payments processor, provides Bank of America is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, serving individual card processing, payroll, check management and other payments solutions. consumers, small and middle market businesses, and large corporations with a Heartland selected MicroStrategy to enhance the reporting and analytics full range of banking, investing, asset management, and other financial and risk- capabilities it provides to its merchants, giving them greater insight into their management products and services. Global Product Solutions (GPS), a division of businesses. Global Corporate & Investment Banking at Bank of America, employs the BI Platform and designs, delivers, and services integrated credit and treasury products to more than 140,000 clients around the world. The large user community, which includes associates from sales, product management, client services, risk management, and finance, leverages MicroStrategy for a wide range of important functions, including client and product profitability analysis, performance metrics tracking, risk management, officer portfolio performance, and pricing management. 5
  6. 6. Solutions for Financial Services CFO Dashboard Measuring, Monitoring, and Optimizing Banking Performance iPad 1:55 PM 100% CFOs are transforming the finance function by gaining deeper insights into business performance and taking appropriate actions. With access to critical data, CFOs are able to measure and benchmark divisional performance, monitor trends, and optimize business decisions that help their financial institutions allocate capital, grow assets, better manage risks, and improve profitability. To achieve this level of data insight, CFOs need to be able to visualize key metrics based on aggregated information from disparate data sources and use contextual data to collaborate with business users to drive actions. MicroStrategy’s CFO Dashboard solution for financial institutions measures financial performance, monitors iPad 1:55 PM 100% significant trends, drills down to details for full transparency, and helps optimize business decisions. This dashboard built on iPads helps CFOs gain insight and act on information anytime, anyhwere. In contextual snapshots, CFOs are able to understand the performance of various divisions, model profitability at different levels of revenue and expense, and monitor trends at granular levels across multiple dimensions of the business, including the visually intuitive geospatial dimension. The CFO dashboard provides a detailed analysis of financial information critical for banks, including the balance sheet, the loan portfolio of the banking book, and investment positions held in the trading book.6
  7. 7. Solutions for Financial ServicesCounterparty RiskCreating a Risk IntelligentEnterpriseEnterprise Risk Management is a critical imperative for iPad 1:55 PM 100% CR Counterparty CR Sector CR Investmentsbanks today. Executives, boards, shareholders, and Graph Gridregulators are all demanding more controls and better Total Exposure Amount Exposure by Fund 0.12Btransparency around risk. Basel III regulations mandate Goldberg Capital Investors 2,824M Stein, Jones, and Smith Ltd 2,079Mincreased capital requirements for newer types of 0.10B gement Donaldson Asset Management 1 1,558Mrisk, such as Counterparty Credit Risk. Further, volatile Broadway Trading Group LLC up 0 1,203M 0.08Bmarket conditions have forced financial institutions Bidel Capital Group 5 1,125M Long Exposure Amt LB&T 878Mto better understand risk exposures at aggregate and 0.06B Pine Farms Securities 786Mgranular levels, such as specific Counterparty Limits. Galloway Partners 731M 0.04BFinancial institutions are being compelled to determine Accelerated Solutions USA 472M 435Mrisk profiles and act in a timely manner to ensure their Mars Financial 0.02B SDP Associates LLC 397Mfinancial stability. Paladino Advisory Group LLC 356M 0.00B Bank of Baldesare 297M 0.00B 0.02B 0.04B 0.06B 0.08B 0.10B 0.12BMicroStrategy’s Counterparty Risk solution for financial River & Co. Financial Corp 250M Short Exposure Amt Green Grass Capital Bosh and Co. Mentor Financial Advisors Incinstitutions helps Risk Officers manage risk exposure LTP Financial Advisors 220M Strategy Financial Capital Group High Performance Fund Bieber Group James, Bortnick, Friedson Partners, LLC Red River Financial Associates 0.00B 1.50B 3.25B Benefit Securities LLC & McElroy Groupacross the multiple dimensions of market transactions,including counterparties, customers, sectors, andholdings. Risk Officers are able to monitor trends, spotoutliers, drill into details for full transparency, and reactto rapidly changing market events, all within highlycontextual visual media. The solution reduces latencybetween analysis and action by integrating the fullprocess into one tool. From one solution, Risk Officerscan quickly analyze the data, make the right decision,and initiate a transaction directly into the institutionstrading and control systems. 7
  8. 8. Solutions for Financial Services Prime Broker Managing Customers and Investments in Dynamic Market Conditions iPad 1:55 PM 100% Close of Business Date: 6/24/2011 Prime Brokers face intense challenges managing Equity Analysis PNL Analysis Securities Agreements Select Customer Group: (All) Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 performance and risk across customers, funds, Accounts Overview Top Account Priority Mkt Value Mkt Value % Margin Margin Trend counterparties, and lenders. Optimizing return on Benefit Securities LLC details No 607,757,691 (1.72%) (155,735,840) (1.59%) 393,591,421 capital, increasing share of wallet in a competitive Friedson Partners, LLC details No (1.16%) (23,209,010) 2.82% Mentor Financial Advisors Inc details Yes 3,506,046,692 0.44% (1,055,646,286) (0.12%) multi-prime-broking environment, and improving Bieber Group details Yes 49,781,973 (0.31%) (223,847,970) 0.00% Green Grass Capital details No 18,847,914 1.03% (89,321,766) (0.08%) operational efficiency are all key criteria for success High Performance Fund details Yes 5,805,150,002 (0.68%) (493,771,359) (4.19%) Bosh and Co. details No 1,545,976,198 (2.35%) (61,530,348) 2.36% that require state-of-the-art business intelligence. Account Details Top DTD Portfolio Losses (tap bar for CUSIP) Successful Prime Brokers will be those who are able to Equity Analysis for Broadway Capital Advisors MARKET VALUES % Change 1.5M 0.00% Detailed Report 1.0M assess positions and associated risks at any time during LMVEquityTotal SMVEquityTotal 225,962,308.16 (160,954,646.71) 1.23% (4.44%) Drill to detail Drill to detail -20.00% Market Value DTD % Change 0.5M USD Cash 6,674,466.44 1.62% CUSIP Market Value the day so that they can support hedge funds most Foreign Cur * USD Total mkt Value 0.00 393,591,421.31 0.00% 0.0M -40.00% -0.5M effectively. Those who don’t will experience MARGIN REQUIREMENTS -1.0M -60.00% House Call (743,722.00) 4.90% asset outflow. House Excess Margin Equity 105,293,834.00) (127,759,122.58) (2.34%) (1.48%) -1.5M -80.00% -2.0M House Reqs 0.30 0.00% Total Margin Req (23,209,010) -2.5M -100.00% MicroStrategy’s Prime Broker solution for financial institutions helps manage a portfolio of customers and their investments. Prime Brokers can rapidly monitor consolidated positions and exposures while visualizing key profitability and risk metrics. The solution enables users to compare customer performance, spot trends, manipulate data to simulate results, and highlight topics that require deeper analysis.8
  9. 9. Solutions for Financial ServicesBank PerformanceAnalyzing and Reviewing theBanking Industry Anytime, Anywhere iPad 1:55 PM 100%Industry regulators, customers, executives, and shareholdersall want to quickly assess the financial and operationalperformance of a company, both in absolute terms andin relation to its industry peers. The recent financial crisishas made this need more pronounced within the Bankingindustry. Transparency and building trust is a major factor inthe survival of banks. Recognizing this need, the FDIC haspublished financial institutional data, which can be analyzedfor deep industry insight.MicroStrategy’s Bank Performance Application is a robustsolution to gain insight into the components of bankingperformance. The application provides business performancedata of 7,000+ FDIC insured financial institutions every iPad 1:55 PM 100%quarter, with data going back to 2007. The top 100 banksare sorted by key metrics to identify top 10 and bottom 10performers. Visually intuitive graphical interfaces identifyLeaders and Laggards based on analysis of key metrics.The solution provides aggregated and granular level detailsof income statement and balance sheets with key metricscompared to national averages, which helps to quickly assessthe performance of a bank against its peers. 9
  10. 10. The MicroStrategy Difference The MicroStrategy Platform is Uniquely Suited to Meet the Complex and Varied Needs of the Financial Services Industry Retail Commercial Capital Markets Capital Markets Credit Risk Wealth Asset Owner Branch Banking Trading and Sales Analysis Management Services Treasury Management Underwriting and Asset/Investment Asset Issuer Mortgage Lending Services Structured Finance Management Services Client Investment Investment Credit Card Management and Products Analytics Sales Other Credit Middle Market Global Asset Deposit Private Banking Non-depository Lending Reporting Analytics Credit Institutions Enterprise Global Financial Asset/Liability Risk Customer Relationship Markets Trading Management Management Services Management Shared Compliance and Accounting and Infrastructure Services Audit Finance Technology Operations Support10
  11. 11. Why Do Tier One Financial Services Providers Turn to MicroStrategy? Only MicroStrategy Meets the Unique Regulatory, Risk Management, Customer Experience, Operational Profitability, and Data Volume Requirements of the Financial Services Industry 11
  12. 12. The Platform for Financial Services Intelligence MicroStrategy Mobile Business Intelligence MicroStrategy’s Extensive FASTER TO DEVELOP – Quickly design apps that offer a superior user experience, knowing that infrastructure code such as Platform Experience Conveys networking, security, data management, and sensor integration is already built-in. Directly to Mobile BI NO CODE REQUIRED – Customize the look, feel, and behavior of your app using an array of finely-designed, iPhone-optimized The MicroStrategy platform is built on one unified, organically- displays and controls. MicroStrategy’s intuitive point-and-click interface makes configuration easy. developed architecture. This platform provides a number of critical capabilities to ensure that it is truly enterprise-class: EASIER TO MAINTAIN – Accelerate deployment of new apps and stream app updates with the MicroStrategy Mobile application platform, so users always have easy access to the latest, most up-to-date information. Rapid Development and Deployment using WYSIWYG point- and-click design in the MicroStrategy integrated development environment. High Scale and High Performance across user scale, data scale, and application scale on the fastest, highest performing business intelligence server. Economies of Scale as the system grows with the minimum number of IT personnel and the fewest servers. ‘Write once, run anywhere’ Flexibility from a single service- orientated architecture to satisfy multiple devices and clients without additional integration or device-specific translation. Openness and Extensibility via MicroStrategy’s SDK and extensive library of APIs. Secure Data Access Model designed to provide robust data protection using a full range of technologies and security models. Comprehensive Administrative Control consistent with mission-critical system operation. Unmatched Analytical Power against entire data warehouses using data mining, predictive, statistical, financial, and mathematical analyses.12
  13. 13. Mobile Intelligence for the iPhone®, iPad®, and BlackBerry® iPad 1:55 PM 100%Native App Experience Enterprise Grade Fast to DevelopPurpose-built, workflow-driven apps that Designed to deliver the higher levels of Fast, code-free app development viaquickly and easily guide users through their data performance and scalability demanded by mobile MicroStrategy’s metadata-driven, point-and-to discovery, analysis, or decision. Apps fully apps. MicroStrategy delivers in-memory, multi-level click paradigm. Build rich, interactive BI apps inleverage mobile device capabilities, including the caching, ROLAP analytics, robust security, easy just days. Speed deployment by building oncemulti-touch interface, sensors (GPS or camera), extensibility, and comprehensive administration and deploying across platform to iPhone, iPad,communications (voice, email, text), and more. features designed for enterprise deployments. BlackBerry, browsers, Microsoft Office, or portals. 13
  14. 14. Visualize Patterns and Trends in Your Data Visual Insight An Extensive Library of Graphs Bubble Chart BoxPlot Bar and Line Chart Area and Line Chart • Extremely fast to generate business insight 3D Bar Graph Histogram • Highly intuitive data presentation • Powerful and simple exploration • All business data - enterprise to spreadsheets Gantt Chart Line Chart • Save and share insights • Available on web and mobile devices14 Radar Chart Waterfall Chart
  15. 15. Capabilities Finally Made Possible with Mobile Technology Camera Visual Information iPad 1:55 PM 100%Capture client pictures to personalize experience Use visual information in your analyses or to share portfolio performance with clients at point of contact Information about the device featured above can be found at 15
  16. 16. Act on Information MicroStrategy Transaction Services™ From Insight to Action Monitoring your organization’s performance in iPad 1:55 PM 100% CR Counterparty CR Sector CR Investments the palm of your hands is a powerful business Graph Grid capability. Interacting with that information to Total Exposure Amount Trading Status Counterparty Limit approve risk limits, submit client requests, change Goldberg Capital Investors 2,824M Goldberg Capital Investors ? 1,500M Stein, Jones, and Smith Ltd 2,079M Stein, Jones, and Smith Ltd 2,400M plans, and capture information at the moment of gemen Donaldson Asset Management Current Counterparty 1,558M Trading Donaldson Asset Management 2,000M Exposure Limit Action insight takes that power to a new level. Broadway Trading Group LLC up 1,203M Broadway Trading Group LLC X 1,000M 1,100 M Continue Trading Grou Bidel Capital Group 1,203 M 1,125M Bidel Capital Group 1,250M Halt Trading MicroStrategy Transaction Services lets people 1,500M LB&T 878M LB&T Trade with Caution 1,100M Done Pine Farms Securities 786M Pine Farms Securities 1,350M act on business information from a mobile Galloway Partners 731M Galloway Partners X 600M device such as the iPad and iPhone, as well as Accelerated Solutions USA 472M Accelerated Solutions USA 500M Mars Financial 435M Mars Financial 510M from a dashboard on any web browser. For SDP Associates LLC 397M SDP Associates LLC ? 350M example, banks and brokerages use Counterparty Paladino Advisory Group LLC 356M Paladino Advisory Group LLC 350M Bank of Baldesare 297M Bank of Baldesare 300M Credit Risk dashboards to dynamically ascertain River & Co. Financial Corp 250M River & Co. Financial Corp 275M exposures associated with counterparties. Being LTP Financial Advisors 220M LTP Financial Advisors 300M 0.00B 1.50B 3.25B able to aggregate exposures, however, is only the first step. Managing risk requires analytics, collaboration, and timely decision making. With Transactions Services, decision makers can dynamically and rapidly combine all three actions: assessing critical exposures, collaborating instantly with key stakeholders around the globe, and Increase or decrease Counterparty Limits and hold or release trading right from your mobile device. immediately initiating corrective actions directly with the trading systems. Transaction Services is a game-changer for risk management.16
  17. 17. Empower Your Staff to Take Action on the Move Move Forward. Request Management in Real Time. iPad 1:55 PM 100% Review all business Approve requests Deny requests at the Reconsider ongoing items requiring your based on the tap of a button requests by asking for action information presented more information 17
  18. 18. Partners in Financial Services Strong Partnerships with Over 200 World-Class Providers PMS 200 Red PMS 424 Gray The Data Virtualization Gold Standard18
  19. 19. What MicroStrategy Customers are Saying: The BuzzExtending Spreadsheet Strengthening CustomerCapabilities for Analyzing Card Relationships, Managing RiskTransactions to Track Purchase and Driving ProfitabilityTrends and Compliance The different activities that were involved in our POC approach included functional workshops and report and dashboard prototypes. We plan to put business intelligence, analytics, and data governance MicroStrategy provided a solution that addressed our in the hands of our business partners. With the right tools and a robust functional, technical, and global cost requirements. business-driven information management practice, we foresee analytics and business intelligence as something our business - Société Générale users will embrace as an extension to current spreadsheet capabilities. - CitiMonitoring Customer Driving Enhanced BusinessSpending Habits and Predicting PerformanceDelinquencies in Real-Time at a In uncertain times organisations can sustain competitiveCommand Center advantage through a data-driven enterprise enabling reduced time to value and increased efficiencies in cross-selling and customer retention. What really excites me about this initiative is Our Command Center has changed the way we do our business that we continue to see many more opportunities for benefits that we throughout the day. Instead of having to make decisions on a one-day can achieve by exploiting our investments in MicroStrategy’s lag, we’re now able to make inter-day decisions that dramatically impact Business Intelligence platform. Their strength is enabling the business. Our world-class MicroStrategy application has given focus on top business imperatives to become one of the world’s us a great opportunity to perform real-time analysis that great companies, helping our customers, communities, and people to positively impacts the business. prosper and grow. - Barclaycard US - Westpac New Zealand Ltd. 19
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